Comic Con 2010: The Madness, The Horror, The Smells, The Fun!! EM’s Coverage Plans

Your fearless leader is not attending Comic Con this year (I’m going to do New York and Baltimore CC instead), but EM will have a presence at the show courtesy of our own intrepid reporters Marla Reed and Brian Sittner who recently launched his own cool website WhargarbleTV . Marla’s being secretive about some of her great gets this year. But we’ll have most of the big parties covered, Tron, Supernatural, lots of SyFy, USA Networks, The Expendables, news from the anticipated panels like NBC’s The Event,  AMC’s Walking Dead and other surprises. But sadly, I don’t have any relationship with Fox TV so no Glee! I’ll of course be giving you a bunch of my comments from the comfort of my chair in DC as well.  Follow our Tweets at Plus there will be tons of Comic and Game news over the next few days. So I’ll be posting as much stuff as I can and Marla and Brian will be providing daily wrap ups and then a bunch of exclusives – probably next week.

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  1. First of all I have to thank Michelle for letting be a part of Eclipse Magazine; it’s been an honor so far.
    Now I must make a little correction in regards to what Michelle said towards the other site. Yes I am part of a website called WhargarblTV but I am not the creator. WhargarblTV was founded by Jason “Midnyte” Balbuena. I’ll continue to talk about WhargarblTV in future posts. Keep checking back with Eclipse Magazine for more articles from the great writers here.

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