El Rey Network Announces 2nd Annual SeriousLee Bruce Marathon!

Fist of Fury

If you’re looking for some action on the Memorial Day long weekend, you need look no further than El Rey Network’s SeriousLee Bruce Marathon – five classic kung fu movies starring the one and only Bruce Lee.

The kung fu fun begins at 6 am (ET), Saturday, May 28th and continues through to 3:45 am (ET) on Monday, May 30th. Follow the jump for the complete schedule.

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Tune in to El Rey Network’s 2nd annual “SeriousLee Bruce Marathon” featuring ball-busting favorites WAY OF THE DRAGON, THE GAME OF DEATH, THE BIG BOSS, FIST OF FURY, and CIRCLE OF IRON which will begin Saturday, May 28 at 6:00 AM ET and continuing through Memorial Day on Monday, May 30 until 3:45 AM ET.

Grab your nunchakus and join Bruce Lee as he avenges his family and defends his honor one kung-fu punch at a time.

El Rey Network’s SeriousLee Bruce Marathon Schedule

SATURDAY May 28, 2016

6:00 AM ET                 “THE GAME OF DEATH”

8:00 AM ET                 “THE BIG BOSS”

10:15 AM ET               “FIST OF FURY”

12:45 PM ET               “WAY OF THE DRAGON”

2:45 PM ET                 “CIRCLE OF IRON”

4:45 PM ET                 “THE BIG BOSS”

7:00 PM ET                 “FIST OF FURY”

9:00 PM ET                 “WAY OF THE DRAGON”

11:15 PM ET               “THE BIG BOSS”

1:30 AM ET                 “CIRCLE OF IRON”

3:30 AM ET                 ““FIST OF FURY”

SUNDAY May 29, 2016

6:00 AM ET                 “CIRCLE OF IRON”

8:00 AM ET                 “FIST OF FURY”

10:30 AM ET               “WAY OF THE DRAGON”

12:30 PM ET               “GAME OF DEATH”

2:30 PM ET                 “THE BIG BOSS”

4:45 PM ET                 “FIST OF FURY”

7:15 PM ET                 “CIRCLE OF IRON”

9:15 PM ET                 “FIST OF FURY”

11:45 PM ET               “GAME OF DEATH”

1:45 AM ET                 “WAY OF THE DRAGON”

4:00 AM ET                 “CIRCLE OF IRON”

MONDAY May 30, 2016

6:00 AM ET                 “THE BIG BOSS”

8:15 AM ET                 “GAME OF DEATH”

10:15 AM ET               “WAY OF THE DRAGON”

12:15 PM ET               “FIST OF FURY”

2:45 PM ET                 “CIRCLE OF IRON”

4:45 PM ET                 “GAME OF DEATH”

6:45 PM ET                 “WAY OF THE DRAGON”

9:00 PM ET                 “THE BIG BOSS”

11:15 PM ET               “FIST OF FURY”

1:45 AM ET                 “WAY OF THE DRAGON”

3:45 AM ET                 “THE BIG BOSS”


A kung-fu fighter (Bruce Lee) avenges his relatives, slain by their gangster boss.


Chen Zhen (Bruce Lee) has left his homeland of China and relocated to stay with family in Thailand. Chen, who swore to his mother that he would avoid violence in his new life and even wears a necklace to remind himself of this oath, is tested when he confronts trouble at his job. When he finds out the factory he works at is a cover for a drug ring, and his family members are murdered by members of the gang, he can avoid fighting no more and decides to confront his corrupt boss.


An Asian (Bruce Lee) in Rome uses whirling “nunchakus” on a gang and fights a karate champ (Chuck Norris) in the coliseum.


In a mystical desert kingdom, young martial arts fighter Cord (Jeff Cooper) loses a contest to determine who will journey to take the powerful Book of All Knowedge from Zetan (Christopher Lee), an evil wizard. Despite his lack of a sponsor, Cord’s rule-breaking nature leads him to try retrieving the book anyway. Help is offered by a mysterious blind man (David Carradine) who gives advice as Cord fights his way through multiple opponents, discovering more about himself as he gets closer to Zetan.


An actor (Bruce Lee) shot by gangsters fakes his death, has plastic surgery and seeks kung-fu revenge.

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