Exclusive – No Xena on Blu-ray anytime Soon According to Lucy Lawless


As someone who just started watching Xena on Netflix last year, the one thing I dreamed of was watching the show in glorious HD. Let’s face it the quality of the DVDs and Netflix stream are pretty bad. I had a chance to talk to the great Lucy Lawless about her new gig as a Witch on Salem Season 2 – which premieres April 5th on WGN.

At the end of our talk, I asked her if she thinks Xena will ever come out on Blu-ray and her response was she didn’t believe so, or at least there weren’t any plans as far as she knows. Going on to say that considering the way it was filmed, she didn’t think it would ever come out. But then she also didn’t quite know how remastering works – so maybe there’s a chance.