Britney and Buffy – I will NOT WATCH THIS CRAP!!!!!!

BRITNEY SPEARS is set to spook fellow blonde babe SARAH MICHELLE GELLAR in hit TV show BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER.

The singer is reported to be appearing in six episodes of the teen series’ next season as a nightmarish demon pitted against Gellar’s do-gooding, undead-battling Buffy.

An insider is quoted in British newspaper the DAILY STAR as saying, “This will be an amazing sight. Britney and Sarah Michelle Gellar are two of the world’s most gorgeous girls.

“Millions will tune in to see the two of them fighting in their trademark figure-hugging outfits.”

Britney is hoping to consolidate her acting career following her debut feature CROSSROADS earlier this year.

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Local News and Sportscaster’s Annoying Comments

I was watching the local news last night and I was pretty irritated with the local sports guy. He was talking about the French Open, and making a lot of snide comments about Europe not celebrating our Holidays, namely the 4th of July and Memorial day.
What a ahole.

I mean really, why should other countries celebrate our “holidays”? When was the last time we celebrated Bastille day or whatever other Holiday other countries have

Music forum

i think that there should be a music forum because there is a forum for just about everything else except for video games and i think that it will get lots of response because people like to talk about music and the new cds that are comming out.

Family Guy

What do you guys think of Family Guy?

I happen to love the show. For those who have never seen it, Family Guy is the story of a dysfunctional family. You have Peter, the fat father who drinks and is lazy. You have Lois, the voice of reason (much like Marge in the Simpsons), who happens to be very attractive. Their kids are Stuie, Meg and Chris. Stuie is a genius baby that wants to take over the world and kill Lois. Meg is a depressed teen with no friends. Chris is just plain stupid and has some problems with girls.

The show is on Fox on Thursdays. Because it doesn’t have a large viewer audience, they are trying to take it off the air 😥 . You should really check out this TV show. Its funny, has a lot of music and relates to real life. I forgot to mention that it is animated.

Tell me what you think of this show. I personally give it an A- . 😮

Friends Poll

I know that a lot of you are haters of the televisions show, but for those few who actually like it, including myself, i have a question for you.

Do you think that Rachel should go for Ross or Joey? My personal vote is with Joey. He has gotten quiet a bit more mature in the last few seasons, and besides my personal opinion is that Ross should follow in the footsteps of his first wife and become gay. I am sorry if you are a Ross fan, but the show’s writers have seriously messed him up. He was actually partially normal for the first few seasons, but then he kept on getting married and his behavior became strange. Anyway, i would like to hear your opinions…

Sum of All Fears

Ok I’m just sitting here pissed because I missed the screening tonight. I went to see AOTC at the Uptown with some coworkers and ended up having to take the metro back to Rockville afterwards. Then I had to drive back down to 4000 Wisconsin and by the time I got there (7:30 exactly) it was long past full. Why oh why couldn’t I have thought in advance and driven to the Uptown.

So what did you guys think? I saw the trailer again before AOTC and I was really looking forward to seeing it. I’m not that big of an Affleck fan but I’ve liked all three Clancy movies so far. Post your comments tonight!

24…finally, risky TV!

24 is one of the few shows i watch and finally, finally they kill someone! talk about a relief. to be honest, i really couldn’t get involved in the last 15 mins of the show….’cause i was on the edge of my seat, just hoping they’d kill someone off. sad?

no, not really. in this age of safe “everything” is was a breath of fresh air to see a risk being taken…tho probably not that big a one with the series’ least likable characters. but through all journeys, sacrifices have to be made…in the real world. apparently not in fantasy land. thankfully 24 took us back to the real world a bit.

great TV.

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