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TELEVISION: Weeds – New Lows for Nancy and Celia; New Highs for Most Everyone Else!

After a lacklustre fourth season in which the world’s most selfish mother wound up pregnant by a Mexican drug lord to keep herself alive, Weeds’ [Showtime, Mondays, 10/9C] Nancy Botwin [Mary-Louise Parker] finds herself, once more, in potentially fatal circumstances – while her former best friend, Celia [Elizabeth Perkins], discovers that everyone hates her, a lot!

weeds S5 poster

Weeds’ fifth season premiere finds Nancy having to undergo another, witnessed, sonogram to convince Esteban [Demian Bichir] that she’s really pregnant – and getting a bodyguard to keep her company until he decides whether to kill her after the baby is born. Meanwhile, hijinx ensue when Andy [Justin Kirk], Silas [Hunter Parrish] and Doug [Kevin Nealon] decide to use San Diego County’s Cleveland National Forest as a place to set up a worry-free pot farm – and Quinn [Haley Hudson] has a conniption fit when she learns that no one wants to pay her mother’s ransom.

In Wonderful, Wonderful, series creator Jenji Kohan has crafted an episode that eclipses much of the fourth season in its wit and dark, twisted plotting. Scott Ellis brings out the best in his cast and returns the show to a deftness of performance and pacing that produce more genuine humor and drama than almost any part of last season.

There are many ironies that are almost playful in set up and yet, almost poignant in their unexpectedness. Celia is at the center of one of the best examples of this and Perkins is up to playing every note with an almost harrowing truthfulness. There are so many examples of why this one episode is so much better than anything in season four, but to say much of anything about them – beyond what I’ve already said – would be to ruin the surprises.

Weeds is back, baby! ‘bout time, too!

Final Grade: B+

Eclipse Review by Sheldon Wiebe

Posted June 7, 2009

TELEVISION: The Closer – Married… With a Sick Cat and a Multiple Murder!

Scene 2

Los Angeles Deputy Brenda Johnson [Kyra Sedgwick] is facing a season of change as The Closer [TNT, Mondays, 9/8C] embarks on its fifth season. Now that she and Fritz [Jon Tenney] are married – and back at work – things haven’t quite smoothed themselves out. Not only is Brenda still adjusting to being married, her cat is sick [and we know how much she loves Kitty] and someone has just killed four of five members of a Hispanic family, execution style – a crime that is likely to cause serious repercussions in the community.

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TELEVISION: The Next Food Network Star Season 5 Premieres Sunday


It’s that time of year again…time to choose The Next Food Network Star! This Sunday, June 7 at 9pm/8c on The Food Network is when and where it all begins. Bobby Flay kicks off season five of The Next Food Network Star. Millions apply (ok not literally millions, that was more for dramatic effect) but only ten compete for the chance to win their very own show on The Food Network.

Which one of these finalists can stand the heat long enough to take home the prize? Only time will tell. Be sure to check back right here on Monday for my interview with host and judge, Bobby Flay. Visit The Food Network website for more information about The Next Food Network Star.

TELEVISION: Royal Pains – Introducing the Robin Hood of Medicine!

royal pains

Hank Lawson [Mark Feuerstein] is one of the best emergency doctors in New York City – which usually make him a keeper in one of the biggest hospitals in the city. When he decides to save the life of a neighborhood kid – after making sure an ailing benefactor of the hospital was stable – things go wrong and the rich benefactor dies. The guy’s family gets him blacklisted in every hospital in town so, after much urging from his brother [Paulo Costanzo], the two head off to The Hamptons – where Hank is introduced to the concept of concierge medicine. Thus begins USA’s new medical series with a twist, Royal Pains [USA, Thursdays, 10/9C – following Burn Notice].

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TELEVISION: Burn Notice – Management Strikes Back!

In the season two finale of Burn Notice [USA, Thursdays, 9/8C] we finally got an answer to the question, “Gee, Michael, with all the mayhem you cause every week, why haven’t the police thrown your ass in jail already?” Turns out that Michael [Jeffrey Donovan] had a guardian angel – in the form of the agency that got him burned, and personified by the gregarious Management [John Mahoney]. In season three – even we don’t see him in the first three eps – Management makes his presence felt by informing the police that there is a rogue spy in town and Michael gets to spend time in jail.


One thing that remains the same in season three is the way Michael [whom creator Matt Nix calls “a do-gooder at heart”] continues to take on jobs helping the victims of the various ills of our society – like helping to capture a vicious Latin American ex-pat who’s living it up in Miami; find, extract and return a kidnapped boy to his bickering parents, and save his brother’s life by running a few “errands” for a charming but deadly arms dealer. Something that has changed is that the police, and every spy agency that might want him dead, know about Michael – and he still can’t leave Miami!

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TELEVISION NEWS: Sci-Fi Premieres Book of Beasts this Sat.

Book of Beasts - James

Sci-Fi Premiere’s the Book of Beasts this Saturday at 9PM. The movie stars Battlestar Galactica’s James “Baltar” Callis. More than twenty years after the death of King Arthur, an evil wizard uses a magical book to take control of the Kingdom of Camelot.  Arthur’s daughter teams up with the sons of the Knights of the Roundtable to lure the legendary Merlin out of exile so he can help them fight the evil wizard. Premiere’s Saturday, May 30th at 9pm.

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TELEVISION NEWS: Leno Daily Dose, Arnold Schwarzenegger on Prop 8

Since we’re now part of NBC’s little exclusive Digital Network Club, we’re getting a ton of material from them. One of them will be lots of Jay Leno clips. Personally, I hate Leno – and all late night talk shows, but I know a lot of folks do like it, so here’s your daily dose of the Chin. This clip features Arnold Schwarzenegger addressing the Prop 8 ruling