The Four Feathers

I was just looking around for a moive that I saw the preview for and I ran across this. It stars Heath Ledger, Wes Bentley, Djimon Hounsou, Kate Hudson, Alex Jennings. Heath Ledger is what caught my attention. Last movie of his was Knight’s Tale I beleive. Which might be why I like him so much, he only does one film a year instead of twenty. That plot is: “Based on the novel by A.E.W. Mason, this movie adaptation is the third, following 1939 and 1977 versions. It is the story of a British commander (Heath Ledger) who announces his resignation just before a major WWI battle, an act that is recognized by four feathers symbolic of his fear”-rotten tomatoes. And the movie comes out september 20. It looks to be a flick that I’ll enjoy. Anyone else know anything more?

The Truth about Everything Chapter 31

Chapter 31

“I cannot be King,� Francis was repeating to himself over and over when Auguste walked through the door.

“What do you mean, Francis? Are you saying the he is…�

Francis looked up, his eyes full of tears. All he could do was nod his head.

Auguste looked down and shook his own head.

“I cannot be the King, Auguste,� he said, pacing up and down the room. “It’s much too soon. I have completed all the lessons. I just cannot do this. I am not ready.�

“Well,� Auguste told him, a little angrily, “you will have to be. There doesn’t seem to be anyone else right at this minute.�

He grabbed Francis as he was making his return trip across the room. Listen to me. You will be King, your coronation is tomorrow. Everyone will pay their respects this evening. He will be buried by morning, then the coronation.�

Francis looked at him. “I don’t know Auguste,� he whispered, shaking his head. “I just don’t know.�

“You are old enough to know, Francis,� Auguste said, clapping both hands onto each of his shoulders, “and certainly old enough to make the right decision.�

Francis looked at him. Auguste stared right back, although he loosened his grip just a little.

“Louis certainly thought that you were capable. He would never have given you the kingship if he was not sure.�

“It is time for you to grow up, Francis,� Auguste continued. “I am sorry to be so hard on you, but there you are.�

“You will be there, won’t you, my old friend?�

“Of course I will, Francis,� he said as he heard the clock strike six. “And so will Marie and her parents. They return tomorrow along with Nicole’s parents. This is what I have been told.�

“I will not be the same without you by my side,� Francis said.

“That is why you have Marie, Francis. She will be with you until one of you die.�

Francis smiled. He was beginning to feel better.

Auguste, however, was growing impatient. “Listen, I have something important that I must do tonight, then I will join you as soon as possible.“

Then Auguste ran out of the study as the future King of France looked on.

More Dirty Dancing Chapter 34

Chapter 34

“Mommy?� Frannie asked, a little puzzled, “Daddy?�

The two of them were in a small lake out in back of the studio. Baby and Johnny had forgotten about it when they first practiced the lift in the 60’s. The dancers used that lake sometimes to practice different moves. The lift was one of them. Baby was high up in the air, being held by Johnny’s arms. He was waste deep in the water. They both looked toward Frannie when they heard her voice. Johnny faltered a little and Baby made a shallow dive into the lake.

“I am sorry, Mom, Pop,� Frannie said, trying not to smile, “but you still look wonderful together. How could I ever have doubted the two of you.�

“I am a man of my word, Frannie,� Johnny said, turning away from her and looked back at Baby. “Come on,� was all he said.�

Frannie watched as her mother jumped into her father’s arms. This time it was done flawlessly.

Frannie grinned from ear to ear. She held out her hands and began to applaud. Again, it sent Baby into a shallow dive and the three of them burst out with laughter.


With the cocktail party over, the studio was filling up quickly now. Lisa and her husband, Harold had arrived with Jake Houseman. All of the old “dirty dancers� from Kellerman’s in 1963 began to trickle in, Baby, Johnny and Penny receiving and greeting each one.

Baby embraced Johnny’s younger sister, Victoria, then her husband, Michael.

Each of the guests could pick where they wanted to sit, there was no arranged seating.
Baby told Frannie that she was expecting anywhere between forty to sixty people, she wasn’t sure if they were all coming.

The Pay Per View people had already began to set up the cameras and the lights. Miraculously, none of the equipment had been damaged from water or fire.

Neil Kellerman walked onstage and held up his hands for silence. It took a few minutes until everyone was seated and had settled down.

“On behalf of the everyone at Kellerman’s, we would like to welcome you all to the official opening of the new Kellerman’s Mountain Lodge.� Neil waited for the applause to die down before he spoke again.

“We have another important date to consider, one that I am sure means quite a lot to everyone in the audience tonight, especially Francine Castle Bowman, our special guest. She is the daughter of Frances “Baby� Houseman and Johnny Castle whose twenty fifth wedding anniversary we celebrate tonight.�

There were more cheers and applause.

Neil held his hands up again. “So now, without further adieu, let me introduce to you the director of tonight’s show, Francine Castle Bowman.�

The Bernie Mac Show

This is a very funny show by a very funny comedian. Big Bernie Mac! A KING OF COMEDY!!
This show always have me rollin’!! The show comes on at 8:00 EST (new time) on FOX on Wednesday nights. They put special guests on the show. Tomorrow’s guest are Matt Damon and Lucy Lawless! Check it out, yall!!

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