Disney Movie?

What is everyones favortie Disney/animated movie? My three year old cousin is staying with us from out of town, and today I think I watched four of them, and It got me to thinking what my favorites were. Here’s my list

1) Monster’s Inc.
2) Toy Story 1 and 2
3) Beauty and the Beast
4) Lion King
5) Mulan

I could list them forever, but I’ll leave the list at five…

Country Bears

“Country Bears” – if you’ve seen the trailer,
you have seen the movie except for the
musical numbers. This is a Disney
“message” movie. If you need to find a
movie to entertain youngsters, this will
take care of the problem.


I really liked this movie – a bit long but for someone that wasn’t born yet when this took place, a very good history lesson. Sure, the accents weren’t good but that is such a minor factor in a movie like this. The movie flows very well and it is easy to understand.

new monkees show on nbc (again)

i just read that nbc is in talks to produce a new monkees show with a new boy band to play the roles that micky, davy, peter and mike made famous…

this is the third time they are attempting this..
the second time they tried, the show was a flop…

i don’t think i like the idea as i am a big fan of the originals, but i’d be curious to see what they have in store

tarzan and jane dvd

watched it last night…very cute continuation of the disney tarzan movie…jane wants to celebrate their first anniversary and she doesn’t know how to go about it, so she asks turk, tantor (the elephant) and her father for advice….

the only drawback is that the voices are not the same as in the original film…

but there are some cute things with the dvd itself…there are some interactive games and lots of sneak peeks…give this a b…

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