HBO Max Forms Film Production Arm!

I have to say after 3 months I’ve been really disappointed with Disney+ offerings. I really expected a lot more original content than just The Mandalorian and a bunch of gloried reality shows and documentaries. It looks like HBOMax is going the AppleTV+ route and going to have a lot of original content available either when it launches or shortly after. Now they have officially launched a brand new film production company called Warner Pictures Group.

Netflix and Amazon are killing it with their original movies and Warner Brothers is like hey, what about us? The goal is to produce 8 – 10 “mid budget” movies a year that will be exclusive to the HBO Max. But much like Amazon and Netflix, I won’t be surprise if some of these films don’t make it to theaters. I wonder if this mean I’ll get more Cinderella movies. Don’t judge!

HBOMax Launches Warner Bros Pictures Group. Image Provided by HBOMax PR

This new partnership will take advantage of the WarnerMedia organization’s vast feature film expertise, library, resources, and relationships, with Warner Max utilizing existing Warner Bros. Pictures infrastructure, including physical production.

Warner Bros. and New Line Cinema will continue to create mid-budget fare for traditional theatrical distribution, while Warner Max will create a new pipeline for filmmakers looking to make a particular type of film or connect with a specific audience that would be best reached in the streaming environment.

The first Warner Max titles will premiere on the service in 2020, and Warner Bros. will be responsible for distribution of these titles in all other media and territories beyond the HBO Max SVOD window.


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