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It is 1996. Pulitzer prize winning journalist Gary Webb publishes “Dark Alliance”, which reveals that the CIA is secretly allowing major drug dealers to smuggle cocaine into the US and using  profits from those drug sales to fund arm rebels fighting in Nicaragua.  The government is not pleased.  Soon, the triumph becomes more than he bargains for.  No, this is not fiction.  This is real life.  Actor/producer Jeremy Renner leads an all star cast in this brilliantly made film directed by Michael Cuesta.  Michael took time to chat about “Kill The Messenger” which hit theatres on Oct. 10, 2014.

Kill The Messenger 10-8-14

Award winning Michael Cuesta came to the forefront in 2001 as director, screenwriter, and producer for “L.I.E.” a film that garnered six Independent Spirit Awards, including best feature and best director.  He went on to direct for such shows as “Six Feet Under”, “Dexter”, “True Blood”, “Blue Bloods”, and “Elementary”.  He received multiple nominations for best director of “Homeland” – Emmy and DGA, to name few. He won a 2012 Emmy as executive producer for outstanding drama series for “Homeland”.

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(Left to right) Michael Cuesta, Michael Sheen, Jeremy Renner

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Having worked on “Homeland”, Michael Cuesta is no stranger to working on stories with a political element.  During a roundtable interview with reporters, including myself, he states he was drawn to this project after reading the script and being taken by the fact Gary was “taken down by his own kind.”   He spoke about the challenge of making this film, talking with the real Mrs. Sue Webb, and further details on what actually happened to Gary, including his own personal thoughts on conspiracy theories about this unforgettable reporter.   Check out the interview below for a behind the scenes look of “Kill The Messenger”.


“Some stories are just too true to tell.”

I personally loved this story.  It brings up several questions.  Are reporters truly free to write the truth?  What is the truth? And when does doing “the right thing” of following one’s idealism end up being “the wrong thing” when the very foundation that you believe in crumbles?

Don’t miss this film when it comes out. As always, great directing by Michael Cuesta.  Actor Jeremy Rheiner delivers another brilliant performance. And the rest of the cast nails it.  It will tug at your heart strings.  “Kill The Messenger” is currently in theatres nationwide.

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