Exit Wounds – By Sean O’Connell

“”Exit Wounds,”” the resurrection vehicle for one-time action hero Steven Seagal proves once again that star producer Joel Silver (“”The Matrix””) really can morph crap into gold. In all honesty, the hard-hitting “”Wounds”” could be Seagal’s finest film ever – for what that’s worth.

After single-handedly preventing an assassination in the film’s explosive opening, renegade cop Orin Boyd (Steven Seagal) receives a demotion to Detroit’s seediest precinct. Instead of fitting in, Boyd uncovers a web of corruption involving confiscated heroin that goes right up his chain of command. And at the center of the crime ring is Latrell Walker (rap superstar DMX), an Internet mogul and the only man Boyd can trust. Eager to please, Seagal does everything shy of rising from the dead in the ultra-violent “”Wounds.”” More superhero than man, the newly slim (well, slimmer) actor destroys helicopters, evades hand-held power saws and dodges bullets. But he also takes anger management classes, effectively ushering the “”tough guy”” role into the new millennium. What we’re left with is an aging action star with more charisma then Sly, but less magnetism then Arnold. Seagal’s resurrection might not last longer then this film, but “”Wounds”” manages to be a superior successor to the testosterone flicks of the 1980s. Grade: BTHE EXTRASConsidering the stylish direction behind “”Wounds,”” I was surprised to see director Andrzej Bartkowiak skipped out on providing a commentary. Still, you can learn more about the film’s production via a “”Behind The Scenes”” doc. The “”Wounds”” disc also gives props to co-star DMX’s alternate career by presenting the artist’s “”No Sunshine”” music video.The DVD’s third feature, entitled “”A Day On the Set With Anthony Anderson,”” may be a bit tougher to sit through. Anderson’s raunchy humor, delivered at the highest decibels, is an acquired taste. He serves up some punchy jokes over the film’s credits (with co-star Tom Arnold), but here he’s best taken in small doses.The rest of the disc is packed with promotional material, including the film’s theatrical trailer.Grade: C+OVERALL EXPERIENCEIf you enjoyed the movie, “”Wounds”” is a good buy. The extras don’t make it a necessity, but the film is entertaining enough. In the long line of Seagal “”thrillers,”” this one ranks high on the list, and could even win over non-fans who gave up on the kicker after “”Under Siege.””Final Grade: B