Michelle’s in Vegas for CES!

Hey Everyone, it’s Sunday morning, I’m sitting here in my beautiful 1 bedroom suite, sipping on a cup of hot water (because there’s no tea) thinking about the best way to bring you all that is the biggest Consumer Electronics Show in the World – CES. I’ve been sick all week so I haven’t been able to properly plan EM’s coverage of the big show. But I’m finally feeling like a human being again and am ready to dive in. I’m going to be here until Tuesday, but don’t fret I’ll be able to get you everything you need in two days.  Today, I’m attending 12 Press Conferences – LG, Toshiba, Samsung, et all and tonight I’m attending a special 4 hour preview party.  Tomorrow, I’m walking the floor and attending the Blu-Ray bash.  So I’ll have plenty of images of all the hot toys and entertainment gadgets.  Be sure to check out our special CES page each night for the next few days to get a glimpse of the hot new gear.