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TELEVISION: Gives Fans Chance to Catch Up on Their Favorite Shows!

So, you missed a key episode of Chuck, eh? Or maybe, The Office… or Days of Our Lives?


For a limited time, is making all current and returning series available online so that you can catch up. The complete list of titles available follows the jump.

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Television: EM Talks Exclusively to Danneel Harris About Her Big Return to One Tree Hill for Season 7


To answer your question…..”she feels like an old friend.”

That was Danneel Harris’ heartfelt and candid response to my question about what it felt like to be returning to the role of Rachel Gattina on One Tree Hill after a year’s absence from the role in this, EM’s second part to our two-part article series on the return of Danneel Harris/Rachel Gattina to the hit CW series One Tree Hill.

And what a busy year it has been for the talented thirty year old actress who originally hails from Lafayette, LA but has made Los Angeles, CA her home since moving there to take up acting. Since last appearing on the series back in season 5, Harris has worked on such projects as the independent movie Mardi Gras (which is still in post production), guest starring roles on such hit TV series as NCIS, How I Met Your Mother, CSI and CSI: Miami.  2009 really turned up the heat for the red-haired beauty who found herself not only on Maxim’s Hot 100 list of beautiful woman yet again (coming in at #28), but as the host of their MTV special high-lighting this year’s event.  In the early part of 2009, Danneel Harris  was out promoting the comedy movie Fired Up, in which she starred as a cheerleader.

In late spring and early summer, Danneel Harris found herself in front of the cameras again having gained roles in not one, but two upcoming big screen feature films: Screen Gems horror flick, The Roommate and CBS Films/Escape Artist’s comedy The Back-Up Plan starring Jennifer Lopez. Both movies are going into post production looking to release in early 2010.

And now she is on set in Wilmington, NC filming her return to One Tree Hill as the sexy, known to be a troublemaker, Rachel Gattina for the hit CW series’ 7th season (while also flying back and forth to NYC to finish filming The Back-Up Plan). EM caught up with Danneel Harris in between her hectic filming schedules to chat with her about coming back to One Tree Hill

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TELEVISION: And That’s A Wrap…


Today in Peapack New Jersey marks the final shoot day for the cast and crew of Guiding Light. After 72 years of broadcast this American icon will close its doors. I still feel shell shocked that CBS actually canceled the longest running soap in history that has been such a big piece of the culture in the lives of generations of American families. In this day and age it is near impossible to find a show that you can honestly say you’ve watched since you were a kid with your family. I myself grew up watching soaps and Guiding Light was one of the big ones. If I was home sick from school I’d spend the day with my grandmother and little Italian immigrant great grandmother who would often yell at the TV in broken English whenever Reva Shayne would fly off into one of her crazy antics.

Over the years Guiding Light has come to mean so many different things to so many different people. It’s a multi-generational American experience. So today they shoot their final scenes and bring a conclusion to a 72 year tradition. I hope you will watch the show today and everyday through September when they air the final show keeping the cast and crew in your thoughts. If you see someone from the show stop them and tell them thanks, if you’re on Twitter send out a tweet to your favorite cast members or camera guy and let them know you’re thinking of them today or an email letting them know just how much they and Guiding Light as a whole has meant to you over the years.

According to his Twitter page, Frank Dicopoulos (Frank Cooper) has the final scene of the day along with co-stars Tina Sloan (Lillian Raines) and Jordan Clarke (Billy Lewis). I wish them all luck on their final shoot and a thank you for the many years of entertainment!

If you’re on Twitter, the following people from the show are out there:

@Beth_Chamberlin @eakcik @FrankDicopoulos @Michael_OLeary @BradleyCole1 @paulanthonystew @CrystalChappell @TinaSloan @EVILMOMENTS (Keith the camera man)

Television: One Tree Hill Creator Mark Schwahn Talks to EM About the Return of Danneel Harris to Her Role as Rachel Gattina


Danneel Harris joined the cast of One Tree Hill in the hit show’s 3rd season when series creator Mark Schwahn added the character of sexy, vixeny red head Rachel Gattina to the high school based drama. Gattina’s character ran the gamut from being Brooke’s (Sophie Bush) rival on the cheerleading squad and for the affections of Lucas (Chad Michael Murray) one of Raven’s star basketball players, to becoming a friend who takes the sole fall for the theft of a calculus exam stolen by both she and Brooke. Rachel’s subsequent expulsion from Tree Hill High for this act has her convincing Mouth (Lee Norris) who has always been attracted to Rachel to run off with her. Yet Rachel abandons him after a few weeks and disappears without a trace. This was the character’s exit from the series in season 4. Danneel Harris moved forward in her career to take a role in the big screen movie, Harold & Kumar Escape from Guantanamo Bay

There were a lot of rumors swirling around last year before the beginning of season six of One Tree Hill that Danneel Harris would once more be returning to reprise her role of Rachel Gattina. Those rumors didn’t pan out but the good news for fans of the talented Ms. Harris is that Rachel Gattina is back to One Tree Hill for season seven to throw her own unique dynamic back into the mix.

Besides One Tree Hill fans that have been missing the sexy redhead excited to have her coming back to the show, both Mark Schwahn the creator/producer of the series and the lovely Danneel Harris, the actress behind the role are also excited to have Rachel coming back. EM caught up with both Mark Schwahn and the very busy Danneel Harris to do exclusive interviews with them on this exciting turn of events for th hit CW series. In this first installment, we talk to Schwahn and get all the scoop about the decisions to bring Rachel back to the show again and why season seven was the best time to do it.

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Television: Officially Confirmed – Paris Hilton to Guest Star on Supernatural Season 5


It started as rumor on two days ago. Then a day ago E Online picked up the story. Today the publicists at Warner Brothers and The CW have confirmed it as a fact in statements released to the press containing details about the episode and comments from series Executive Producer/Creator, Eric Kripe.

The main detail in the press release sent out by the Warner Brothers and CW publicists confirms Paris Hilton’s guest starring stint on The CW’s hit Thursday night series Supernatural. This guest appearance  will reunite the  actress with her House of Wax co-star Jared Padalecki who plays younger brother Sam Winchester, one of the series hot lead characters. The episode which is titled American Idol will air on Thursday, October 8th at 9PM EST.

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TELEVISION REVIEW: Mr. Monk Experiences a More Familiar Kind of Obsession!

Favorite Show 1

When Monk [USA, Fridays, 9/8C] returns for its eighth and final season, we will see Adrian Monk display a kind of obsession that will be all too familiar to many of us: TV show fan! In fact, Mr. Monk’s Favorite Show opens with Monk [Tony Shalhoub] complaining that he’s last in line – Natalie [Traylor Howard] points out there are only two of them on line and she’s seared over a heating vent, so she’s not moving. It’s night, and the two are camping out on the sidewalk outside a bookstore so that he can buy the tell-all memoir of Christine Rapp [Elizabeth Perkins], his favorite member of the cast of his favorite TV series of all time, The Cooper Clan [Monk claims not to be obsessed, “I’m mildly fixated”]. But when an attempt is made on Rapp’s life, Monk is hired on to be her bodyguard.

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TELEVISION NEWS: Fox Screws Paula Abdul, She’s Out of Idol!!


Noooooooo! Say it ain’t so!  Paula Abdul is no more, she posted on her Twitter account last night that she’s through with the show.  The producers of Idol treated her shabbily – first by bringing on Kara last year – who added nothing to the show and then giving Ryan Seacrest that big fat contract only to nickel and dime her later. It’s clear they were trying to force her out. What a juvenile way to do it. But I’m glad to see she refuse to put up with it walk. She’s already made, probably a hundred million off the show she doesn’t need them more than the show needs her.  The only fun in that show is to watch her be drunk and play off of Simon. There’s no chemistry with Kara and the other two so the show will suck even more this year.  I’m not going to go out on a limb and say I won’t watch, it’s too much of a trainwreck not to. But if it’s as boring as last year, I’ll only watch a few eps.

TELEVISION: #CrystalChappell Becomes a Twitter Trending Topic on Her Birthday


As a fan, what could possibly give your give your favorite actress for her birthday that she has never had before? If you are Guiding Light’s Crystal Chappell you get to become the #8 Trending Topic on Twitter.

Today is Ms. Chappell’s birthday so as a present to her, her loving, loyal and wildly enthusiastic fans spent the day adding #CrystalChappell to their tweets to ensure the Goddess herself would make the cut on her very special day.

Not a bad way to spend a birthday. Happy Birthday Crystal!

You can follow Crystal @CrystalChappell and her new web series Venice @VeniceTheSeries on twitter.

TELEVISION REVIEW: Defying Gravity: Grey’s Anatomy Gets Lost in Outer Space!

It should probably be no surprise that Defying Gravity [ABC, Sundays, 9 /8C, then 10/9C] has a large cast of characters that are connected in intricate and intricate ways that go way beyond the superficial. It was, after all, created by former Grey’s Anatomy producer, James Parriott. It should also come as no surprise that there seems to be a seemingly supernatural mystery that plays apart – after all the show’s other executive producer, Michael Edelstein comes to the series from Desperate Housewives, a series narrated by a ghost. Set the series forty years into the future and add in Lost-like complexities of character and situation and the result is what premieres this evening.


The Lost connection comes from the eight astronauts [four men, four women] who crew the Antares on a six-year mission to study the other seven planets in the solar system. They are the select few chosen from a pool of over a thousand potential candidates for each position. But there are some oddities unfolding: the mission commander and flight engineer are replaced under exceedingly mysterious medical circumstances; the team’s theoretical physicist failed the very first test the candidates were given; three or four people [the mission commander, the ex-mission commander, the Mission Control commander and at least one top scientist] have knowledge that no one else does.

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TELEVISION: Bestselling Mystery Author Richard Castle Goes Live on Twitter!

New York City. Summer. It’s hot and muggy and Richard Castle, the bestselling mystery writer has fallen into another mystery even as he scrambles to finish his Nikki Heat novel. As usual, Castle is procrastinating – and this summer he has a shiny new toy to play with thanks to his daughter, Alexis, who has made the mistake of introducing her father to Twitter.


While the Castles vacation in The Hamptons, a foot washes up on the beach. The police think it’s a shark attack but Castle, as usual, thinks it might be something more. And now he has put himself in the middle of the investigation, tweeting his theories as he goes. The police are amused, but could he be right?

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