To Have and To Hold Chapter 22

Chapter 22

“Danielle, wait.”

Danielle turned around and stopped. It was Jean Claude.

“May I walk with you?”

“Right now, Jean Claude, I would like to be myself.”

“Is something wrong? I am a good listener, you know.”

Danielle looked at him. “There is nothing wrong at all, Jean Claude. I am a little confused.”

“It’s about Monique and Henry, isn’t it?”

How did he know? Danielle thought, watching his eyes. Did I give that much away?

“My step-sister thinks that everyone is interested in every thing she does. “

“Yes, well.” Danielle was still watching him. He wasn’t leaving her alone, not even for a second. Maybe if she gave into him he would quit following her.

“Perhaps there is a little something that you can do for me, after all,” she answered, smiling. “Come,” she said, taking his hand, “let’s go for a little walk.”

She watched out of the corner of her eye as she heard laughter coming from inside the ruined church. She didn’t have to turn around.

“Come on, Jean-Claude, I want you to see something.” And she took his hand and pulled him away.

Henry and Monique were laughing as they walked through the doorway, but Henry’s smile soon turned to concern when he watched Danielle pulling Jean-Claude up to the top of the hill.

“Danielle,” he called out, “wait for me, where are you going?” When she didn’t stop, Henry started chasing her up the hill.

“Wait, Henry, where are you going? I thought that we…”

“Stay,” Monique said, putting his arms around him waist.

“I cannot,” Henry said, “maybe some other time, Monique, but I have something that I must do.”

And with that, Henry ran after her, hoping that it was not too late.

To Have and To Hold Chapters 20 – 21

Chapter 20

Danielle’s tutor, Mademoiselle Juliet le Monde, had arrived right on schedule. The only problem was that Danielle had fallen asleep. She hadn’t realized how exhausted she had become.

“Lady Danielle, if you do not mind, we have a few subjects to touch on, so I would appreciate it if you could give me your undivided attention.”

Danielle could hardly move. She lifted one eyelid, then the other.

“Yes Mademoiselle,” she said, trying to stand up.

Danielle had never gone through such torture, especially when it came to what she termed as “royalty lessons.”

Mademoiselle le Monde made her balance books on her head for perfect posture, taught her how to walk and talk and to enunciate those words clearly.

Danielle dropped the books, couldn’t follow all the dainty steps and didn’t want to bother with speaking correctly.

After the first four hours were over, she was never so happy to see the outside world.

Meanwhile, at the castle, Henry, Francois and Laurent were doing the same thing, namely falling asleep.

Not only that, but Hector was having the devil of a time keeping all three of them awake.

He had to think up something quick, so he came up with a learning game, which the boys found interesting.

Finally, Henry thought, perking up a little, an interesting tutor. Someone I can get excited about.

But Henry was still looking forward to leaving and meeting with Danielle at their usual place.

He ran from the castle forgetting the journal that they were supposed to read. He was unaware that Danielle had two unwanted guests with her.

Danielle was so happy that she had almost forgotten about the promise to her father. She decided that she didn’t want to remember and let it go at that. As she ran from the house, she discovered that Monique and Jean Claude were standing outside waiting for her.

Well, she thought, so much for trying to escape.

“Come on, you two, let’s go. I don’t want to be late.”

She tried to talk to, but everything she tried to say fell on deaf ears. No one would respond to her.

All except for Jean Claude who had a funny smile on his handsome face. He kept staring at her as they walked.

Danielle was unprepared for what was about to happen next.

Chapter 21

Henry waited impatiently for Danielle to come. He wasn’t sure of these feelings he had for her. They were new to him. They had met when she was two and he was four. Back then, he felt as if he were a big brother to her, watching over her and playing with her. As they grew, they became fast friends, Henry surprised at how quick Danielle.

He hadn’t noticed when his feeling switched from friendship to something a little more involved.

Now all he wanted was to be with her and he could not stop thinking about her.


He heard her voice and turned around to face the ruined entrance, a large grin covered his face.

The smile faded when he saw she had company.

“These are my cousins, Henry,” Danielle said, introducing them. “You remember Monique and this is…”

Henry’s eyes grew wide. “Monique? Is that you?”

“Yes, Henry, it is. “

Danielle looked at Henry and found that he was staring at her cousin. Alright, she thought, maybe Monique was a year older than she was, but she thought that Henry liked her. She didn’t know how to react.

“You look a little different than you did the last time I saw you.”

“I was only eight three years ago, Henry, the last time you saw me. I will be your age in six months.”

Henry smiled. “Well, maybe we can get to know each other again, that is if Danielle doesn’t mind.”

He looked at her and discovered she was staring right back at him a little confused.

“Well,” he said, “we are all together and we should get to know each other. All of us.” He turned to Jean Claude. “And that includes you whoever you are.”

Before he or Danielle could answer, Monique piped up. “This is my stepbrother, Jean Claude, Henry,” she said, walking toward him. “But he isn’t as intelligent and witty as you.”

Henry blushed and moved closer.
Danielle was watching Monique and Henry rediscover each other. He was talking a mile and minute and she was responding. Well, she had enough of this. She turned on her heel and walked out the ruined door, Henry not even noticing.

Someone else had though. He grinned and followed her out.

EA A Father’s Choice Part 14

Swiftness is the new fashion

Part 14

Things settled down for awhile after that day. Danielle and Francis went back to their old way of not speaking, and Henry was able to be there for Danielle. Jacqueline and Charles were constant visitors. Jacqueline was there to discuss wedding plans with Danielle, who was now completely over Charles, and Charles came to see his friend.

Normally, they would all meet together for a bit of entertainment. Sometimes they would play cards, while other times the ladies would grace them with a song. It was on one such occasion two months later that Henry found himself in a bit of an awkward situation.

Jacqueline sang first. Her song was sung with perfect grace, style, and taste. Charles truly admired her as ever note flowed freely from her lips. Anyone who could have looked at Charles’ face as she sang would have known that he was long gone from the real world and into a world all his own.

Danielle sang next. Her song of choice was one that when she was little she admired anyone who could sing it. Now, with that same perfect grace, style, and taste Jacqueline had she sang it, but there was something else there. As she sang, she showed raw emotion. Henry could not help but to admire her.

He thought that he was capable of doing so without letting the world know, but he was mistaken. After the song was finished and the ladies started to chatter, Charles turned to him, and said in a low voice, “If I did not know better, I would think you were an admirer of your own sister.” Charles gave a heart filled laugh, which Henry tried to copy. “But seriously, the way you looked her while she sang made me think of something. Has there been a lass who I do not know about who has sang that song to you and you were reminded of her just now? For if I did not know any better, I would say that you are in love.”

Henry felt a blush rise in his cheeks. “I shall neither confirm nor deny that claim.”

Charles face was full of spirit. “Why have you not spoken of her? And why have I not heard of her from even a gossiping courtier? Surely you would not with hold the information from me now that I have found out.”

“Sorry Charles, but I can not tell you more then I told Danielle. If I did, it would probably be the end of me.”

Danielle’s ears perked up at the sound of her name. “What is it that you two are talking about that involves me?”

Henry smiled, “I was merely telling him that it was hopeless for him to try to get information about my lass. For I will not budge, and you know that.”

“Yes all he will tell me is that she if a French noble who has beautiful hair, and is well learned.” Danielle paused for a moment. There was something else he told her, but she could not for the life of her remember what it was. “There was something else, but he told me all of this so long ago that I do not remember it anymore.”

Charles looks at Henry, “How long have you had this infatuation? I can not believe that you would hide it from such a good friend as I for so long. I demand to know does anyone on this Earth know who the girl is?”

Henry thought for a moment, and then nodded. “One persons know, but I did not tell them. They just figured it out on their own. They have never said a word to it about me, but I am positive that they know.”


And so another two months flew by without anyone getting any closer to knowing Henry’s secret. The time had now came for the marriage of Jacqueline and Charles. Both had disliked the long delay, but they had to wait for Auguste to get back from one of his trips. On his return, he brought with him many unique gifts for the bride and groom. Including some books, which Danielle was already determined to borrow from them.

The wedding was to take place Manor. Danielle had volunteered to let them have their pick of the flowers from the Royal garden, and she had the palace cooking staff supply all the food for the reception. The wedding was beautiful and only conceited of a few good friends and of course family. Two member of the family of the bride everyone would have been happy to do with out, but that task would be impossible. Henry had often joked with Charles about his new mother and sister.

After the wedding, everyone gather out on in the garden to wish the bride and groom well before they left for their honeymoon. Danielle and Henry had to go their separate ways once the couple had left for their honeymoon in Italy. Danielle talked with her friends from court while the females of court chased Henry around. One of them was Marguerite.

Marguerite felt as if she had more rights to claim Henry then anyone else. For starters, her sister was the one to get married today. Although, she never thought that she would need a reason to see Henry. She simply thought that he would need to see her because if he didn’t his heart would most definitely be broken.

Through out the evening, Marguerite was always at his side. Henry did not enjoy it too much. To be quiet honest, he did not enjoy it at all, but what could he do. To make maters worse, Danielle never got with in ten feet of Marguerite unless it was absolutely unavoidable.

Marguerite put her best flirting powers to use because she did not know when she would next be able to be with the Prince for an entire day. Every word that came out of her mouth he found to be most unagreeable, and he saw little hope of relief.

To him it was a miracle, to see Auguste come to his rescue. He knew little of the man, but what he did he believe to be entirely good. Henry knew that Danielle would have loved to have this man as her father. Auguste tapped Marguerite on the shoulder, “I believe Marguerite that you are wanted in the house.” He could see in her eyes that she was going to rebel. “I recommend that you travel with haste.” She gave him one long evil glare before heading into the house.

Henry smiled at him. “Thank you. You have no idea how insufferable that was. I thought that she would never close her mouth. I tried to delicately drop hints, but she took none of them.”

Auguste gave Henry a pat on the back, “Your Highness, I am afraid that I know just how insufferable she can be. She gets it from her mother.” Here he paused a moment before he continued. “I was most happy to have Jacqueline happily married, but I have to admit I am going to miss having her around. I do not know how I shall ever survive with these two always breathing down my neck. Perhaps I shall just stay out of town more since I won’t have Jackie here to bribe me into staying.”

“No need to go out of town. You have saved me from her, so I would like to return the favor. At your leisure come to the palace. I understand that you are well read. I am positive that my sister shall absolutely delight in you. Ah, and here she is now.” Danielle had just been coming over to greet another friend. “Danielle I believe that you would enjoy Auguste presence at the palace? For otherwise he is stuck with the Baroness and Marguerite.”

Danielle smiled. “Oh do come to see us there. I wish those two people on no one.”

Auguste thankfully excepted the invitation that meant more to him then either of them would ever know. He would finally after so many years of watching her grow up from afar be able to get to know his daughter.

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EA A Father’s Choice Part 13

Part 13

Danielle knew better then to pry for more information. Instead, she did the most with the information that was presented to her. She stored it safe in her mind for further examination later. She was then reminded of the true reason she had come up here. “Father wanted me to ask you if you would be down for lunch. Which I fear that we now might have missed because of my blabbering.”

Henry raised an eyebrow. Since when did Danielle speak to his father? A lot of things have changed since he left the palace. Henry took a quick look outside. “If we hurry, we shall make it there right on schedule.” Henry took Danielle’s arm, and they walked down to the dinning chambers.

When they entered, they were received with smiles from their mother, and a stern look from their father. “I was afraid that you had got lost Danielle,” he said in his most stern voice. Henry shook his head. Maybe not as much as he thought had changed. He walked Danielle to her chair and pulled it out for her with out thinking anything of it until his father spoke, “Since when do you pull out a chair for your sister?”

Henry could have hit himself. It was not typical that a brother would pull out a chair for his sister unless at a formal occasion, and still then it never happened. Marie did her best to cover for him. “Francis, he is so use to pulling out chairs for ladies that he did it with out thinking.”

Francis did not seem to like this explanation, but he was sidetracked by something else Marie had said. “Yes, well I think you presume too much in calling our daughter a lady. Her behavior in the last few months hardly deserves that title. She is bad judge of what is good and what is bad for her. She should know better than to turn down proposal for marriage without even consulting me. Especially, when they are from a fine man like the Marquis. Now, it is too late since he has recently become engaged. You may never get a better offer. I personally would not want take you even if you are a princess.”

“Francis, please. You are too hard on her. She is doing the best she can to please you, but I believe not even God is capable of doing that!” Marie cast an eye on her two children. She could see that Danielle was much upset and looked as if she was about to flee the room. Henry however had a different expression. His face held rage at what his father said, and yet showed love that Marie could only guess was for Danielle. “Besides, there are many men out there who will love her. In fact, I would not be surprised if she were to receive a proposal from a Prince.”

Henry looked up at his mother. He did not understand how his mother could know so quickly. He himself had just figured it out. Of course, his mother had known the truth much longer then he had. She could probably have seen it coming.

Francis once again felt the need to open his mouth. “A Prince? Marie you really have out done yourself this time. I would have never come up with that one on my own. Sometimes I really regret decisions made that night that Danielle came into our lives. You know how easily everything could have been different.”

Both Henry and Marie gave him an evil look at that one. A moment later Danielle fled the room. Marie stared at her husband. “I hope you’re happy.” Then she went after her daughter.

Francis did wear a smile upon his face. “Well, now that we have gotten rid of the women would you like to take a seat and join me for some lunch. We have a great deal to catch up on, and we shall be able to do it more easily with them gone.” Francis sat down and began to eat his meal as if nothing had happened.

Henry, on the other hand, stood staring at his father with absolute disgust. “You do know that I use to take your side in these little arguments with Danielle, but I do not believe that it is right for me to do so anymore. You use to claim that she argued for the sake of arguing, and yet you are the one who starts talking about a topic that I am sure has been discussed before merely to see the reaction it shall bring. You ought to be ashamed of yourself.”

Francis had stopped eating, and was now staring up at his son. “I will not have you lecture me. Your mother does that enough. You speak of things that you do not understand.”

“No, it is you who speaks of thing that you do not understand. All you know and all you care to know is that Danielle rejected an offer from a man who you thought should be excepted. There is much more to the story than you know. I have no intention on telling you because I can see that you are only going to hear what you want to hear. Now if you will excuse me I am going to see how Danielle fairs.”

Henry was almost out of the door when he hears his father calling him. He reluctantly turns to hear what his father has to say. “Henry, I am proud of you. I have always done right by you. Your sister has not gotten the treatment that she deserves and I am sorry for it. Her whole life I have been concentrated on making her the perfect lady, but such a thing does not exist. I am just trying to prepare her for a time when life might not be so easy.”

Henry was thinking that he might receive a confession. “And when might that be?” He was disappointed because his father had gone back to eating and would no longer pay the least bit of attention to him. He quickly inquired from a guard as to which direction the ladies had gone, and proceeded to chase after them. While he looked for them, he began to think that maybe his father had truly done what he thought was best. His father was trying to prepare her for the reaction that she might receive from the court. But no matter how many times he thought about it, he still did not think that his father should treat her so poorly.

It took time, but he was able to find the ladies in the room where Danielle use to take lessons. He knocked gently on the door and was admitted into the room. He quickly took in his surroundings. Danielle was sitting in a window seat, and Marie was standing behind her. He slowly approached them. “Has he been this bad since the incident.”

Marie nodded. “He seems to think that once Danielle turns seventeen no one is going to want to marry her.” Henry gave a knowing nod; he know understood his mother’s whole meaning in that statement.

Danielle looked up at them. She was not crying but was extremely upset. “I do not understand why he has always been fascinated with my seventeenth birthday. It is as if he fears that on that day I shall turn into a pig or something. Although, if I were a pig I would probably be seen in a better light then the one I he sees me in now.”

Henry spoke. “I do not agree with how he treats you, but I am sure that there is a reason for it. He cares about you very much, but he has never been one that was good at showing his feelings. If you give him time, I am sure that he will turn around for you.”

Danielle stares at her brother. “My patience with him is getting thin, for I have given him nothing but time. To make matters worse, the more time I give him the more disagreeable he gets. What do you have to say to that?”

“Danielle there is much that you and I do not understand about why father is the way he is.”

Danielle turns and looks out the window, “You always have something to say don’t you?” Marie gives Henry a stern look that tells him that he is doing much more harm then good. Danielle continues, “Sometimes I have to wonder why you never seem to take my side when it comes to father.”

Henry sat down next to Danielle. “I do take yours side more than you know. Before I came here, I had just finished giving father a good yelling. I try not to take sides, but instead try to negotiate. I guess you could blame father for that. It seems because of him I am no good at choosing sides, but today I will. Danielle, he had no right to say what he said to you. I am ashamed to call him my father after seeing the way that he treats you.”

Danielle gave him a slight smile, “Thank you. It is good to know that someone is on your side.”

Marie looked from one face to the other. She only hoped that they would be able to weather the storm that was ahead of them especially Danielle. Henry had already heard the warnings, but Danielle was going to be caught completely of guard.

EA A Father’s Choice Part 12

Part 12

A tear silently fell down Danielle’s face. She did her best to try and wipe it away before Henry noticed. In her head, she was yelling at herself, “Get a grip Danielle. This has not bothered you for a month. Why should you worry about it now? It is not worth your time to think about it.”

Henry sat down next to Danielle. He did his best to study her face in order to find out what was going on inside of her mind. Another tear escaped her, and she was not able to hide this one. Henry quickly wiped it away and then asked, “Danielle what is it? Something is wrong and you will not tell me. You always use to come to me with your problems first.”

“It is very complicated. A lot of things have happened since you went away, and I have been hiding how I truly felt from the world.”

Henry wanted to put his arm around her to comfort her, but he hesitated for a second. His mind was screaming at him that she was not his sister, but he knew that she still thought she was so he should treat her accordingly. “Danielle, I am here for you. Tell me all of your problems and I shall help you to sort them out.”

Danielle drew in a deep breath. “Alright, but you better make yourself comfortable. Right before you left, I heard some courtiers gossiping in the garden. Normally, I would not listen, but they mentioned my name and I could not resist. They were talking about Charles and I. They were sure that I would marry him, and that he knew how to play all of his cards right. At the time, I saw him as merely a friend, and their comments awakened me to a whole new feeling, but they also ruined this simple felicity’

“I quickly found myself caring more and more for Charles. It was not immediate; it was in fact rather the opposite. In my heart, I knew that with enough time I would find myself deeply in love with him. The time my heart needed was not given to me. When I was just barely seeing him in this new light, he asked me to be his wife. Foolish as it was, my mind drifted back to what I had heard the courtiers talk about in the garden. I tried to make myself believe that he was only after me because of my crown’

“When I look back at that day, I realize that if that thought had not came into my head I would have married him. Instead, I made sure that he would never think about marrying me again. I listed to him all of my faults, and then fled to my room where I cried until the tears stopped coming.’

“He came to see me the next day, but I refused to go see him claiming that I had a headache. He kept on coming every day for three weeks. Finally, I sent him a letter that begged him to let go of any feelings he might have for me, and to not visit me again until he did. It was another two weeks before he came again. I had now had proper time to convince myself that I was over him,even though I am still not complete over him. He, on the other hand, had been very much upset for two weeks, and then moved on.’

“It was on one of his many trips back home from the palace that he realized this. He and Jacqueline had been friends for awhile because of their mutual friendship with me. Well, that day she was outside working when he rode by. He decided to pay her a little visit. Each day he would first come to see if I would talk to him, and then he would go see Jacqueline. When I sent the letter that pressed him not to come, he hardly minded at all.’

“He would simply go and visit Jacqueline the same way he use to visit me. Jacqueline still would come to see me, but she always seemed distracted. Never once did she mention Charles’ visit to her. Well, when Charles came to see me again Jacqueline was also visiting me. It was then that I saw how much they were in love although neither of them would admit it. Both came to me for counsel and I told them that I was convinced that their feelings were shared.’

“A week later, they approached me arm and arm while I was reading in the garden. They said that they had some rather important news to relay to me. They had become engaged. Charles had done it in a way much more romantic then the way he proposed to me. He had taken her to Amboise and while the sun was setting he confessed his love to her, and asked her to be his. She was a bit shocked, but very eager to comply and so they became engaged.’

“I had mixed feelings about the whole thing, but I played my part well. When they told me, I congratulated them and wished them many year of marital bliss. I held in all of my feelings just as father had me taught to do. I never thought I would be thankful for all the lessons father gave me, but that day I was. Once they had left, I went to my room and let out all of my tears. It was as if there was a waterfall in my room. After only a few minutes of crying, I made myself stop. I had been the one who had give up Charles. I had no right to be upset about it.’

“Since that day, I have refused to let myself cry about it. Well, if you do not count right now. Charles and Jacqueline come here daily and I do my best to share in their happiness. Both have tried to play matchmaker for me, but I am not eager in being matched. They do not push me because most of the time they are too caught up in each other. I really truly wish them the best, but some times I wish it was me instead of Jacqueline.”

Danielle pressed her face into her brother’s chest. The tears were now freely falling down her face. Through out her speak, they had fallen, but it was now an explosion of tears. Henry held her tight. He would have done anything possible to remove all the pain from Danielle. All he found that he could do was to tell her that everything would be all right in time.

Henry wanted to tell her so much more, but he did not dare to. He would most likely add to her pain by telling her the truth. Besides, his mother did not want for Danielle to know any sooner then she absolutely had to.

Danielle pulled away from Henry. Her tears had suddenly stopped. “Henry, what is it? You have a look on your face as if you have something that you need to tell someone and yet you do not dare. Something is wrong isn’t it? Is it one of our parents?”

Henry shook his head. “All is all right, Danielle. I was just merely thinking of how brave you have been since I left,” he lied. “I am very proud of you. You have proven yourself to be most noble.” He could tell by the look on her face that she was not buying it.

“Something about you had changed, Henry.” Danielle stared into her brother’s eyes. “There is more then one thing that you are not telling me. I can see it in your eyes.” Danielle stared into his eyes a bit more. Then she suddenly exclaimed, “You are in love, aren’t you? Pray tell who is the lucky lady? Did you meet her in England and is that why you stayed there longer then you said you would?”

Henry did not know what to say. A soft blush formed on his face. He should have known that Danielle would be able to figure things out. He would not let her find out the whole secret though because that would destroy him. “And so what if I am in love?”

Danielle hit him with a pillow. “Oh be fair Henry. I have poured my heart out to you the least that you could do is to do the same for me.” Danielle looked him in the eye, “You do not have to tell me her name, but merely tell me a bit about her. Please?”

“I suppose it is only fair that I do tell you a bit about my mystery women.” Henry thought for a moment before he spoke again. He had to make sure that he did not give away too much information. “Well, she is beautiful hair, and she is French nobleman. Let see, she is well learned and has the voice of an angel.” Here Henry stopped.

Danielle looked at him as if to ask if that’s all, but did not. She knew that she should be grateful for getting any information on him. “Well, from you description I have been able to narrow it done to any courtier who has a drop of French blood in her. Nevertheless, I am happy for you, and look forward to one day meeting her.”

Henry spoke quietly, “You already have.”

EA A Father’s Choice Part 11

Part 11

If he could have, Henry would have confronted him right then and there, but he could not do it. No matter how much he wanted to Henry would not allow himself to. Danielle meant the world to him and that last thing on Earth he wanted to do was hurt her. In privacy, he would have a little ‘chat’ with Charles.

Henry, understandably, did not sleep well. Most the night he spent in contemplation. He tried to read a book, but kept on having to read a sentence six times in order comprehend it. He wrote a letter to his father to tell him of his return. He gave it to one of the guards to give to his father. The letter also included that he was too fatigued from his journey to even think about begin up for breakfast.

Then, he wrote a letter to his dear friend Charles. He did his best to sound civil, and simply requested that Charles come to see him around ten the next day. Henry would have liked to have this conference take place sooner, but he wanted to make sure that Charles was awake for this. Eventually, he aloud himself to sleep for three hours in hopes that it would ensure that his mind was in a clear state.

When Marie heard that her son was home, she was afraid of his reasons. She had always thought him sensible, and hoped that he did not attend to come home to tell Danielle who she really was. Marie knew that whenever Danielle did find out it was not going to be easy to except. Her mind had come up with as many different reactions that were possible.

When Danielle heard Henry was home, she wanted to rush to her brother’s room to have a nice long talk. So much had happened in the last few months. She tried to communicate to him as much as she could in letters, but it was an impossible task. Her brother kept on changing his whereabouts, and by the time her letters reached where he was he would be gone.

At the door to his chambers, a guard informed her that no guests were to be admitted. Danielle could not help but be a little bit insulted. She was not a guest in her own home. “Surely,” she spoke, “he does not mean me, Sir. I am his sister as you surely know.” The guard told her that he was told that no one should be allowed in until after the Marquis had finished his visit.

Danielle stared at the man with a very puzzled expression on her face. Her thoughts were swiftly flowing her in her mind. “When had Charles become more important to Henry than she was? When had she suddenly become the outcast?” The guard offered her a chair in Henry’s sitting room, and she excepted it. The men, she presumed, must be in Henry’s study that while there were no doors connecting her to the study a wall did. If she listened closely, she would be able to over hear.

Charles spoke, “Why is there such formality between us? I was very baffled by your letter?”

Henry had his guest seated across the table from him. “I have been told that I have reason to congratulate you. I hear you are to take a bride. In fact, I saw you two in the garden as I came in last night.”

“Ah, why did you not stop and visit with me for awhile. I am sure she would not have minded the interruption of such a dear friend of mine.”

“My father has raised me well, I guess you could say.” Henry still had some of his humor with him. He did his best to sober his face. “I have a few questions to ask you. They may seem a little strange, but I need to make myself sure that you are doing the right thing. I hope you do not mind humbling a good friend?”

Charles made no arguments, so Henry felt at liberty to continue. “My first question to you is are you sure that you and your fiancée are truly right for each other? I mean does she the qualities that you desire in a wife, and you the qualities that she desires in a husband?”

“Of course. I will admit that she is not the best cook, and that she is not well trained in running a household, but she has other qualities. She does have a dear love for good books, not something that most girls of her age. I am very assured that she is pleased with me.”

Henry could not believe that he did not like Danielle’s cooking, but he would have to get over that. He sat in silence for a few moments. He had so many questions he wanted to ask, and yet part of him dared not to. “I have many things that I wished to ask you, but now none of them seem to be very important. Instead, I ask you but one more thing. I was curious to know if her title had anything to do with the fact you chose her.”

“I must admit that at first I thought it most undesirable to marry someone who was lower than me. How could I possible expect for her to comprehend what she should and not do? Fortunately, she had gone to boarding school where they had undone any work that might have been done on her by her mother.”

Henry looked truly insulted. “How can you say such a thing? Her mother is an angel.”

Charles looked at him. “Are you feeling all right? For I know for sure, that this women is no where near an angel. She is more like the devil. I was sure that you agreed with me on this point.”

Henry leaned over his desk and got right in Charles’ face. “First, you engage my sister and are going to steal her away from her home, then you insult her up bring, and now you insult my mother the Queen!”

Charles started to raise his voice. “I am not engaged to your sister.”

Henry raised his even louder, “Then why were you kissing her last night in the garden? Are you just using my sister like some kind of toy? Her feelings are not to be toyed with. Do you understand me?”

Charles started yelling at Henry, and Henry continued to yell back. Neither of them heard what the other was saying, but all the words easily heard by Danielle in the next room. Each insult made her feel as if someone had stabbed a dagger in her heart.

Quickly she arose, and hoped that she would catch the guard in the hall by surprise. She did, and was able to pull open the door and step in before the guard had a chance to stop her. She added her yelling voice to the other two, but neither of them noticed. Finally, she gave up on being heard and simply walked right up to where the argument was taking place. She put one finger gently over both of their lips and they settled down.

“Now I would like each of you to sit back down in your chairs.” They did. “Good. Now I would like to know what all of this yelling is about.” Both started to talk at the same time. Danielle gave them another stern look, and they once again closed their mouths. “I believe that there has been some simple misunderstanding, and I shall do my best to sort it out. Henry, will you tell me what this fight is about?

“He claims that he is not engaged to you when in a letter he wrote to me he said that he soon would be. It is horrible of him to lead you on if he does not really consider himself engaged to you.”

Danielle smiled. “I am glad that you are looking out for me Henry, but there is no need. What Charles says is right. We are not engaged, and never will become so.” Henry opened his mouth to speak, but she placed her finger over his lips again to silence him. “Charles is engaged to my dear friend Jacqueline.”

Reality set in. Henry immediately started to apologize. Charles accepted immediately. “If there is nothing further, I am over due on my visit to see Jacqueline.” Charles left, and Henry offered Danielle a seat on the couch.

“I guess I have to apologize to you too,” stated Henry.

“No, Henry. There is no need. Your statement was founded on truth. More truth then I would like to admit.” Danielle turned her face away from Henry. “Much more then I would like to admit.”

Henry stared at Danielle for a moment. She seemed to be much older then when he had left her. It was strange for him to look on her face now. For he no longer saw her as his sister but as the ultimate prize.

Another Quiz – mythical animals

Here’s another fun quiz.

Apparently I’m a …

A formidable creature half lion and half eagle, the griffin is said to be one thousand times stronger than any lion and five thousand times as arsighted as an eagle. It has a strange talent that when people are around it, they find themselves unable to lie. The griffin is also said to be feirce and untamed. It was a protecter against evil and people often wore talismans of a griffin’s claw to protect them from demons. Griffins were often used as trasport for the gods. They were also reputed to swoop down from the montains on occasion and pick up goats and small horses and bring them back to their nests for their young.
What mythical beast best represents you?Take the quiz!

To Have and To Hold, Chapter 19

Chapter 19

Danielle came down to breakfast the next morning to find two new surprises waiting for her, namely, Monique and Jean-Claude. She didn’t expect to see the two of them sitting there and was more upset that no one had told her that they would be.

She should have realized that if their parents were here the children couldn’t be too far behind.

Before she sat down, however, he father cornered her in the hallway.

“Let’s go into the kitchen, Danielle. We need to talk.”

The two of them walked into the deserted kitchen and Danielle sat down at the table. Auguste sat on the other side.

“You remember your cousin Monique, don’t you, Danielle?”

“Of course, Papa,” Danielle answered, “but why did you not tell me that they would be coming?”

Auguste smiled. “I thought you knew that. You are a smart girl after all.” He watched her eyes. “I actually thought that I told you, Danielle. I guess I must have forgotten that’s all. Please forgive me.”

Danielle smiled. “Of course, Papa,” she repeated. “She is my cousin after all.”

Auguste beamed. “This is wonderful. I knew you’d understand. Now I have another favor I must ask of you.”

“And what is that, Papa? You know that I would do anything for you.”

“Your aunt and uncle would like a favor, Danielle. When you go to see Henry today, could you please include Monique and Jean Claude on your adventures? Nothing would please me more.”

Danielle stared at her father. What was he asking of her, she wondered, and why?

She smiled as if it didn’t bother her. “You know I would do anything for you.”

Auguste smiled. He kissed her cheek. “Thank you, Danielle. I am very proud of you.” He put his arms around her and pulled her close. “You know that I love you.”

Danielle smiled and hugged him. “I love you, Papa,” was all she said.

Book-to-Movie Adaptations

Which movie do you think, either lived up to the book it was based on or surpassed it?

I think Wuthering Heights lived up to the book.
American Psycho surpassed the book. There were so many disgusting passages in it, a movie including any of that would’ve been unbearable.

My Big Fat Greek Wedding

This is one of the funniest films ever made!! I was laughing the entire time. Everyone who I have recommended it to, loves it. I think it was so funny, because you could really relate to it. Every ethinic culture has someone very similar to the characters in this movie.

There are so many scenes in here that bring back happy members of family members.

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