More Super Trailers: The CW’s New Shows!

Containment Cast - Jim Fiscus

A premium cable half-hour pilot that becomes an hour-long musical comedy; an outbreak drama and a superhero/villain team-up – these are the new shows that The CW will bring before us over the 2015-16 season: Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, Containment (above) and DC’s Legends of Tomorrow.

Now there are trailers! Just follow the jump.

Apparently, the trailer is taking from the half-hour Showtime pilot that didn’t sell – but this still looks very much like a show that could thrive on The CW.

At first glance, this looks like any other plague outbreak movie/TV series – except that the cast is generally better looking. I’m not sure it offers that much that’s new, but it does seem to be very well done.

A girl with wings and a past lives complex; a deceased assassin; a pair of criminals, and a billionaire with more tech than he clearly knows what to do with. Plus half a hero – and his other half is combustible. Is this a team that can take on Vandal Savage – an evil immortal who commands the most devastating army the world has ever seen?

Rip Hunter, Time Master seems to think so (and Doctor Who’s Arthur Darvill rocks the Time Master!).

And this trailer is more pure fun than I could have hoped for. This could be really, really good.