Salmanusha – Chapter 5, Amboise

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Chapter 5

Henry sat there on the edge of the window reading the book that Danielle left on the window ledge. He found it funny that she would have selected a book about Kind Arthur’s tales. But then Danielle was a dreamer, he had never read the book before and found himself getting absorbed into it’s tales of knights, honor, deception and mythology.

When in between chapters he looked out at the old destroyed church, and imaged having their wedding there, coming there for private picnics away from the castle, playing with his son over by the turrets. He smiled at the thought of having children, although he wanted a son, he would love to have a daughter, a miniature Danielle to dolt after and protect. He looked over at the large sundial and was disappointed to see that half the day had passed and she still hasn’t shown up. “Where is she?” He wondered.

He couldn’t wait until they start their life together and there is still much that they need to discuss and plan before they make their news public. For one, she still has to meet her parents, and she will have to be given a title, before they are allowed to be married. He now regretted that he ran off without talking to his mother about his plans first. His father will disapprove of his marrying a servant, and he needed his mother to soften him up before he meets Danielle.

His ears perked up when he heard a ruffle far off in the distance. Someone was approaching, he smiled and looked at the entrance to “park” and his smile faded fast when he saw who it was. “What are you doing here?”

“Sire, my daughter asked me to come here today on her behalf.” said the stranger.

“Sire? How many times have I asked you to call me Henry? Your daughter; what are you talking about? You don’t have a daughter.” said a puzzled Henry.

“I’ve told you numerous times Sire, that I respect and admire you too much to ever do that.” said the Stranger.

Henry was going to argue with the man who after all was there to help deliver him, and is mother’s closest friend, ally, and spy, but he decided to let it go. “Ok, well what’s this about a daughter? And how would she know that I was here?”

“Sire, back when I was younger, I had fallen in love for the second time with a woman who I saved from a bunch of thieves. In the process, I had received this lasting scar and a bad knee for my efforts. Well, anyway this enchanting damsel, unfortunately, only thought of me as a dear “friend” and never returned my affections. Well one day she met a young merchant and because I would rather have her friendship than nothing at all, I helped her meet “or scheme” to get the man of her dreams. I was best man at their wedding, several years later she became pregnant and we were all so happy for her, unfortunately she died in childbirth, and the merchant died eight years later.”

Henry’s eyes grew wide, as he put the pieces together, “Danielle? You are Danielle’s godfather?” he asked in shock.

“Yes, Sire I am.”

Henry’s mind started racing with questions, “but how? Why didn’t you ever say anything? Why did you allow her to become a servant? You are one of the wealthiest people in the province, yet you let her live the life of a servant?! Why did you lie to me when I asked you if you’d heard of the Comtesse?”

“Sire, I beg your forgiveness. I only lied, out of a greater duty to my daughter. I did not want her to get into trouble for dressing above her station.”

“Of course Monsieur, you have done more for my family than any other, and I can in no good conscience punish you for trying to protect your loved one. But I am disappointed in you and am not sure if I’ll ever be able to have 100 percent trust in your word again. Now why didn’t you ever mention your daughter before?”

“Well, in good conscience there was no way I could raise her as my own, not with my bad reputation. I did not want people to assume her to be guilty by association. And through my spying and work for the crown, I had also made a lot of powerful enemies over the years and she would have been a target. I wanted her to have a normal, happy childhood, the childhood that I never had. So in public, I always maintained my distance from her.”

Henry looked at him, and realized that the Crown has been unfair to the man. They should have publicly acknowledged him and his good deeds for the country long ago. As soon as he and Danielle are married, he was going to restore this man’s good name. Although, realistically he wasn’t sure how to go about it, because to do so would mean putting his life in greater danger by the enemies of the crown that he’s conspired with over the years. “Yes, I see now. But you still let her live in that house as a servant, when you could have easily purchased it outright for her dowry.”

“Well, Sire, as you are probably aware now, Danielle can be, how should I say this – stubborn, and difficult at times. She refused to leave the manor, and despite repeated attempts to convince her otherwise, she stayed because she wanted to convince her stepfamily to love her as a daughter” said Danielle’s father.

“Ok, I understand. But why are you here? Where is she?” asked Henry with concern in his voice.

“Sire, she sent word that she regretfully cannot see you today, and isn’t sure if she wants to see you again.”

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What do you prefer??

Hey guys and girls I was wondering about something, I always have been attracted to light skinned , brown eyes , brown hair guy no matter what race but somehow always ended up with dark skinned guys mostly latin boys. But I like any color any race don’t matter to me as long as they are cute.

What do you all prefer, blonde, blue eyes?
Brunettes, Asian girls or a meditaranean green eyed guy? 😕

Hoggle and Lorali

Title: Hoggle and Lorali
Rating:Pg 13
Summary: Sequel to my story Sarah’s Hardest Quest
Disclaimer: All contents of Labyrinth belong to Jim Henson. The rest of the characters are mine.
Author’s Note: Thanks to all who read my story Sarah’s Hardest Quest and who have even asked me to make sequels well this is for you.

Hoggle and Lorali

Hoggle and Lorali were very happy and content now living their romance in full bloom infront of the whole Kingdom. Now that Jareth knew of their love for each other they no longer felt any kind of restraints to show their affections infront of others. Now that this was out of the way Hoggle bravely asked for Lorali’s hand in marriage and now the wedding was being carefully planned by Sarah and Lorali.

Jareth made sure no expense was spared for his Lorali. She has been after all under his supervision ever since her parents passed away. Her parents served his parents and well now she served him. But it was more than that, they were like family. Sarah was happy to be Queen of the Goblins. Her duties were to arrange all the masquerade parties, festivals, balls, dinners, banquets and so on. She was in charge of keeping the castle in order and she did her job well. She was a great queen and everyone loved their knew Queen. Sarah was so happy that her two bestfriends were now going to get married. She was more than happy to help organize their wedding and help Lorali rebuild and redocorate her little cottage by the faery realm.

All the wedding invitations were being written by the best caligraphers in the Underground which ofcourse were brownies. The flower arrangements were being prepared by the Woodland elves and faeries. They knew best. Lorali’s dress was being fixed by the best dress makers which which were the Hobgoblins from the edge of the city. Yes all the preparations were being done. All but one, the wedding rings which Jareth was in charge of.

The day had been long and Jareth and Sarah were tired, being King and Queen was tiresome. Sarah had taken a long hot bath while Jareth was finishing some important documents. Jareth was half asleep when Sarah came out of the bathroom now wearing a beige satin nightgown and matching robe. She kissed Jareth lightly on the forehead and took away the papers still on his lap, when all of a sudden he sprung his arms around her kissing her frantically. Sarah giggled at her husband knowing exactly what he wanted.

“Now stop it Jareth, you know I had a long day.” She giggled as he began to purr like a cat.

“Oh come on my dear, I can make you relax better than any old sleep.”

Sarah laughed wholeheartedly and began to kiss her husband back,”Relax huh, baby being with you I can never really relax.”

Jareth smiled wickedly and caressed her face tenderly all of a sudden turning serious,” You know my Queen, you own me, I am all yours and nothing and I mean nothing will ever make me stop loving you. I never thought being married to you would be so sweet, but now I know it can.”

Sarah’s eyes became crystalline as tears swelled up. She caressed her husband’s face and kissed him tenderly,”Jareth I love you , my sweet husband.”

Sarah and Jareth engaged in matrimonial bliss and happiness ruled their home.

parts of this is kinda like the movie bandits

The briefcase bandits
“Everyone lie down on the floor and put their hands on their heads!� yelled one of the briefcase bandits. There were five of them in ski masks robbing the Sun Trust Bank in Las Angeles, California. Two of them were armed with hk-mp5 submachine guns and the others were armed with an assortment of hand and shot guns.
They quickly dashed over and spray painted the cameras so that they couldn’t be seen. One of them said, “We have 5 minutes to get the cash and get out of here.â€Â? The others were busy keeping control of the hostages, and one was with the manager trying to get him to open the vault. The manager opened it and 4 of the 5 robbers went in with big briefcases to collect their money, and one stayed to watch the hostages to make sure there wasn’t any funny business. They came out around 2 minutes later and radioed for the driver to come get them. He said, “Roger that–I’m around the corner.â€Â? They ran out just as the driver was pulling up. He said, “What took you guys so long?â€Â? One of them replied, “The manager was putting up a fight so I had to shoot him in the arm before he would open the vault door.â€Â? The rest of them laughed. The driver floored it and when they were down the block they could hear sirens in the background. They drove to their hideout, which is an apartment in the ghetto of Las Angeles. They all got out of the car with their briefcases bursting with money and they entered the rundown, dirty apartment. They took off their ski masks and dumped all of the money onto one gigantic table. One of them picked up a handful of the 100 dollar bills and said, “I love the smell of success.â€Â?
Their names were Rob, Eric, Tim, Philip, Joe and the getaway driver was named Jerry. They turned on the big screen T.V. and divided the cash amongst themselves. After that they ordered pizza and then they left and went their separate ways. All of them were fairly young kids who were 16 and 17 years old. They were very bored and had nothing better to do than rob banks. All but one of them lived in the ghetto and they were a mix of races. Joe was the only one who didn’t live in the ghetto; in fact, he lived in a nice neighborhood and had the nicest house on the block. He had two reasons for robbing banks, one is that he didn’t have anything better to do and the second is that he didn’t want to work for his money so he decided to get it the easy way. Joe’s father is the chief officer of the L.A.P.D.; he was a very busy man who worked a lot and didn’t have much time to spend at home with his son. Joe’s mom died when he was a baby and he never knew her.
After he got his share of the money he went home and played some video games. At around 8 o’clock his dad arrived home, as usual tired from his job. He made Joe turn off the video game. They sat down and watched the news together for a while. Then the news anchor says, “The brief case bandits struck again at the Sun Trust Bank in the business district of Las Angeles.� Joe’s father said, “Those bandits have robbed one too many banks and I’m going to catch those little punks if it’s the last thing I do.� Little did he know that one of those “little punks� was sitting right next to him. When Joe heard his father say, this he gulped and sank into his seat nervously. Joe went to his room to do his homework. After he finished his homework he went to sleep.
At 6 o’clock he awoke to the annoying buzzer of his alarm clock. He got dressed and he ran to catch the bus. When he arrived at school he met his friends at their lockers as usual, and they walked to hang out in the cafeteria. They were chatting when Rob got the bright idea of robbing another bank. He said, “Let’s hit another bank this weekend, it’ll be fun.� “Ok,� said Jerry, “my dad will be out of town so we can use his car again and after we can all go back to my place and count our cash.� They all agreed. This time it was Riggs Bank in a more rural area so they wouldn’t attract as much attention as last time.
On Saturday morning Joe woke up and had his breakfast. They had all agreed to meet at Jerry’s house at noon with their guns and he would drive to the bank and park down the block as usual. As Joe was leaving he told his dad that he was going to a movie and then back to Jerry’s afterwards. He said good bye and then he went off to make some quick change. They pulled up to the bank at 1 o’clock and everyone but Jerry quickly got out of the car with their guns, ski masks and big briefcases. They ran in screaming, “Put your hands above your head and lie face to the ground. This is a robbery!� Rob said, “We have 4 minutes and thirty seconds.� Tim went up and got the manager to open the vault door. This manager happened to be a wimp so he opened the door without any struggle. Tim signaled to Joe, Eric and Philip to come and get the cash with him. They ran in and Rob stayed out for hostage control. He could see them in the vault stuffing their briefcases and pockets full of money. They came out and he radioed Jerry and said happily, “It’s in the bag.� Jerry put his dad’s car into drive and sped around the corner towards the bank. They were waiting for him at the curb and they all jumped in and made their getaway. Jerry pulled into the garage of the apartment complex and they all hopped out and ran up the stairs to his apartment because they figured the elevators would be too risky to take. They walked in, ordered some Chinese food and spread the money across the table the way they usually did. A half hour later they heard “ding dong� and Jerry jumped up off the couch to grab the food. He tipped the delivery boy nicely and he left. Then they divided up the money, stashed the guns and went their separate ways.
Jerry dropped Joe off at his house. When Joe walked in it was kind of late. His dad was sitting on the couch watching T.V. He said, “How was the movie?� Joe said that it was great and they talked about it for a while. Then his dad turned on the news and coincidently the anchor was talking about the most recent bank robbery. Joe’s dad was getting really fed up with all of the robberies and it was making him very stressed because he had no idea about who had been robbing all of these banks. He said, “One of these days the briefcase bandits will get over confident and slip up.� Joe was thinking, “They’ll never catch us and we’ll be rich.� He went and watched the T.V. downstairs because he didn’t want to watch the news; he had already lived it. He turned on Channel 47 and there was a cool Kung-Fu Jackie Chan movie on.
It was late, his father had already gone to bed and Joe had started to doze off just as the phone rang. He jumped up and hurried to answer it because he was afraid that the phone might wake his dad up. He answered it and said, “Hello.� It was his friend Eric. Eric said, “I just talked to the other guys and they said that it’s really getting too hot to keep robbing banks so they’re going to make one last big score and they’re going to quit.� Joe agreed and then they set a date. Jerry’s dad is coming home on Thursday so they plan to rob a huge federal bank in the business district of Los Angeles on Tuesday. This way they’ll have enough time to get the guns out of Jerry’s house before his dad gets home.
On Tuesday morning Joe told his dad that he was going to study at Jerry’s house after school for a big English exam that they have on Friday. So after school they all went to Jerry’s house to get prepared for the biggest robbery job of their lives. They all hopped into Jerry’s dad’s car and put on their ski masks with their briefcases in hand. It was around a 20 minute ride to the bank. Jerry dropped off Eric, Tim, Philip, Rob and Joe. They pulled out their guns and ran into the bank screaming, “Reach for the sky, nobody move!� That was a federal bank so they had to do the robbery fast. Philip ran to get the manager to open the vault and Rob said, “We have 2 minutes to get the money and run for it.� The manager opened the vault and everyone except Rob ran in, to stuff their pockets and briefcases full of money. While they were in the vault a cashier at the bank tripped the silent alarm, which alerted the police that they were being robbed. Joe’s dad was sitting at his desk when a lieutenant came in and said, “There is a robbery in progress at the federal bank.� Joe’s dad said, “Now I’ve got those thieving punks! This is the end of the briefcase bandits.� Joe’s dad told the swat team to go in and he rode in another car.
When they arrived the police surrounded the building and moved in. Rob said, “Oh crap guys, the police are here!� Joe said, “It doesn’t look like we can get out of this. If we give up maybe we can get a break on the charges.� They all decided to give up and the swat team came in and arrested them. Before the swat team had gone in Joe’s dad had instructed them not to remove the robbers’ ski masks. He said, “I want to see who those pathetic pukes are before anyone else does.� Joe’s dad removed the masks of the kids and realized that they are all Joe’s friends. His dad then removed the last robber’s ski mask and saw that it’s his son. He is so ashamed that his son is a robber and he feels so stupid that a robber was right under his nose the entire time that he runs back to the office. His son is thrown in jail and his father doesn’t even show up at his trial. His son is sentenced to 10 years in jail because he and the others gave up.
Ten years later Joe got out of prison and went to the police academy. He graduated at the top of his class and went on to be the chief officer of the L.A.P.D. Joe also didn’t have to worry about a retirement plan because he put all the money from the robberies in the bank before they got caught so he still had hundreds of thousands of dollars for when he gets older.


grouded for life

grounded for life is an extremely funny show and is very entertaining. it adds to the whole wednesday night line up which i enjoy extremely. it’s one of the few shows that i look forward to watching. the whole family cracks me up especialy uncle eddie with all his under the counter businesses and connections.

Who have it easier Men or Female?

A couple of my friends and i were discussing this today, and we beleive that men have it easier. They do not have to worry about periods, and pregnancy. And they do not have to wear make-up and such. The only thing that i could think of the men ahve harder is that they are expect to ask the girl out, but then one of my friends pointed out that typically the girl asks the guy out now. What are you guys thougths???

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