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i know that a lot of you live in dc or around that area, but i was just curious what you all thought

do you think a office buildings should go up in it’s place or do you think it should be strictly a memorial?

my opinion is that they should rebuild offices and keep a small memorial…

K-19 : The Widowmaker — Do I Smell Something Dead ?

The advertisements have been on buses, and in theatres. The trailer shows a gripping submarine movie with Harrison Ford and Liam Neeson, but how does it actually fare up? Based on fact; K-19: The Widowmaker another take on the classic submarine genre.Editor’s Note – this is a reader review, and not the official em review.

K-19 begins with the hasty preparations of a nuclear sub during the cold war. Supplies are loaded, frantic welding is occurring and people are getting hit by trucks. The men stand by for the christening, only to have the bottle not break. The boat is cursed, and the men know it. Harrison Ford plays Captain Alexi Vostrikov, a last minute replacement captain for the ship. As Vostrikov takes a tour of the ship, he finds many things he doesn

A Father’s Choice Part 28

Part 28

A few weeks went by, and Francis was back on his feet again. I would like to say that he was a changed man but that would mean I was lying to you. He was just as stubborn as ever. Danielle and him did finish their chat, and they ended up agreeing to disagree. He respected that she was going to run her own life, and she tried not to yell at him too much for trying to run everyone else’s lives.

Anne spent very little time at the castle. Danielle had now given her complete control of her business, and she went back home to run it. She could never stop thanking Danielle for that gift. It would suit Anne’s taste just fine. Now she could prove to the world that she was not just a count’s daughter. However, she did wish that the business had been one that would distinguish her more as an equal to men. To help this, she also started to sell men’s clothes.

Antoine found that palace life was not for him, but he did not want to give up on being swept off of his feet yet, so he went to Paris. Here he was also instructed to find out what the newest fashion was and report it back to Anne. In the end, he ended up marring a daughter of a knight. Both of them were madly in love with each other, which is proven by the fact that they had eight children with the biggest age gap being thirteen months. If you asked Antoine the reason for such a large gap he would reply, “I was out of town.”

However, the story does not conclude here. There is much that has been left unsaid. Henry and Danielle tried to keep their new relationship a secret from the rest of the world. Everything was so new to them, and they did not want to jinx the relationship before it had actually got started. The two of them did an excellent job of keeping it a secret. To the rest of the world, they looked as if they were just reconnecting.

Danielle missed her friends, but she knew that it was best to stay where she was. With Henry, everything was a new adventure. Neither of them was sure what was going to happen between them, but they could not fight something that seemed so right.

One day, after they had been secretly courting for a month, Henry took Danielle to Amboise. They went for a picnic. It was a place which both were familiar with. They had spent a great deal of time there for it was one of their father’s favorite spots or at least it used to be. Now, he never went there.

Danielle took in the scene around her. “I have not been here for so long. I think the last time was when I was eight. It has changed so much, and yet it still looks the same in my eyes.”

Henry watches her explore like a small child. “I come here all the time. It is one of the few places that I can go and feel comfortable. No one judges me here and no one tells me what I can and can not do. It is my sanctuary.”

The two of them sat down to a peaceful lunch. They really did not talk much. They just enjoyed the fact that no words were necessary between them. When they were done, Henry insisted on them take a little walk around the ruins.

They walked hand in hand for a while, but Danielle’s sense of adventure got the better of her. She started to walk ahead of him looking for obstacles. Henry started to speak behind her, “Danielle, there is something I would like to ask you.” He got not response. “It is of a great deal of importance.” This time he got her to turn and face him. He put her two hands into his. “Danielle, I think that we were destined to be together. Otherwise, why would have fate left you on the palace doorstep. You were destined to be something great and I only hope that with all of your greatness there is room for me. I know that we have hardly started courting but in a sense I have been courting you since the day you were born. Would you do me the great honor of being my wife?”

Danielle bit her lip and let go of his hands. She started to walk away from him. “Henry, you know that I can not marry you. Who knows who I am or where I came from? She looks up at him. I would love nothing more than to be your wife, but you know I can not do so with a good heart until I know where I came from.” Tears had started to roll down Danielle’s face.

Henry put his arms around her. “If I could find out who your parents were, would this idea appeal more to you? Would you be able to be the wife of a silly Prince?”

Danielle laughs and looks back up at him. “The idea of being the wife to a silly Prince does not appeal to me, but the idea of being the wife of the man I love does. Henry I would do anything to be with you.” She leans up and kisses his lips.


Later that day, Henry left the palace on a mission. No one was going to stop him from marrying to woman that he loved. He was going to give the boulder in his path two choices. He knocked on the door of the manor. Of course, Marguerite was the one to answer the door. “It is such an honor to have such a visitor.” She curtsied low. “Are you here to call on me?”

Henry laughed in his head that was not obvious. “Marguerite have I ever can to call on you?”

“No, but I am not the same girl that I use to be. I am not my mother,” said Marguerite angrily.

“I suppose you are not, but I am here to see Auguste. Is he in?”

Disappointed, she answers, “He is in his study reading. It seems like all he does is sit in that study and read.”

Henry smiles. “Start reading some of those books Auguste reads, and I can guarantee that men will find you much more interesting than they do now. Excuse me.” Henry hurries up the stairway and into the study. “Auguste, I have a bone to pick with you.”

Auguste jumps slightly, “Is that how you are being taught to enter rooms now? Are you trying to scare everyone to death?”

“Yes, well what I need to talk to you about is very important. Do you mind if I take a seat this may take awhile?” Auguste gestures to a chair. “Thank you. What I have come to talk to you about concerns your daughter and a marriage proposal.”

Auguste acts startled. “Please do not tell me that you have asked Marguerite to marry and are asking for my permission. I would rather die than let you marry her.”

“No, but you have just reminded me of something. I should have done this before I asked Danielle. It seems that I have got my order of things all messed up. I am here for many reasons. One of them being to ask your permission to marry Danielle. She and I have been courting for a month now, and I want to make her my wife.”

Auguste just stared at Henry for a moment. He certainly had not seen this one coming, but it was a welcome surprise. “Danielle and you would be perfect for each other. I would be more than happy to have my daughter settled so well. What else was it that you wanted to ask me?”

“Well,” hesitated Henry, “in order for Danielle and I to marry, we have to know her background. My father would grant us permission and give her a title, but Danielle wants it done the right way. She wants to know who her family is. I did not tell her yet, but if you don’t then I will.”

“You do not leave me with very many options do you?”

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The Truth about Everything Chapter 1

Chapter 1


The two sixteen year old women were standing out in the orchard picking apples. One was standing near the road; the other had her back turned away from it. The sound of horse hooves hitting the dirt made them both look up.

“Marie, look,� the one nearest the road called out to her companion. “Two riders are approaching.�

Marie du Bois, the one furthest from the road, turned around. “Yes, Nicole, I see them. I think one of them is the Prince.�

“You can see that far?� Nicole asked.

“You think you are so smart, don’t you?� Marie asked, scolding her playfully.

“They are getting closer,� Nicole said. “And you are right, it is the Prince, but I do not recognize the other boy with him.� She squinted at him to try and get a closer look. “He is so handsome, isn’t he?�

“Why Nicole de Lancret, I believe that you like someone already. I hope you are not speaking of my fiancé.�

“The Prince?� Nicole said, still watching the two of them as two of them neared the manor gate. “No, Marie, he is yours. I am still partial to the other by his side.�

She waited for answer, but none came. She took her eyes off the riders and turned to face Marie who was now staring at them. She caught Nicole looking at her and turned to face her with big smile.

“Listen,� Marie said, as the two men road through onto the driveway. “I need a favor from you.�

Nicole looked at her. “What sort of favor?�

“Well,� she said, and looked up. They were still headed down the driveway, no longer moving quickly.

“Switch places with me, Nicole. Pretend to be me and I will pretend to be you. I couldn’t have done this without you.�

A father’s Choice Part 27

Part 27

Danielle quietly entered her Father’s chambers. He was just starting to eat dinner. “Do you mind if I join you for dinner? It looks as though you would like some company.”

“You are always welcome.” He gestures towards the spot next to the bed. “Marie has just left. She went to go make sure that all the items of the court were running smoothly. I understand you had some guest come today. One of them is in line to be a count. I have heard people gossiping about the two of you. Is there anything that you would like to get off of your shoulders?”

“All I have to say on the subject of him is that people presume too much. He and his sister are merely friends. At one point in time, I pictured that maybe he and I would come to something, but we have not.”

“Ah, he has a sister. I am sure she is charming. What do you say that we try to pair her and Henry up?” Danielle blushes slightly at the mention of Henry. Her mind can not help but to drift back to the last time they were together. Francis continued talking, “Or would you not suggest that we enter in such an endeavor?”

“Father, you know very well how I feel on such matters. One should be aloud to make their own choices in life. Not have them be dictated by others…It is not that I do not like Anne, I really truly do, but I believe that she would agree with me that a person can not pick who they fall in love with. It is just something that happens naturally.”

Francis laughs. “I was only testing you. Obviously, you are as strong-minded as you were before you left. You know that you do not realize how much you will miss a person until they are already gone. That was how it was once you left. You had left home before, but this time I did not know if you would ever come back.”

“Everyone always comes home. Sometimes it takes them a week and sometimes it takes them years but they do come back.” Danielle pauses for a few moments. She does not want to argue with her father right now, but she also did not want to pretend that everything was fine. Just because her father was sick did not make everything he did before right. “We need to talk.”

Francis looked up at her. He knew what she was talking about. To him, the two of them had been modeling what a perfect father daughter relationship should be; it was type of relationship that you would see in a play. “I know.”

To Danielle this was enough of encouragement to continue. “I am unsure exactly where to start. I know that a lot of your behavior has been explained by the fact that I am not your daughter but not enough. Why did you send me away for the better part of my later years? Both of us know that I learned nothing at that boarding school. A governess would have taught me a lot more. Did you not want me to spend time with you?”

Francis was still weak, but he knew that had a lifetime of problems that she had to sort out. Going away for nine months only mitigate the inevitable confrontation. With as much strength as he could gather, he spoke, “Danielle, when you were young I still held the notion that I could change who you were. I wanted a soft-spoken daughter, but I got the opposite. Now, I am glad that you are who you are. Otherwise, you would have let me run your life that is no way to live.”

“Regardless of my birth, you are the only father I know. Perhaps one day I will find out who my real parents are, but until then you are all I got. Do you know how much it hurt me that you could not except me for me? Everyone has their faults, but you never saw passed any of mine.”

Francis feels that it is his duty to try to defend himself, at least a little. “I did see past your faults I just did not show it.”

Danielle turns away. “Now you are saying I actually had faults. What kind of a father are you? You are supposed to be a positive influence on me. You are supposed to tell me that I do not have any faults and other compliments along those lines! No wonder I could never have a successful relationship with a man. I never believe I am good enough for them.”

“Danielle, do not try to blame everything on me. It is not fair,” yelled Francis.

“The way you treated me was not fair!” she yells back. She then takes a second to calm herself. She then says in a much more mellow tone, “You were put were you are because of too much stress, I do not think that I am helping you right now. We will save this conversation until you are better. Right now, I think it is best if I just leave.” She kisses Francis’ forehead, “Get better.”

Slowly she walks down the hall to her room. She was dreading laying there tonight. She knew that there was no way that she was going to get any sleep. Danielle went straight into her dressing room. She changed into her pajamas. Then she brushed her hair out. Finally, she looked into her looking glass. She spoke to her own reflection, “Where are you going in your life?”

Danielle left looking glass and went into her bedroom. “Well,” she thought to herself, “lets see how well you can not get sleep.” She slowly walks over to her bed where she sees the crown that she had made in the garden. With it, there was a note. She picks both up. The not read as follows:

Dearest Danielle,

You might not be a princess to the rest of the world, but you are the princess of my heart. That’s deserving of this crown that displays all of the gifts that matter, all of which you possess.



A smile graces Danielle’s face as she slides the note into her desk drawer. She than places the crown on top of her desk. She then climbs into bed, and blows out her candle. For hours she laid, starring out of her window into the moonlit forest. Her thoughts, though, were with another under the roof of the same house.

She eventually dozed off into a very peaceful sleep. It was filled with dreams that were meant to delight. It was almost as if all of the worries that had come her way had disappeared with this one glorious memory, one that she intended to hold onto dearly.


After Danielle left, Henry lingered in the garden for a while. He was willed with such an unbelievable amount of happiness. He never thought that in a million years his dream would come true and here he was. Charles must have tried to get him to marry someone else a hundred times because he was convinced that Danielle and Henry would never work. Henry could not wait to prove him wrong.

He was a bit shocked by Danielle’s reaction to his actions. He thought that she would run away no question asked, but she welcomed it. It made Henry wonder if she had felt the same way for him for as long as he had felt this way for her. He highly doubted it considering that she had had two suitors already.

Suddenly, a thought came to Henry, “If she has already had two suitors that she has turned away, what are the chances that she will do the same to me? Why should I think that I am going to be the exception, the one man that she lets slide by?”

This thought bothered Henry for the rest of the night. In fact, he laid in his bed staring at moonlit forest worrying that Danielle did not feel the same way for him. No pleasant dreams came to him that night, only nightmares.

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