Clone Club Trailer: Orphan Black: Season 3!

Season 3 Cast

BBC America’s Orphan Black is one of the most complex, offbeat and entertaining shows on TV. With Season Three fast approaching, the network has finally released a full teaser trailer that is a shot of pure adrenaline. Check it out after the jump.


Starring the award-winning Tatiana Maslany in her breakout roles

“We do terrible things for the people we love”

New York – March 2, 2015 – You can’t choose your family…or can you? BBC AMERICA’s original drama Orphan Black, starring Tatiana Maslany in multiple roles, returns April 18. The groundbreaking series’ second season brought new enemies to light, culminating in a shocking finale which revealed a new line of militaristic male clones, played by Ari Millen. Season three plunges the clone sisterhood, Project Leda, into unexpected territory with the realization that they’re not alone. Orphan Black returns Saturday, April 18, 9:00pm ET on BBC AMERICA.

After neutralizing the threat by the DYAD Institute (the company that monitored them) – Sarah, Helena, Cosima and Alison (Maslany) are finally all united in their journey towards the truth of who and what they are. But new discoveries that include Helena’s kidnapping, a book that could contain the answers to their existence and the most shocking discovery of them all – a set of treacherous male clones with an unknown agenda – will test how tight their new bonds are.

No sooner has Sarah caught her breath after a stealthy escape from DYAD and the ruthless clone Rachel (Maslany), she is called upon to face the crazed, captive Castor clone, Rudy (Millen). But it is the discovery of Helena’s disappearance that spurs Sarah into action, rallying her sisters in the quest to reunite their clone family, and find peace once and for all.

Their greatest threat is a band of highly trained soldiers – identical brothers dubbed Project Castor. Unlike the sisterhood, Mark, Rudy, Seth, Miller and others (Millen) grew up together, fully aware of who and what they are. Developed by the military, this wolf pack was raised as regimented clones – singular in thought, movement and allegiance. Hell-bent on kicking up dirt, they’re dispatched to tackle their mission from all sides. But differences in approach betray cracks in their armor, and may be the very thing the sisters need to escape their clutches.

The sisters will need all the help they can get. With Cosima’s fluctuating health and no known cure for the mystery illness that ails her, she is holding onto life by a thread while nursing a broken heart left by her scientist lover Delphine (Evelyne Brochu).  Can she find a cure in time to save herself and her sisters? As the turbulent world of Alison turns, she faces fresh suburban woes and new marital challenges with lovable oaf of a husband Donnie (Kristian Bruun). How far will Alison go to keep up the façade of her cookie cutter life?  Sarah’s torn between her desire for a life with daughter Kira (Skyler Wexler) and Kira’s father Cal (Michiel Huisman) and the urge to protect her foster family – loyal and feisty brother Felix (Jordan Gavaris) and mother Mrs. S (Maria Doyle Kennedy). But Mrs. S’s betrayal may cause her to turn her back on the only mother she’s known.

The hits keep coming for the girls but their commitment to this new family is as important as ever. No clone can do it alone, and Sarah must align with unlikely bedfellows in order to take on what is yet to come… and hopefully, discover the truth – her truth – along the way. How far are they willing to go to save each other and protect their families?

Co-created by Graeme Manson and John Fawcett, with Manson also serving as writer and Fawcett as director, the Peabody Award-winning drama also stars Dylan Bruce as Paul, an army officer working for secret forces in the clone world, Kevin Hanchard as Art, a detective caught in the clone trap and Zoe De Grand’Maison as Gracie, a Prolethean escapee.  Guest-starring this season will be Justin Chatwin as Jason Kellerman, a neighborhood dealer, James Frain as Ferdinand, a cleaner sent to Dyad and Ksenia Solo as Shay, a new woman in Cosima’s life.

Orphan Black is produced by Temple Street Productions in association with BBC AMERICA and Bell Media’s SPACE. The original drama is executive produced by Ivan Schneeberg and David Fortier of Temple Street Productions. The international hit series is distributed by BBC Worldwide and can be seen in more than 170 countries.

The first two seasons of BBC AMERICA’s Orphan Black are on VOD, streaming on Amazon Prime, and available to purchase on digital platforms as well as Blu-ray/DVD.

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Sarah and the Leda clones: Tatiana Maslany (WomAn in Gold, Parks and Recreation)

Felix: Jordan Gavaris (The Sea of Trees, Degrassi)

Mark/Rudy/Seth/Miller: Ari Millen (12 Monkeys, Reign)

Paul: Dylan Bruce (Arrow, Flowers in the Attic)

Mrs. S: Maria Doyle Kennedy (Downton Abbey, Dexter)

Delphine: Evelyne Brochu (Tom at the Farm, Inch’Allah)

Art: Kevin Hanchard (Suits, Take the Lead)

Kira: Skyler Wexler (Carrie, Alphas)

Donnie: Kristian Bruun (Murdoch Mysteries)

Cal: Michiel Huisman (Wild, Game of Thrones)

Mother (Dr. Coady): Kyra Harper (Warehouse 13)

Gracie: Zoe De Grand’Maison (Rookie Blue)


Jason Kellerman: Justin Chatwin (Shameless, Weeds)

Ferdinand: James Dominic Frain (Intruders, True Blood)

Bulldog: Earl Pastko (Murdoch Mysteries)

Shay: Ksenia Solo (Black Swan)

Co-Creator/Executive Producer/

Director: John Fawcett

Co-Creator/Executive Producer/

Writer: Graeme Manson

Directors: John Fawcett, David Frazee, Chris Grismer, Helen Shaver, Ken Girotti, Aaron Morton, Vincenzo Natali

Executive Producers: Ivan Schneeberg, David Fortier

Co-Executive Producers: Kerry Appleyard, Russ Cochrane

Producer: Claire Welland



SARAH (Tatiana Maslany) is the lynchpin that holds clone club together.  Last to know she is a clone, the born outsider is a natural chameleon who’s able to adapt to any new situation she is faced with.  But Sarah finally has the family she believes she deserves – a band of clone misfits, intent on finding the truth behind their existence.  As she leads the charge to find the truth, and protect those she loves, she learns they are not alone.  A new, malevolent line of male clones appear on the scene with unknown intentions. Now, Sarah must fight tooth and nail to keep her family intact and safe from new enemies.

HELENA (Tatiana Maslany), the Ukrainian wildcard, has been newly accepted into clone club.  Sarah’s identical twin estranged at birth and raised by nuns in an oppressive and harsh convent, Helena’s feral and aggressive nature makes roguish Sarah look like a wallflower. However, her abusive and neglect-filled upbringing made her easy prey.  Kidnapped and impregnated by the clone-hating Proletheans, Helena escaped and found her way back to her ‘seestra’ Sarah.  After a bloody start, the two developed a connection and Sarah firmly planted Helena’s place amongst the family.  Now, Helena is poised to join her sisters in the fight against overwhelming and dangerous enemy factions. But will betrayal force her to revert to her old ways?

ALISON (Tatiana Maslany) is a most unusual suburban wife.  Married to Donnie Hendrix, and (adoptive) mother of Oscar and Gemma, her yoga pant-wearing, craft-making, soccer-coaching exterior is a smooth front for who she really is; a pill-popping, gun-toting, alcohol addicted murderer and adulterer.  But after Donnie comes clean about his own clumsy murder, the two find a lost passion in their commiserating. Now sober and recommitted to ‘Team Hendrix’, Alison intends to keep her eye on the prize: helping her sisters and keeping her family safe. But suburban life is never as quiet and simple as you might expect and Alison will soon find her world filled with new pesky obstacles.

COSIMA (Tatiana Maslany) is the cosmic geek and PhD student in Experimental Evolutionary Development Biology who helps her clone sisters make sense of the science behind their existence. After getting embroiled in a steamy and sometimes dangerous love affair with the enemy – Dyad scientist, Dr. Delphine Cormier – Cosima’s life is even more complicated.  She has a congenital respiratory illness unique to the Leda clones and is obsessively driven to get to the truth of their biology.  Cosima hopes to free them from their collective (and fatal) destiny through newly discovered research, but will she be strong enough to continue the fight to save them and ultimately herself?


MARK (Ari Millen), one of the newly discovered Castor clones, was a loyal follower of the late Prolethean leader Henrick Johanssen. When the Prolethean Ranch was burned down by Helena, Mark vanished with Johanssen’s waifish daughter Gracie, who he’d fallen deeply in love with. But as one of many male clones created by the military, the question remains, who is Mark?  Why was he with the Proletheans?  And in the face of this newfound love, where do his allegiances lie?

RUDY (Ari Millen), aka Scarface, is the often brutal and crazed Castor clone with a sleek mohawk and a menacing scar that adds to his intimidating exterior. Raised under the military’s unforgiving supervision, Rudy is a trained master fighter. Possessing a fierce loyalty to his clone brothers that matches Sarah’s conviction, he is ruthless and lethal if put to the test. Just how far is he willing to go to save those he’s sworn to protect?

SETH (Ari Millen) is a mustachioed Castor brother who may not be the sharpest clone in the pack. But what Seth lacks in smarts, he makes up for in obedience to his superiors, and admiration for his elder brother, Rudy — who sometimes uses Seth’s devotion to sway and manipulate him.

MILLER (Ari Millen) is the spit-and-polish Castor soldier with a prosthetic leg. No longer assigned missions in the field, Miller is bitter but loyal. Refusing self-pity, he focuses his efforts on climbing the officer ranks.


FELIX (Jordan Gavaris) is Sarah’s take-no-prisoners foster brother. A struggling artist with sass, he has a store of sugar daddies at his beck and call.  Though he may be caustic and dramatic, Felix is wise beyond his 23 years. But his quick-witted tongue can land him, and those around him, in hot water. The only male member of clone club, his fierce loyalty to Sarah extends to her new family of clones.  But as Sarah’s most trusted confidante, how far would he go to protect her, even if it’s from her new found family?

MRS. S (Maria Doyle Kennedy) is Sarah and Felix’s duplicitous foster mother.  A mother hen figure whose compassion is matched only by the ‘hard love’ she dishes out, Mrs. S has also been the caretaker of Sarah’s daughter Kira. Her sole focus was keeping Kira safe from the wild ways and questionable acquaintances of her rebellious mother. But Sarah’s new found family has caused Mrs. S to make decisions to protect Sarah and Kira: trading Helena to Paul and his military network in order to spare them. Remaining connected to an underground organization of activists who don’t shy away from violence when necessary, Mrs. S will need all the help she can get when Sarah finds out what she’s done. What will the ramifications of her decisions mean for the family she’s fought to protect for over 20 years?

KIRA (Skylar Wexler), an anomaly in the Leda clone world, was born of the should-be sterile Sarah Manning. Though much-loved by Sarah and the entire clone family, Kira wasn’t always the center of Sarah’s world. Mostly raised by Mrs. S, she’s now in the middle of the clone conspiracy because Sarah couldn’t have picked a worst time to re-commit herself to motherhood.  Kira’s been kidnapped, learned who her father is, and suffered pain to help her clone Aunt Cosima. But as turbulent as Kira’s world is, she possesses a calm that speaks to an inherent wisdom that at times seems to verge on the metaphysical.

CAL (Michiel Huisman) is the father of Sarah’s daughter, Kira. Once a high-earning tech pro, Cal went ‘off the grid’ after his talents were co-opted by corporate and military agendas. When Sarah crashes back into his life, his emotions are reignited and he puts his newfound family front and center. But is he ready to be the father and partner Kira and Sarah need him to be? Or will his secret past topple the peaceful existence he’s trying to construct for himself?

DONNIE (Kristian Bruun) is Alison’s bumbling, slightly overweight, but generally harmless husband who has been doubling as her monitor. Often emasculated and kept under Alison’s thumb, Donnie discovered a new side of himself after accidentally offing Dyad scientist, Dr. Leekie. Having gained (some) respect from his controlling, Type A wife after proving his mettle, Donnie is feeling more assertive and manly than we’ve ever seen him.  With Alison recommitted to their marriage, Donnie doesn’t take ‘Team Hendrix’ lightly.  And as far as he’s concerned, nothing else matters, that is unless Alison says otherwise…

ART (Kevin Hanchard) is a veteran detective and former partner to late clone Beth who has become unwittingly engulfed in the clone conspiracy. A man who never likes to leave a mystery unsolved, Art was suspended from the force after pursuing the Sarah/Beth case despite repeated warnings to drop it. Now back on the force, Art remains haunted by the loss of his partner Beth, and thus loyal to her ragtag band of sisters.


PAUL (Dylan Bruce) is the late clone Beth’s boyfriend and monitor. An attractive, stoic soldier, Sarah fell into Paul’s arms (and bed) after assuming Beth’s identity. But Paul’s ever-shifting loyalties changed once he became pro-clone Rachel’s monitor and lover.  The “softer side” he’d shown Sarah stripped away to reveal a more calculating, deceptive character who is working undercover with the military.  Now Paul’s true loyalties have left everyone wondering whose side he’s really on.

  1. COADY ‘MOTHER’ (Kyra Harper) is a driven doctor and advisor to the military who oversees a brood of unhinged killers she treats as her sons. Coady is outwardly the soul of reason, but her maternal, nurturing manner to the Castor boys conceals an agenda that even her superiors do not suspect.


DELPHINE (Evelyne Brochu) is a French expat and brilliant Dyad doctor and scientist, who first appeared as Cosima’s monitor. But after getting close to her, Delphine fell hard and the two began a complicated affair that blossomed into genuine and heartfelt love. As their relationship deepened, Delphine proved herself to be a steadfast support to her ailing lover. But an unintended betrayal, and deployment to Dyad’s German office, put the “Co-Phine” relationship on the rocks.

JASON KELLERMAN (Justin Chatwin) is the roguishly handsome, street-smart, yet well-mannered gent who is comfortable inhabiting his maleness. Effortlessly charismatic, he’s a savvy businessman… and finds himself entangled with the unlikeliest of characters.

FERDINAND (James Frain) is a well-educated, cool to the touch, charming and intimidating, “cleaner.” A powerful player in a secretive, multi-national cabal, he acts with questionable ethics and a ruthless modus operandi. His association with the Dyad Institute could mean big trouble for the Leda clones.

SHAY (Ksenia Solo), a beautiful, soulful woman with a great sense of humor, is the least flaky ‘holistic healer’ you’ll ever meet – and a new friend for our broken-hearted Cosima.

GRACIE (Zoe De Grand’Maison) is the Prolethean daughter of religious leader Henrick Johanssen and his severe wife Bonnie. Reared in a twisted and brutal religious sect, Gracie finds solace when she falls in love with the, unbeknownst to her, Castor clone Mark. But after the Prolethean compound is torched by a vengeful Helena, Gracie escapes her family. Whether or not she’s ready for love – and cult deprogramming – remains to be seen.




Sarah pursues the missing Helena who is held in a faraway compound. Sarah must use her wiles – and acting chops – to deter a Topside investigator who threatens the Leda sisters’ lives. Meanwhile, Cosima appears to be rebounding from her illness, while Alison and Donnie face newfound financial woes. But when the menace of Castor rears its head once more, Sarah and her entire family must come together to survive. Episode One premieres Saturday, April 18, 9:00pm ET on BBC AMERICA.


Castor pursues the Leda clones for original tissue samples. Helena, who is pregnant and imprisoned, is examined by a mysterious new villain. The Castor boys are also out to play, toying with a frightened young woman, Patty, in a sexy switcheroo that ultimately sets Sarah – and Art – hot on the Castor trail. But it’s not all fun and games for the Castor boys, as Sarah gleans they may have a mysterious defect that puts their lives in peril. Episode Two premieres Saturday, April 25, 9:00pm ET on BBC AMERICA.

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