FX Weekly No 1 – Clips from American Horror Story, The Bastard Executioner, Sex&Drugs&Rock&Roll, and Married!


Welcome to the first installment of FX Weekly where we’ll give FX Network fans a sneak peak at next week’s awesome shows! In the first installment we have several clips and tidbits from American Horror Story, Sex & Drugs & Rock and Married!

The Bastard Executioner
Premieres Sept 15

Accurate from 300 yards. Deadly as hell.  See how the iconic warbow featured in The Bastard Executioner is made.


American Horror Story
Premiere’s October 7thSocial Media Links

You don’t want to know what lurks in the corners of the Hotel Cortez.

Thursdays at 10pm

Gigi gets a huge record deal.  Bam and Rehab quit the band to become uber-hip EDM DJs.

Lots of guitars and … blue weed? Every day’s a party for SDRR’s prop master.


Thursdays, 10:30pm

Unfortunately, this conversation isn’t beneath either of them. Watch this SELECTED SCENE from Season 2, Episode 8 of Married.

Russ and Lina try to figure out who gets the kids if they die.