George Lopez show??????

Hmm the new show is alright. For those of you who don’t know who George Lopez is he is a stand up comedian known in the Latino community and is the DJ of a radio station here in LA.

His stand routine is better than the show. The show is ok but seems to Mexican American to me but hey maybe that is what they want. We will see how long it lasts but I bet it won’t last a season. Personally as a latina I give it 2 stars it seems a bit familiar but not too much. Since they are mostly talking about second generation mexican americans. When my family is from Guatemala , Central America and I am the first generation born here. My mother barely speaks her English here even though she has been here since she was 19??????? Anyways I thought the show was ok but I thought it would be funnier.

And what is the deal with his hair????????????? Ugly!!!!!! Well judge for yourselves it comes out on abc wednesday night at 8:30 before that new show with the weirdest name in the world!!!!!


Hey guys I am going out this weekend and I want to go see a movie with my husband so which do you all recommend? I need to know my options so that my husband won’t convince me to see some lame movie he thinks looks cool for some dumb reason and I will be bored again like I was for the movie ‘The One’!!!!!!!! Boring, I just can’t seem to see Jet Li as someone tuff!!!!!! He has a lisp! 🙁

Eclipse Magazine…

How many users actually use this site? There are probably about 20 members total. Just curious if anyone else has noticed how dead every forum here seems to be. I think besides the lack of users, one of the reasons is that the great one — “Malexandria” doesn’t let people start new posts in other forums. This could really bolster the site.

Lost Without You/Titanic/Ch.1

Lost Without You by Hellen Gavarrete

Chapter 1

Rose looked up into the dark sky the stars seemed so distant but yet comforting to her. She sang the song she had learned to sing in times of need. Her hand still held him and could not comprehend how he had become so quiet. The screams of people around her had become more and more lower and softer and somehow even further.

Jack felt his heart thumping slower and slower as he tried to be strong and not let his precious Rose know that he was slowly but surely dying. He knew it in his hearts of hearts that he would perish with the rest. His trembling body barely had enough strength to mumble a small prayer. Rose seemed distant and could not hear him in her state of trance.

He felt the wings of the angel of death flapping it ‘s busy wings over the others surrounding him and he knew his turn would come soon. He closed his eyes and said,”Oh Lord though I may perish please spare Rose. Let her live a life of freedom and love and let her see life with new eyes and not those of fear. Let me see over her in death for my love is so great for her that I would give my life for her. Please let me be able to care and guide her when she needs it. Please forgive me if ever I have offended you and please take care of those I love.”

Rose looked into the sky and did not feel the last breath her lover had taken. Jack had gone into the great beyond. Just then Rose heard someone calling out,”Is anyone out there!!!!”

Rose wanted to stay there and felt she had no strength to move. Just then she hears Jack’s soft voice,”Rose they are here!”

She gets up and shakes Jack’s hand but not answer! She sees the face of her beloved frozen in a neverending sleep. His hand cradled over hers as she tried to wake him up.
“Jack, Jack! They are here Jack! Jack!”

His face so angelic as she realizes he is gone! She sobs, “I”ll never let go Jack, I’ll never let go.”
She is determined to live up to her promise to Jack. She was not going to die here as he had wished.
With all her strength she let go of Jack’s hand and jumped into the icy waters she tried to call out many times but her throat felt numb as did her entire mouth. She remembered the man who whistled until he became silent in his icy grave. She swam to grab the whistle and she blew as hard as she could. Not stopping until they came to her rescue.

She could barely climb into the boat as all the other bodies became barriers for her but the sailors helped her in and covered her up. The warmth of the blanket already giving her life again. Whatever life it was she decided she would live to the fullest.
She looked back to see the board floating and she wept as she thought Jack would be free somewhere in the universe. Free from judgements and free from all the sadness she was living but somehow she felt a comfort that he would be watching after her.
Somewhere he would guard after her somewhere he would help her live.

Big Trouble

So many characters, so little time (or development, for that matter).Barry Sonnenfeld’s loose-fitting “Big Trouble” connects dozens of characters together in a feature-length version of “Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon.”

There’s an ad agent and former Miami Herald columnist (Tim Allen) who can’t bond with his son (Ben Foster). The son’s preoccupied with his beautiful classmate (Zooey Deschanel), who tolerates her mom (Rene Russo) but loathes her stepfather (Stanley Tucci). The mom strikes up a relationship with the ad agent father, and the disgruntled stepfather purchases a bomb, which draws in even more characters … come to think of it, why didn’t they cast Bacon in one of these roles?The whole charade culminates with the stolen bomb being smuggled aboard a hijacked plane, which explains why Touchstone pulled “”Big Trouble”” from its original Sept. 21 release date in the wake of the 9/11 attacks. Totally understandable. Some airport hijinx on display here simply won’t fly in this day and age, no matter how far from the tragedies we’ve come, though they’ll forever exist as a strange Social observation on airport security in the pre-9/11 timeframe. We don’t laugh when we see this, we squirm – not the desired intent.Clearly, director Sonnenfeld yearns for the sprawling yet razor sharp wit of his 1995 hit, “Get Shorty.” If only columnist Dave Barry, who penned the original source material, had the comic endurance of novelist Elmore Leonard. Realizing the film’s potency lies with his cast, Sonnenfeld wastes absolutely no time parading his circus across the screen, hoping a Tim Allen-read narration will help keep things straight. Initial jokes rely on the sheer quirkiness of the cast, even though they’re given very little to do, and no reason to do it.After establishing its penchant for imaginative subplots, though, Matthew Stone and Robert Ramsey’s indifferent screenplay inexplicably abandons the film’s creative flow and begins recycling gags. Watching “Trouble” is like attending amateur night at a comedy club, where each contestant is limited to just one joke. Some of the humor is brave, and all of it is applied with broad strokes.Yet I have to believe there was plenty more material to be had in Barry’s original novel. Heavy D and Omar Epps, playing FBI agents on the trail of the bomb, dabble in Tarantino-inspired dialogue, hinting at how edgy this comedy could have been. Even Allen’s Eliot Arnold – the prototype Barry character – gets an amusing “”Die Hard”” agenda that he bats around with zeal.””Trouble”” throws a ton of comedic material against the wall and films whatever sticks. Problem is, gravity was working overtime.Grade: C-By Sean O’ConnellApril 5, 2002

Michelle Goes 1 on 1 with Ryan Reynolds – And yes, that is his ass in the movie.

Actor Ryan Reynolds is at that stage in his career where he’s starting to make a name for himself in this business we call “”show””. He was on a moderately successful ABC series “”Two Guys and a Girl”” and now he’s starring in his first major Hollywood production, Artisan Film’s “”National Lampoon’s Van Wilder””. “”Van Wilder”” is one of those rare animals that you don’t see everyday, it’s an over the top, gross out comedy that actually, for the most part, works.

Ryan plays Van Wilder a man with on a mission, a mission to stay in college for as long as he’s possibly can. He’s somehow managed to stay in school for eight years, until his father cuts him off. Now he is forced to come up with creative ways to stay in school. I sat down with Ryan several months ago and had a conversation with him that went a little something like this. [Note this interview took place back in January, and the film’s original March release date slipped to April]EMLet’s start this interview off with my standard overly broad question. Tell us who you are and why we are here?RRMy name is Ryan Reynolds and I’m the star of “”National Lampoon’s Van Wilder””. EM What can you tell us about “”Van Wilder””?RR[laughs] We’re really here to discuss my feelings on the “”Big Bang Theory””. But that’s a whole other story. “”Van Wilder”” is a story about a guy who is, I think the tag line best describes him, he’s sort of a ‘Farris Beuller for the 21st century.’ It’s about a guy named Van Wilder who has been in college for eight years until his father cuts him off. He spends the rest of the film trying to find ways to stay in school.EMI was on that five year college program myself. How does one manage to stay in school for eight years?RRHe finds every way not to graduate. It’s a fine balancing act that he has to walk, to maintain the minimum amount of credits required to stay in school, without doing to much to graduate.EMWhat was your college experience like?RRThe closest college experience that I had was this film. I went to school, briefly, in Vancouver Canada, and it was nothing like colleges here in the US. It was small and felt like an aimless, faceless, high school.EMWhat is so different about the schools in Canada? Are they more serious? RRNo, they have very good schools in the US. The main difference is that they are bigger, there are more people, US schools have big sports programs, fraternities and sororities, etc. It’s just more…EMDid this film make you want to attend an American University?RR Absolutely! One of the great things about this preliminary ad campaign is that I get to visit a few colleges. A movie like “”Van Wilder”” is tough to promote because a lot of the content can’t be shown on television and a lot of the truly funny moments in the movie are “”payoffs”” – jokes that are setup early on and payoff later, seen out of context they wouldn’t make much sense. Word of mouth is going to be an important factor in the success of this film. The comment I’ve been getting from a lot of people is – they weren’t expecting it to be so funny and to distinguish itself from the other “”young comedies”” – the “”American Pies””, etc. Most movies start off strong and then fizzle, this one is actually different. It builds throughout and gangs a momentum.EMThat’s exactly how I felt about it. During the first half of it, I was going, hmmmm….Ok, it’s not funny, I’m not laughing here, but it does suck you in and by the time you get to the big set pieces at the end, you are just ready for them.RR[Excited] Yeah! That’s it exactly. I would rather have the movie have a slow start, then have it fizzle at the end. I mean it’s only an 82 minute movie, so the payoffs do come pretty quick.EMAfter a long season of “”epic”” dramas, like “”A Beautiful Mind””, “”Lord of The Rings””, etc. Do you think the audience is ready for a comedy?RRYes, I think this movie is going to be well timed. EMSomeone who went to the screening last night sent me an email and said that you reminded them of a young Chevy Chase. [Editor’s note – EM sponsored an early sneak of the film a few months ago]RRI’ve heard that a few times, and am incredibly flattered by that. He’s one of my major influences.EMIn the movie your character is the straight guy, while everyone else around you goes over the top. Was this your decision or the director’s to play the character this way?RRThe director and I had a lot of discussions regarding this. The character couldn’t go “”off the deep end””, because a comedy or any film needs an anchor. In truly successful comedies, like “”There’s Something About Mary”” Ben Stiller’s character earns those “”broad”” funny moments. That’s the problem with a lot of these young comedies, they think that goofy is great, but they don’t do anything to build the momentum.EMHow did this script come to you?RRI was in a movie called “”Buying the Cow”” with Jerry O’Connell [Note – film hasn’t been released yet]. The producers of “”Van Wilder”” saw that and then sent me the script. When I first read it, I didn’t like it. So they sort of “”retrofit”” the script to suit me. When I got it back, I couldn’t believe it was the same movie, it was so much better than the original script.EM Are you spending anytime doing independent films?RRNo, not really. I just did an indie film called “”Finder’s Fee””. It’s a dramatic piece about four guys in a room, playing poker the entire movie, other than that, no.EMEveryone has been telling me about your old show, “”Two Guys and a Girl””. I’ll admit that I have never seen it. But they all tell me that you were funny in it. After doing that and this film do you find yourself starting to get pigeon holed into certain types of roles?RRNo, not really. I think we confuse people who are comedians with people who are charismatic. I’ve been fortunate that people have looked at me and said that ‘oh, he can do comedy, but he also has charisma.’ EMHow was your transition from television to film? Which do you prefer more?RRI love film more than television, although I did have an excellent experience in television. It’s a bummer when you see so many young actors complain about being “”tied”” down to a television show. It’s a “”problem”” half the world wish they had. I was not sad to see my series end and it was ready to move on. But I look fondly back on that time.EMSo many actors have trouble transitioning from television to films, why do you think this is?RR A lot of people in television are “”personalities”” and not really “”actors””. What happens is you put “”personalities”” into a film that contains a story, and characters with texture, that just isn’t part of most television shows. When you have an actor, like Tom Hanks, Bill Murry, etc. the move to film is a natural progression.EM[Note – Darn, we were just getting going when our time ran out. So I closed with these last two questions]””Van Wilder”” has inspired me to become a “”party liaison””. How does one go about becoming a “”party liaison”” and in your opinion what are the three things that make a really good party?RR1) A dash of connections. 2) A good theme.3) Access to a lot of horny college kids.EMBefore they kick me out, I must ask this question. Did you use a body double?RR[Big Laugh] NO! I’ve been asked this question by everybody. It’s my body.EM[Laughs] Darn, and here I thought I was being original!RR[Still laughing] I’ve been asked this by audiences during the Q & A’s. You are the first member of the press to ask. All the nudity and stuff [blushes], yep, that’s me. That’s my body, that’s my butt.EMSo did you ever get comfortable with being nude in front of the camera?RRWell in context I am, but in everyday life no, because I don’t have an ass, it kind of disappears in my jeans.


You know, I still enjoy the show, but it’s starting to fall into kind of the same routine where nothing real major or interesting really happens. But I just like all the actors. I’m just interested in seeing how the show progresses for the rest of the season and if during Year 2 they get into “story arcs”, which I kind of hope they don’t do. I like shows with long story arcs, but it’s become so common place, that it is kind of nice to watch a show that has self contained episodes.

I didn’t realize until last night that Smallville was essentially a suburb of Metropolis. I don’t think I like that change. I like the original element of the smalltown boy going to the big city.


Big Trouble stars Rene Russo, Tim Allen and a couple of other well-known and accomplished actors but the story line and plot was just a bit too boring at times. The movie centers on a suitcase and its contents. I had almost forgotten that I had seen the trailer of this movie; the famous scene is when a car hits a goat the goat is thrown up in the air then lands on all fours. Yes that is the movie. Well, the release date was postpone because of the events in September and I can understand why because of a scene in the movie which occurs at the airport. The movie starts off with Pudgy, one of the characters, talking directly to the audience. By the way Tim Allen narrates 40% of this movie.

There were a couple of laughs nothing worth paying to see, we should be paid to see this movie. The good thing about the movie is that it is an hour and twenty minutes long. Again this is only my opinion

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