It’s Not Paranoia If… Trailer: If There’s a Hell Below!

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A journalist looking for a juicy story; an NSA employee with a juicy story to leak. Someone knows they’re meeting.

If There’s a Hell Below is the latest low-fi thriller from Dark Sky Films. It will be available on home video on December 6th. Check out the trailer after the jump.

If There’s a Hell Below – Official Movie Trailer – (2016) – YouTube

Abe’s an ambitious young journalist hungry for a story that will launch his career. Debra works in national security and has a serious revelation to leak. In a few minutes, they will meet for the first time. In an hour, one of them will be dead.

Directed by Nathan Williams
Starring Carol Roscoe, Conner Marx, Mark Carr, Paul Budraitis

Dark Sky Films is the independent production company and distributor behind such modern classics as Ti West’s THE HOUSE OF THE DEVIL, THE INNKEEPERS, STAKE LAND, DEATHGASM, WE ARE STILL HERE, and more!

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