The Road to Perdition

I just got back from seeing The Sum of All Fears (good movie), and saw the preview to The Road to Perdition starring Tom Hanks, Paul Newman, and Jude Law, directed by Sam Mendes (American Beauty). Going back to another forum question, I definitely want to see this movie if only because of Tom Hanks, but Newman and Law add even more reason to go. Has anyone else seen this previous and what did you think?


From the looks of it, most people here seem to have similar reading intrests. I think it would be interesting to have a forum for it. People could talk about good books that i have just come out, like when Harry Potter comes out in July. Or they could chat about old classics like P & P…

To Have and To Hold, Chaps 14 – 15

Chapter 14

“Papa called me in, mud and all, to meet my new aunt. I don’t know, Henry, there is something that frightens me about her. I don’t understand why your parents want to meet her?”

Henry looked at her. “I suppose we will find out tomorrow.”

He changed the subject. “What happened after that?”

“Well, he dismissed me and told me not to come back until I cleaned up everything. I had to wash my new dress myself as punishment. It didn’t take long to do, I just wasn’t used to doing it. I changed my dress and I was going to return to the study when my curiosity got the better of me. Paulette helped me; she made up some excuse of why I couldn’t visit with my aunt and uncle. So I ran out of the manor to meet you. This time I really took a risk.”

Henry looked at her. “I’ll come in with you, Danielle. We’ll just tell the truth that’s all.”

Danielle looked at him. “No, Henry, not just yet. We will have to tell him sometime, but not now. Not while my aunt and uncle are here. They should be gone within one weeks time, hopefully.”

Henry couldn’t believe it. “Do you realize what you are saying, Danielle? That house won’t be finished for another two years at least. And no one has started to build anything, not even a foundation.” He narrowed his eyes and frowned.

“Are you sure that’s where their manor will be built? And why is your mother’s journal buried in that mud hole on their property?”

Danielle looked at him and shook her head. “Don’t know, Henry, never thought about it.”

She hadn’t realized that they were in front of manor already, she was home. She didn’t want to go in, though. For the first time, she was frightened.

“Go,” Henry said, “before you get caught.” He kissed her cheek this time. “I’ll see you tomorrow.”

Henry was able to sneak back in, his parents were busy elsewhere. He climbed up the stairs to his chamber and sat down on the edge of the bed. He should have joined his parents in the audience chamber, but he just didn’t want to, simple as that.

He still had the journal tucked neatly under his arm. He pulled it out, put it on his lap and turned to the page that they had last read. He was determined to finish this even if it took the rest of the night.

Chapter 15

“Danielle, come in here if you don’t mind. I’d like to have a word with you.”

Uh oh, Danielle thought as she turned toward the voice. Her father was still in the study, but Aunt Colette and Uncle Antoine had disappeared.

“Papa, I should explain to you. You see,”

Auguste held up both hands and shook his head.

“No need, Princess,” he said, using the nickname he made up for her years before. “Paulette told me you were having trouble washing your new dress. Have you finished it? I didn’t realize that it could have taken this long. This isn’t your first time washing clothes.”

Danielle looked at him and suddenly felt very guilty. Her mouth became dry and she suddenly felt a little sick.

“Yes,” she managed to say, “I’ve finished.” She couldn’t understand how Henry managed to sneak out every night. “Excuse me, Papa, I really don’t feel very well.”

She ran upstairs to her room and closed the door.

A few minutes later, she heard a knock.

“Danielle, may I come in?”

“Yes, Papa, you may.”

“What is troubling you, child?” Auguste said, opening the door and walking in. He closed it behind him.

“Nothing, Papa, I am fine now.”

Auguste nodded. “I just get a little worried about you every now and again, but I see I don’t have to.” He smiled. “Henry takes good care of you, I see.”

Danielle’s eyes went wide. “You do know, don’t you?”

“That you see him all the time? Yes, I do. I don’t mind, it’s good you get to know each other.”

He walked closer. “I am sorry you didn’t see him tonight, though you will be seeing him tomorrow.” He touched her cheek. “I do not like the thought of the two being out so late all the time and you shouldn’t have to sneak around to see each other. So from now on, I will give the two of you some time to do just that. No more sneaking around.” Auguste smiled. “How does that sound?”

Danielle looked at him. She didn’t know what to say. “Thank you, Papa,” was all she could manage. She ran over to hug him.


good good movie…kate winslet and dougray scott are excellent in this tale centered around the enigma machine and bletchley park (where they did the uncoding)

it’s long (a little over 2 hrs) but it’s worth it..
excellent movie and i highly recommend it..


I just rented this movie. I could not beleive how many cameos there were, and how many refrences to other movies there were. I caught a few, but I was wondering what other references people found. Here is my list:

Lion King
A Knight’s Tale(you really have to know this movie well to catch this one)
Space Odessy 2001

Any others…


I do not know how many of you out there are friend’s fans, but i certainlly am. I heard news last week that unlike what they previously stated there will be another season. Each actor is going to get something like 1.1 million dollars per show. Boy i would love that job…

To Have and To Hold – Chapter 13

Chapter 13

“I can’t believe that this is my mother’s journal,” Danielle said, looking up at Henry with a smile.

“I feel as if I am prying,” Henry said, “all that stuff about Colette and your father.”

“That she and my mother were rivals for his hand?”

Henry nodded. “So she went after your uncle instead.”

“I wonder if that’s all there is to the story, Henry. I wonder if there is more.”

“Well there is, but it’s growing dark and we should be getting back.”

He closed the journal.

“What else did you find?” Danielle asked.

Henry smiled. “You’ll see that tomorrow. You and your father have been invited to join us for our afternoon meal. My parents would love to meet your aunt.”

“He didn’t tell me,” Danielle said, surprised. He usually tells me everything.”

Henry stood up from the ruined window. He placed the journal in the exact place where he sat. He helped Danielle down from the window ledge.

“You never did tell me. What happened this afternoon when you got home?”

Danielle smiled. She grabbed for the journal, but Henry got there first.

“I don’t think you should bring it home just yet,” he said.

Danielle looked at him. “Perhaps you are right, Henry. We’ll finish it tomorrow night.”

Henry shook his head. “Not at the castle, though. We have to keep it hidden for a little while.”

He heard the bells chime eight times. “Come, I’ll walk you home. We’ll talk on the way.”

Harry Potter DVD – Initial Impressions

Ok here’s just a few quick comments regarding the upcoming Two Disc Special Edition Harry Potter DVD – The Widescreen Version. Standard Disclaimer – This is not my official review.

The Movie –

H.P., I absolutely adore this movie. It’s enchanting, good fun. It’s a fine example of how to translate a book into a film. When I saw this in the theater I had no clue or concept of what Harry Potter was.
Didn’t know a muggle from a mug of coffee.

And it was the film that started it off. God love Hermonine, and Ron. I find Harry himself to be quite boring, but it’s the world he lives in and his friends that make the movie such a joy to watch.

After viewing the film, I was so enchanted by it’s world, the positive values of friendship and loyalty that I went out and purchased the books. I read all four books two or three times since the film’s release and have read at least 50 fanfiction stories, it’s safe to say that I’m now addicted. I was curious to see how much the film was truly different from the books, and to be honest, I couldn’t tell. The casting was absolutely perfect, and hey how can you not like Alan Richtman as Professor Snape? And the kid who plays Draco? The film gets an A.

DVD Special Features

For such a packed DVD, it feels pretty hollow to me. Most of the material on the DVD is children’s games, there’s NO commentary tracks, just interviews with the folks from the movie that looked like it was taken from the original EPK (Electronic Press Kit) which I already saw. The Navigation was confusing as heck, and I still haven’t found the deleted scenes. You have to solve various puzzles in order to unlock the deleted scenes, and to do other things on the DVD.

I for one absolutely HATE “easter eggs”, if I shell out $20 for a DVD or $60 for a game then dammit, just give me all my features, I don’t want to have to spend days trying to find some “cool” extra feature.

The DVD Rom features include a demo of the Harry Potter PC Game, more puzzle games, this way cool voice navigation thing (unfortanetly, all it does is open up various WB websites, and once they are open you can no longer use the voice recognition feature).

Again, after spending about 3 hours navigating and going through all the DVD Extra Features, it still feels weak, like you’ve accidently picked up the “ear wax” every flavor beans. DVD Feature’s Grade – C-

Now that I think about it, I probably should add a separate grade for Kids, since the DVD special features are clearly aimed for them, and for it’s target audience, it would probably get a B+. I think kids will love the puzzles, and all the web based activities found through the DVD Rom.


As I said, the movie still enchants and on DVD the transfer and 5.1 Dolby Surround is nice and crisp, although where’s the DTS? For any fan of the film this is a must own. If you are not a fan of the film, what are you high? Go out and get this DVD, just to watch the movie. Hermonie rules! Overall DVD Grade – B

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Favorite characters…….

[b][color=993300]What are some of your favorite characters in a movie,show,book,etc.?[/color][/b]

Some of mine are:
Spike from Buffy
Buffy ofcourse
Danielle from Ever AFter
Danny Zuko from Grease
The Fonze
Any of Jim Carrie’s made up characters
All of the movie The Mummy and the The Mummy Returns characters are great!
All the of characters of Little Women are great
Jack and Rose
Romeo and Juliet
All of the characters in Lord of the Rings
All of the characters in a Midnight Summer Dream
Anne Rice’s characters but especially Lestat ofcourse he is so sexy
and more but can’t remember now will add them later?

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