Movie News: Terry Moore’s Comic ECHO to Become Feature Film


As Hollywood Studios continue their fascination with turning comic book’s into action movies, word out of the industry, via Variety Magazine is that Terry Moore’s comic ECHO is the latest in line to become a full length, big screen action movie. Echo has been optioned by Lloyd Levin, who was a producer on another graphic novel turned big screen movie, The Watchmen.

On his official blog Moore states that he is very happy to see this coming about and feels that this as his “foot in the door of Hollywood” and a jump point to get other projects taken to the big screen such as his highly acclaimed graphic novel, Strangers In Paradise.

In Echo, Moore tells the story of a young photographer Julie Martin. While doing a photo shoot in the desert, Julie is caught in the raining aftermath of the explosion of a high-tech, secret military battle suit. The liquid metal remnants of the suit pelt down on Julie and bond themselves to Julie’s skin causing an invincible breastplate to form, turning her into a living weapon. Julie becomes not only the target of the Army who wants their technology back, but the rest of the suit is out to find its missing pieces, and a mysterious older man has resorted to torturing and killing people in an attempt to locate her.

No casting has been made and no release date is set for ECHO as of yet so stay tuned for more details as they come to us.