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TELEVISION: ABC Unveils Ten New Series as it Presents Its 2010-11 Schedule!

ABC has suffered some ratings losses as its once hot, innovative programming has lost some of its lustre. In an attempt to recapture some of that cool, buzzworthy cache, the network has added ten new series – six dramas, three comedies and an alternative [unscripted] series to its schedule.

The new drama series: Body of Proof, a police procedural centered around a former neurosurgeon-turned-medical examiner; Detroit 1-8-7 – a documentary crew follows members of a certain Homicide Unit; My Generation – yen years after documenting a graduation high school class, a documentary crew revisits the graduates; No Ordinary Family [pictured] – a family on a vacation trip to the Amazon River changes an average American family in unexpected ways; Off the Map – five doctors who are without direction travel to rediscover why they wanted to become doctors; The Whole Truth – a unique legal series in that it gives us both sides of each case form each side’s point of view.

The new comedy series: Better Together – three couples who’ve been together for varying degrees of time deal with each other; Happy Endings – who gets to keep the friends when a couple breaks up?; Mr. Sunshine – the manager of a second-rate sports arena reaches a mid-level crisis when he turns forty.

Alternative series, Secret Millionaire follows wealthy people who leave their posh surrounds to live and volunteer in some of the most impoverished and dangerous communities in America.

Full show descriptions, cast lists and ABC’s full 2020-11 schedule follow the bump.

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TELEVISION: Fox Unveils Seven New Shows for 2010-11 Season!



Just as it was no real shock when NBC rolled out thirteen new shows for 2010-11, it should come as no surprise that Fox will go with a schedule on which four of its seven days of programming remain unchanged. Come fall, the only additions will be Texas oil soap Lonestar [pictured] and the two comedies – Raising Hope and Running Wilde. Lonestar has been scheduled to follow House on Mondays, while Raising Hope and Running Wilde will run on Tuesdays following Glee.

When American Idol returns, it will be with a ninety-minute performance show and a thirty-minute results show. With this season’s run suffering a significant drop in the ratings, it makes sense to cut out the chaff here.

Steven Spielberg’s Terra Nova was picked up but since a pilot hasn’t been shot, it won’t join the schedule until mid-season, when comedies Bob’s Burgers and Mixed Signals will also appear.

Show descriptions and full schedule follow the bump.

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NBC’s Entire Fall Line-Up Announced – Complete with Previews!

NBC Fall Schedule

As you all know Eclipse is part of NBC’s Digital Network, so we got the official word today of their fall line-up, complete with video previews. Hit the break to see what’s in store for this fall. Let me go on record as saying I don’t get why NBC would screw over Law & Order just to replace it with ANOTHER Law & Order! I’ll admit SVU and CI were my L&Os until I went on the set visit last fall – before that, I’d never watched a single minute of the show, but now thanks to TNTHD reruns I’m hooked. I mean come on, they could have given them a 13 episode order just to break the record and then replaced it with that cheap Law & Order Spin Off.

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Television: Actress Danneel Harris Gets A Series Pickup & A Husband All in One Weekend


Actress Danneel Harris (bottom left) is having a very good month of May. It started out with the stunning 31 year old actress being once again included in the Maxim Hot 100 List, this time coming in at #72 on the Hot List.  This weekend she had her new NBC pilot series, Friends With Benefits picked up for the regular fall TV schedule and she attended a wedding–her own.

Harris, who recently appeared in the highly successful film, The Back Up Plan, stars in the half hour single camera comedy Friends With Benefits as Dr. Sara Maxwell. Maxwell is a single woman who is just looking for a man to settle down with and raise a family.

While her character will be looking for “Mr. Right” in Friends With Benefits, Danneel Harris has apparently already found her’s. She wed Supernatural actor Jensen Ackles in Dallas, TX this weekend. Harris and Ackles dated for three years before he proposed to her last October.

“Friends With Benefits”, whose storyline revolves around a group of twenty-something singles as they navigate the difficult, and often confusing, world of dating, was developed for television by Emmy winner Brian Grazer (A Beautiful Mind). The series also stars Ryan Hanson as Ben Weymouth, a man who is on the hunt for the perfect woman who meets his unique set of standards, Ian Reed Kesler as the womanizing Hoon and Jessica Lucas as straight shooter Riley who are all distracted with their own dating trials and tribulations.

NBC released a statement that the role of the character Aaron, who is a romantic at heart and doesn’t approve of the “friends with benefits” choice between Sara and Ben, who was played in pilot by Fran Kranz (Dollhouse), is being recast. No reason was given for the casting change or who will take over the role. This is not the first time that this series has undergone a casting change. Before the pilot went into production back in April, actor Patrick J. Adams was replaced by Ryan Hanson.

**Update** – NBC has released information stating that Ian Reed Kesler has been let go from this project as well and they are in the process of recasting the role of Hoon. They also stated that Friends With Benefits will now be a mid season replacement show and not scheduled for the fall line up.

TELEVISION: Turner Adds Lawyer Buddy Series Franklin & Bash for TNT; ‘80s College Comedy Glory Daze for TBS!

Franklin & Bash

The buddy lawyer series Franklin & Bash [pictured above ], starring Mark-Paul Gosselaar (NYPD Blue, TNT’s Raising the Bar) and Breckin Meyer (Heroes), has been given a ten episode order by TNT, while TBS has given and eight episode order to the one-hour comedy series Glory Daze, a 1980s-set college comedy.  Series details follow the jump.

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TELEVISION: NBC Filling Gaps With Five New Shows: Law & Order: Los Angeles, The Cape, Outlaw, Harry’s Law, Friends With Benefits!


The dramatics that followed the much heralded arrival – and ignominious departure of The Jay Leno show put NBC in a delicate situation. Besides having a host of underperforming regular series to either cancel or shore up, they also had an extra five hours of primetime to fill. So, over a very busy pulot season the network has hunkered down and gotten to work, axing Law & Order and replacing it with Law & Order: Los Angeles and adding five more new series to join Perfect Couples, The Event, Outsourced, Jerry Bruckheimer’s Chase and J.J. Abrams’ Undercovers.

The new series are: LOLA [catchier that L&O:SVU, right?], superhero drama, The Cape; legal oddity, Outlaw [a Supreme Court Justice returns to private practice]; the odd couple legal series, Harry’s Law, and half-hour comedy, Friends with Benefits. Details of the new shows follow the jump.

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Television: Burt Reynolds to Guest Star in Season 4 of Burn Notice


Burt Reynolds, best known for playing loveable scoundrels like Bandit in the 1977 homage to the CB/ Trucker craze “Smokey and the Bandit”, will guest star as a former CIA operative who gives Jeffrey Donovan’s character Michael Westen a glimpse into his own future on the upcoming 4th season of USA’s spy drama, “Burn Notice.”

The still handsome 74 year old actor is no stranger to working on television.Reynolds began his acting career in a guest starring role in the 1959 cop drama “The M Squad” and from 1962 to 1965 Reynolds played Quint Asper, Dodge City’s half American Indian blacksmith on the long running western series “Gunsmoke”. The rugged action made a successful transition to the big screen and became a true silver screen standout in the tough-guy role of Lewis Medlock in John Boorman’s  1972 backwoods shocker, Deliverance.

“Burn Notice” is a sexy, action-packed original series starring Jeffrey Donovan as Michael Westen, a blacklisted spy. After coming face to face with the group of people that burned him, Michael must figure out his next move. All while staying ahead of anyone else that may have him in their crosshairs. In the meantime, he continues to use his unique skills and training to help people in desperate need of assistance. The series also stars Gabrielle Anwar, Bruce Campbell and Sharon Gless.

Burn Notice returns to USA Network for it’s 4th season on Thursday June 4th at 9PM EST.

Smallville’s Latest Season Ender Airs Tonight!

Smallville is a prime example of why I’m not a very good television reporter. I don’t have the patience to watch a lot of shows on a weekly basis, so I Tivo entire seasons and sit down and have Marathon sessions. I watched all 19 eps of Legend of the Seeker last week and have the last 9 eps of 24 on tape and will probably watch those this weekend. Recently, I had a Smallville Marathon and watched the entire season in one weekend. So I’m now up to date and am ready for tonight’s Season cliffhanger.

I liked most of the season but somewhere around episode 10 I got really sick of Clark and actively started to hate him and the whole Lois can’t know my secret bit got really old by episode 10 as well. The whole no flying thing is really irritating, I understood them having that rule in place for the first 3 seasons, but we’re 9 years into this and considering EVERYONE who gets his powers immediately start flying and he still can’t is beyond ridiculous. The only reason this show works is the supporting cast, I still love Chloe, Oliver, Tess and even Zod. I’m looking forward to tonight’s season finale, but if Clark wasn’t such a moron it never should have gotten to this point. No matter how bad Smallville gets during the regular season they always go out with a bang and have amazing have Season finales, so I expect tonight to continue the trend.

Chuck and V both Renewed!

No one has been more down on Chuck this season than me, but the last 5 or 6 episodes have reminded me why I really like the show. I’m hoping that with a 13 season pick up they can get right to the point and not give us 9 episodes of filler. I’m really starting to think that in this go-go age we live in 22 episodes is way too many for most shows. The reason summer cable shows like Burn Notice, The Closer, Leverage, etc have a tendency to be so much better than Network is they only have 13 Episodes to work with so they poor everything they have into them.  Chuck isn’t a series that can sustain itself over 22 episodes and all the interruptions. The same thing goes with ABC’s V which also got renewed for 13. It started off really slow, but I kind of like it and I don’t know why. So I’m curious to see where they go with Season 2 and hope they ramp up the action and danger, because I still don’t feel any tension when I watch the show and the cast has zero chemistry with each other.

TELEVISION: Work Begins on Six-Part Prequel to Star’s Spartacus This Summer!

Spartacus; Delicate Things; Episode 106

What do you when your show has been picked up for a second season before the first one even airs and your star winds up with Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma? If you’re the creative team behind Spartacus: Blood and Sand, you come up with a prequel that uses many of your other cast of characters.

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TELEVISION: American Idol Recap (05.12.10)

We’re getting to the end, finally!  Tonight one more IDOL hopeful goes home (me thinks Casey James) and then it’s the Top 3 who will travel to their hometowns for a heroes welcome.  Also coming up on tonight’s show, Daughtry featuring former IDOL hopeful, Chris Daughtry, and Fantasia.  And then some rock band named Bon Jovi.   Kidding!  Kidding!  Okay, on to the results show.  Quit reading now if you don’t want to know what happened!

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