Movie Screening: Want to see Sherlock Holmes?!


This is the one you’ve all been waiting for! We’re closing the year with a Bang! Our buds at Warner Brothers have given us a boatload of tickets for Sherlock Holmes! The screening will be at our top-secret location in Washington, DC, Monday, December 21st at 7:30 PM. SHERLOCK HOLMES In Theatres on Friday December 25.

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You have two ways to win, simply follow us on Twitter @eclipsemagazine and send a tweet saying you want to see the movie. I will email you the code to download your tickets. Or you can simply wait until Thursday, Dec 17th, I will post the Code on our Twitter account and later in the day the code will be posted here. Tell your friends, brothers, baby’s mammas. We want a packed house. Be warned, if you wait tickets will probably be gone by Tuesday so act fast. But really you need to sign up for our Twitter account, why? I don’t know it’s what all the cool kids are doing and you’ll be in the know about all the great EM Contests and awesome stories, as well as my live TV show tweets. If that’s not enough sometime next year I plan on giving away $500 in cash. Please leave a tweet about your Sherlock Holmes screening experience. If you aren’t convinced you want to see Sherlock Holmes, what’s wrong with you? Check out the full Synopsis and trailer.


Click here to check out the trailer.


In a dynamic new portrayal of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s most famous characters, “Sherlock Holmes” sends Holmes and his stalwart partner Watson on their latest challenge.  Revealing fighting skills as lethal as his legendary intellect, Holmes will battle as never before to bring down a new nemesis and unravel a deadly plot that could destroy the country.  The action-adventure mystery “Sherlock Holmes” is helmed by acclaimed filmmaker Guy Ritchie, for Warner Bros. Pictures and Village Roadshow Pictures.  Robert Downey Jr. brings the legendary detective to life, and Jude Law stars as Holmes’ trusted colleague, Watson, a doctor and war veteran who is a formidable ally for Sherlock Holmes.  Rachel McAdams stars as Irene Adler, the only woman ever to have bested Holmes and who has maintained a tempestuous relationship with the detective.  Mark Strong stars as their mysterious new adversary, Blackwood.  Kelly Reilly plays Watson’s love interest, Mary.


Warner Bros. Pictures presents, in association with Village Roadshow Pictures, a Silver Pictures Production, in association with Wigram Productions, a Guy Ritchie Film, “Sherlock Holmes.”  With a screenplay by Michael Robert Johnson and Anthony Peckham and Simon Kinberg, screen story by Lionel Wigram and Michael Robert Johnson, the film is produced by Joel Silver, Lionel Wigram, Susan Downey and Dan Lin.  Michael Tadross and Bruce Berman serve as executive producers.

10 thoughts on “Movie Screening: Want to see Sherlock Holmes?!”

  1. i’d really love to see this one also. i’m not really sure about how to twitter/tweet; i sent a tweet for the last movie you had passes for, Invictus, but didn’t hear anything back, which makes me think i didn’t do something right in sending my tweet. good thing i won passes from elsewhere for that one. i’ll try again tweeting you for tickets for Sherlock Holmes.

    1. I sent the code in an Email Newsletter that went out Thursday morning. Tickets went within a few minutes after that so I didn’t post the code on Twitter. Next year I do plan on using Twitter more than the newsletter so be sure to sign up. Our next screening will be the Book of Eli in mid january.

  2. wow! i never got an email newsletter from you; how do i sign up for the future? us “tweeters” were waiting for the code ’cause above you said send a tweet and you’d email us the code. after that you said you’d post on the twitter account and then post it here. i did get a pass from another source ’cause when i didn’t hear back from here, i went searching elsewhere. everyone here might not have been so blessed though to get a pass elsewhere. where do we sign up for email newsletters?

    1. Here’s the thing, when you register on the site, you automatically receive the Newsletter. The problem is over the last two months I experimented with an outsourced commenting system so I had no control over
      those – which is one of the reasons I killed it – beyond the ridiculous amount of spam I suddenly had to “manage.” So you may not have received the newsletter because of that. I’m not quite sure how to use Twitter
      in this fashion and I’m still learning. So sorry for the confusion, next year I will post the code on my twitter feed first because I really do want to get away from sending out the newsletter. Remind me in two weeks when I launch our
      promo for Book of Eli and I’ll try and make sure everyone who didn’t get a shot at Sherlock gets into Book of Eli.

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