Odds: Jurassic Park Characters Returning, The Rock in Star Wars, and more, ‘Either/Or’ – Film Presidents Edition, Olympus Has Fallen Reviewed

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It’s been a slooooow news week, so on this episode of the GeekScholars Movie News podcast, the crew begin by playing one of their favorite games— ‘Never Tell Me the Odds’. The hosts weigh in on the probability that: old Jurassic Park characters return for Part IV, the Ryan Reynolds’  Deadpool movie gets made, and that The Rock gets a Fast and Furious spin off movie and/or he appears in Star Wars: Episode VII (which he’s been campaigning for). There’s also a new installment of ‘Either/Or’, with the theme this time around focusing on U.S. Presidents in film. Hit the jump for more! 

How do you choose between Paul Giamatti’s John Adams and Daniel Day Lewis’ Lincoln? Which president could kick more ass— Harrison Ford in Air Force One, or Bill Pullman in Independence Day? And did Michael Douglas play a more loveable commander-in-chief in The American President over Kevin Kline’s Dave? Listen in to the debates and weigh in with your own thoughts!

Finally, Fox and Jill weigh in with their spoiler-free review of Olympus Has Fallen.