A Father’s Chocie Part 29

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Part 29

Auguste made the journey back to the palace with Henry. He knew that this was what he had to do, but that still did not make it any easier. He had made Henry allow him to do it in his own way; he just was not sure what his way would be.

Once at the palace, Henry went to go attended his princely duties that he had left terrible unattended to. Auguste went to find Danielle. He found her in the kitchen helping to make diner; she was not going to live off her family. She felt that she needed to do something to earn her keep.

The moment she saw him she put down the bowl that she was stirring. “Auguste it is so nice to see you. For a while I feared that you did not know that I was back. Seeing as I have been back for a month now.”

“Well, I had a lot of business to take care of. I really should have came to see you sooner.” Auguste stalled a little. “Would it be alright with you if we took a little walk?”

“I should be more than delighted, sir.”

Auguste took her arm and they were off. “I understand that your father is doing much better. That must be considered good news.”

“Yes, he is back to ordering everyone around. We still do not get along, but we have agreed to disagree. That will just have to do.”

“The queen must have been worried that she was going to lose her husband. I know that to the naked eye they appear not to care very much for each other. I am sure that deep down they do care for each other. It is always hard to lose a spouse. I should know.”

“Yes, but if memory serves me correct it would be so much harder on you since I am told that you two were so very much in love. If you do not mind me inquiring, how did she pass away?”

Auguste knew that he was setting himself up for explaining everything, but that still did not make it any easier. “She died in childbirth.”

Danielle’s full attention was now his. “In childbirth, how very tragic.” Hopefully she added, “And the child?”

With hopeful feelings, he spoke, “She grew up to be a very strong-minded but remarkable woman. I watched and admired her growing up from afar because I thought that that would be best for her. Now I think she deserves to know the truth…”

Before he could finish, she wrapped her arms around him. “Although I wish you would not have waited so long to tell me, I am very glad you did. I was starting to get a suspicion that you might be some how related to me. Now, I know,” she paused briefly, “I have a feeling that Henry had something to do with this didn’t he?” Auguste nods. “He always seems to know everything before I do… What do you think of him?”

Auguste smiles, “If you are asking whether or not you should marry him, I would say that you could not chose better. You have known him your whole life and you know that you can live together without killing each other. In many ways, you remind me of Nicole and I.”

Later that day, Danielle found Henry. “Excuse me sir, I have a question for you.” He turned around. “I have known you my whole life and I know that I can trust you. Everyone man I have met I have always compared him to you. No one ever matched up to you. Now I ask you. Nay, I beg you to accept me as your wife.”

Henry immediately grabbed her in his arms and started to twirl her around. “You will not regret this Danielle. I promise you.”


The two of them broke the news to their parents. Marie already had her suspicions so it came as no shock to her. Francis was less expecting, but he was still elated over the news. They were married three weeks later. Danielle was given away by both of her fathers.

For the first six months of their marriage, they did quiet a bit of traveling. They would have traveled longer if Danielle had not become pregnant. She waited as long as she could to tell Henry, she did not want to shorten their honeymoon, but eventually she began to show and had no choice.

He was a nervous father. He wanted to make sure that Danielle did not suffer the fate that her mother had. Henry did everything in his power to keep Danielle from over exerting herself, but all Danielle ever did was exert herself.

Danielle was not alone in her pregnant state. Jacqueline had also become pregnant at just about the same time as she had. They both enjoyed watching their feet disappear. Marie and Jacqueline were constantly giving Danielle tips on how to deal with the troubles of pregnancy and Danielle would never listen. She was determined to do things her way, and that is exactly what she did.

On the day that Danielle went into labor, three nervous men sat in the next room. Francis was passing back and forth while Henry was impatiently sitting on the sofa. Auguste was staring out of the window praying that everything would turn out all right.

Henry kept on saying to no one in particular, “Danielle is strong. There is nothing that she can not conquer. She will be fine.” Eventually, a nurse came in and told them that they could come in. Henry was the first one through the door.

He walked quickly through the door, but he walked slowly towards the bed. He sat down on the bed next to Danielle. She was covered in sweat and looked as if she could sleep for five days, she had been in labor for twenty-six hours. She looked up at Henry. “How do you like your new son?” Danielle handed Henry their child.

“He is perfect… Everything is so little. He has your beautiful eyes, and it looks like he got my chin.”

Danielle looked up at Henry with a half-amused expression on her face. “You better hope that the rest of our children do not take twenty-six hours to come out, or I might have to revoke some of your privileges.”

Henry blushes at this comment and only hoped that his father and mother had not heard her. Henry looks back down at Danielle. She had fallen fast asleep. Henry laid down next to her with their child between them.

Jacqueline had her child a few weeks later. It was another girl. Charles was happy with the child, but he still wanted a son. They kept trying and trying. Five girls later they had a son. It was a good thing too because Jacqueline was getting a little sick of being constantly pregnant.

Henry and Danielle ended up with three boys and two girls. Luckily for Henry, after Danielle’s first pregnancy the children came out with increasing speed. The last child, a boy, was out of her in two hours and forty-seven minutes.

In the end, everyone got what he or she wanted. Auguste got his daughter back and a total of eleven grandchildren. It became hard to spoil all of them. He also lost Marguerite. She took Henry’s advice and started to read some of those books, and she was married with in a year; she had no children for she married for money. Marie and Francis reconnected with the love of their youth.

As for the two young couples, they lived in marital bliss. Charles and Jacqueline never had a fight that would last more than an hour and they raised their girls to believe that they were equals to any men. Their ‘Aunt’ Anne was constantly at the palace and their home teaching the girls that they could be anything.

Henry and Danielle quarreled a bit more than the other couple. How could they not with both of them being so stubborn? It would sometimes take awhile, but they would always resolve their problems. When they became King and Queen, many laws were changed due Danielle. She was for equal rights of everyone and did her best to get Henry to pass the laws; sometimes by denying him of something that he could not live without. In the end, they learned that love can guide you through everything. No matter how high the mountain love would help you get to the other side.


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