Four New Shows for Fox; Bubble Shows Lie to Me and Human Target Renewed!

According to a report from The Hollywood Reporter’ Live Feed blog, Fox has picked up four series for the 2010-11 season – and renewed bubble shows Lie to Me and Human Target.

human target

The network has selected Shawn Ryan’s latest police drama, RideAlong, and Texas drama Midland (likely retitled as Lone Star), as well as two single-camera comedies: Traffic Light and Keep Hope Alive.

RideAlong follows a rogue cowboy cop and the city’s first female police chief as they try to clean up the mean streets of Chicago. Midland is a dramatic soap about a con man in the oil industry. 

Greg Garcia’s single parent half-hour Keep Hope Alive and the male relationship comedy Traffic Light are expected to represent at least a one-hour comedy block for the network’s fall schedule. The network is also set to renew "Lie to Me" for a third season despite Ryan departing as showrunner.

Human Target will get a second season with new showrunner, Matt Miller (while first season showrunner Jonathan Steinberg remains an executive producer).

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  1. Why can’t we get a good old fashioned Soap like Dallas or Dynasty for once? All I’m asking for is just ONE. I’m tired of all the cop and hospital shows.

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