Michelle’s Day 2 CinemaCon Recap! WonderWoman 1984, The Joker, 21 Bridges and more!

What up everyone, I’m here in Vegas for the annual National Association of Theater Owners (Confab) and it’s been a week of studio presentations, partays, music and most of all movies. The week kicked off with Neon giving us a sneak preview of their upcoming film Wild Rose, yesterday we had Presentations from STX Entertainment and Warner Brothers.

Today it’s Universal and Disney.  Sorry I’m not able to post as frequently this week, but internet is spotty at Best. I’ll be post as much as I can, starting with this video recap of Day 1. Over the next few days I’ll give you a run down of each studio’s presentation.  Full write up tonight or tomorrow.

CinemaCon Day 1 Recap!