Kit Harington Talks to Michelle about Pompeii and Game of Thrones!


A few years ago I had a chance to talk with Kit Harington for Silent Hill, at the time I’ll admit I did not recognize him from Game of Thrones – he looks really different out of his John Snow garb! Last week I had a chance to redeem myself and participated in a fun roundtable interview with him. He was definitely more relaxed and jovial this time around than when I first interviewed him.  Joining me for the discussion are my fellow film buds John Hanlon of and the Cinema Siren herself Leslie Combemale of & I think the headline here is he doesn’t understand what drives Internet Haters, he doesn’t do social networking and he remembered me!

Here are a couple of choice tidbits from the interview:

  • Harington is tired of the lame “Winter is Coming” jokes. Unless you can come up with something good give it a rest people.
  • He found it reassuring how well they did their research and felt it was emotionally moving after visiting the real Pompeii.
  • It was really important to him that the movie pays a certain amount of respect to those who died in Pompeii.
  • He came in from Thrones with a bit of an ego about how to use a Sword, but was shocked at how different the fighting was here. In Thrones the fights are over quickly, in this film it was more like a dance.
  • John Snow is driven by honesty, hope and righteousness, his character in Pompeii doesn’t believe in nothing, just death and revenge.
  • Paul WS Anderson taught him a level of detail that he never used before. For example he became obsessed over his costume and will no longer just accept the first costume he’s given.
  • He is an English trained actor and still uses his drama training. He works from Outside to find the inner character meaning who looks at things like costume, physicality, etc.
  • He doesn’t understand fanboy hate. There’s a lot of insipid, dangerous hate on the Internet and thinks it’s weak and cowardly. He has actor friends who has their confidence hurt by it. Is pretty passionate about this subject. He doesn’t do any social networking so all those Kit Harington Twitter and Facebook accounts are fake.
  • He remembered me!