Ellen and Kara Booted from American Idol!

Ellen Degeneres made the announcement official, she is leaving American Idol. TMZ is reporting that Kara Dioguardi is also out (although that announcement isn’t official)? leaving the Dog Pound and Randy Jackson the last man standing. Yo, Dog, that’s hot! Not. Ellen said she had trouble criticizing the singers and in her official statement that the show wasn’t a good fit for her. I, personally, thought she and Simon were the ONLY things I liked about last season. Rumor has it they are going with J. Lo and Steven Tyler to be the new Judges.  Yes they have the music cred but do they really have the personality to be reality TV Show judges for 20 some odd weeks? I don’t think so.  Unless EM can find someone to follow IDOL next year, I doubt we’ll have the snarky weekly coverage you expect from us, because I bailed on the show.