DVD REVIEW: The Sarah Silverman Program: Season 2, Volume 2 – Whimsically Shocking Series is Hit or Miss!


Sarah Silverman is an actor/stand-up comic who looks like an especially pretty girl next door while writing material that can best be described as whimsically shocking. How else to explain an episode of her The Sarah Silverman Program that weds a low-budget animated Little Mermaid spoof with bedwetting?

The Sarah Silverman Program stars Silverman as a highly fictitious version of herself, along with sister Laura Silverman as an equally fictitious version of herself; Brian Posehn and Steve Agee as gay couple Steve and Brian, and Jay Johnson as Laura’s cop boyfriend Jay. Each week, the four find themselves in bizarre takes on life that are – to say the least – unexpected and frequently shocking.

Other eps that push the envelope include There’s No Place Like Homeless [in which a homeless man persuades Sarah that the homeless life is one of good times and frolic], Making New Friends [Sarah decides her friends are boring and fires them, selecting new friends at random] and Fetus Don’t Fail Me Now [Sarah’s not bloated – she’s pregnant!].

Depending on your particular sense of humor, some of ten eps included should tickle your fancy but others probably won’t [Sarah decides to marry her dog, Doug?]. You might Sarah’s baby worth a laugh, or it might make you think, “What the…?” Your might find Sarah’s firing of her friends following a PowerPoint presentation to be terrible or hilarious.

The thing is that The Sarah Silverman Program is a micro-budgeted series, so they tend to make up for lack of budget with creative, outside the box thinking – which is a natural fit with Silverman’s unusual sense of humor.

I enjoyed six if the ten eps and found the other four to be pretty much a waste of the space/time continuity. Your mileage may vary.

Features: Disc One: Odds ‘n Ends: 125 Slates; Steve & Sarah: Welcome to the Blog; Trailer. Special Features: Lazer Rage; Working With Gary Marshall; The New Friend Song; Finding New Friends; The show Gets High; The Osamas; Eggnog Brothers; Being a Mermaid; Trapped on an Escalator; Trapped in the Bathroom; Sarah’s Baby’s Birth; The Fake Words, and audio Commentaries [by various Cast, directors and/or Writers] On Every Episode. Disc Two: Three Webisodes and audio commentaries [by Various Cast, directors and Writers] On Every Episode.

Grade: The Sarah Silverman Program: Season 2, Volume 2 – B-

Grade: Features A+

Final Grade: B