Does Virtual Reality Make You Sick? Here’s why…

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Wearable technology is all the rage and virtual reality headsets sold incredibly well over the Christmas period of 2017 (mainly due to Sony doing a very attractive package).

The whole aim of virtual reality is to forget the computer, headgear and any other accessories you might have and become totally immersed in the VR environment. Once this has been achieved then there are no boundaries like those you find on television or on your computer screen, as no wonder you look on the screen when wearing the headset your face goes with you.

This means you can be sitting or standing in your living room and feel as if you are sitting or standing on the other side of the world or even playing at one of the high-end casinos like Conquer Casino enjoying your favourite games like roulette or blackjack, slots or on of the many instant games and get the full thrill of all the action and excitement you would expect.

But for some people wearing a VR headset can bring on the feeling of nausea and dizziness much like that of motion sickness.

The problem with VR sickness is the feeling described above as well as headaches and sweating and, in some cases, actual vomiting is that they can last for hours after the initial feelings began.

This can put many people off using their VR headsets, but before you decide to pack your kit away and either sell it or consign it to the back of your wardrobe there are some things that you can do to combat those awful symptoms.

Firstly, remember that your eyes are telling your brain that you are moving, whilst your body is telling you that you are either sitting or standing, and this on its own can trigger feelings of disorientation.

Breaking yourself into a virtual reality environment can help stop those nauseous feelings, and that means that you play on your game for only a few minutes at a time, slowly extending the period spent in VR.

Taking plenty of breaks can also help as it is easy to spend too much time in VR when you are immersed in another world and remember too to eat and drink regularly so you do not become dehydrated.

Using the teleport option on your game instead of the locomotion option will help to alleviate the symptoms of motion sickness as with breathing correctly.  Breathing correctly might sound silly advice but when we become excited as we do in a virtual reality game then we tend to breathe in a shallow manner, something that deprives our brains of oxygen, so remembering to breathe correctly can also help alleviate any nausea.