Do Celebrity Casino Endorsements Matter?

The trend of celebrity endorsements is increasing for casino games like sbobet88. Some people like to see the face of their favorite stars appearing on the ads of the casinos. As every aspect of life has its own pros and cons, so this policy of endorsements has. One may wonder if this policy of advertisement attracts new gamblers, how it could have flaws. Even one ponder do Celebrity Casino Endorsements Matter? Some facts may be taken into consideration while discussing this matter. help with my professional phd essay on presidential elections personal lubricant plus viagra british library thesis health care bill provides viagra for sex offenders stigmatic uniforms essay go site moonbase alpha text to speech standalone best descriptive essay ghostwriter service for university leeds uni dissertation binding navneet essay book in english essay based exam self introduction for sales job interview skm dissertationspreis watch get link business and the environment essay topics curl up in bed viagra actress a essay sample example free cialis iyimi viagra nereden alabilirim green marketing research donde comprar viagra usa brutus was an honorable man essay celebrex generic drug metformin gluten free Famous Faces

Most celebrities get into the news for the wrong reasons relating to casinos than endorsing them. For casino adverts, the company should strictly adhere to the stringent laws and regulations of the state. Endorsements do not only mean appearing in the advertisement. The reason behind celebrity endorsement is the hefty fees they charge for appearing in the advertisement, not because of love or loyalty of that particular casino.

Paris Hilton, the famous American hotel heiress, and celebrity appeared in an advertisement for the casino. She appeared with Verne Troyer, the famous American artist, humorist, and stunt performer who played Mini-Me in Austin power film series. Other famous faces endorsed casino adverts include Robert De Niro; Martin Scorsese. They appeared for a hefty fee of US$8 million each at the inauguration ceremony of a Chinese casino worth US$2 billion owned by Lawrence Ho and James Packer.

Do these Endorsements work?

There are no hard facts to find celebrity casino endorsements attract new players or not. Endorsements by famous people for other industries are effective in increasing sales and profit for the company. Dr. Mark Griffiths, Professor of Nottingham Trent University, states the psychology of natural association draws new players to casinos that put up celebrity advertisements. The endorsements should be formulated to make new players suppose they have some prior knowledge about the casino before they really start playing it. People have inbuilt faith about these celebrities and tend to accept as true what they endorse.

There are cases when celebrity endorsements went dreadfully wrong; UKs` National Lottery is the best example. Comedian Billy Connolly was hired to promote the event f lotto. The thought was fine, but citizens of the UK were aggravated by Connolly`s lotto advertisement. Eventually, the sale decreased to a significant level. A thoughtful plan should be made before implementing an endorsement by a celebrity. The celebrity’s image and reputation must go hand in hand with the casino’s brand and image. A celebrity endorsement should stir assurance and conviction in new players and should depict gambling in an optimistic way.

Summing up

Celebrity endorsement might not have an impact on sales and attracting new players. A UK marketing survey exhibits a regular approach of advertising like loyalty, promotion, special offers; freebies have more impact on existing and new players than celebrity endorsements. Excellent customer care and fast transfer of jackpots enhance brand loyalty of casinos. The risk of celebrity advertisement to create the perception of casinos is that the star may not be that popular after few days for unwanted reasons. In some cases, the endorsement may not have any effect on the market, resulting in only a large sum of money spent.