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Blu-Ray News_ The Day The Earth Stood Still is coming Dec 2


What the hell? Do these studios think we’re made of money? Dec. 2nd is shaping up to be a huge day for Blu-Ray releases. We have The Dark Knight, Prince Caspian, X-Files and now this, one of the all time great Sci-Fi flicks The Day The Earth Stood Still. Just in time to remind us how the upcoming Christmas Keanu remake will inevitably fail by comparison. Whooaaa…. The new Blu-ray version looks like an nice package. It’ll contain, as the press release says, “two amazing new Blu-ray games,” (can you smell the suckage?)  Gort Command!,” an arcade-style shooting gallery game and “Interactive Theremin: Create Your Own Score,” where viewers can re-score the film’s opening sequence.  Both the BD and DVD versions of THE DAY THE EARTH STOOD STILL Special Edition feature all-new and exclusive bonus materials including legendary composer and Academy Award®-winner*** Bernard Herrmann’s isolated score; film and sci-fi featurettes – including a “Making Of The Day The Earth Stood Still” and “Decoding Klaatu Barada Nikto: Science Fiction As A Metaphor” – an audio presentation of the original short story; commentaries from Robert Wise and other film and music historians; and more.  I will say, DVD games suck, but the Create Your Own Score thing, intrigues me. The Blu-ray and DVD versions will also include:

•    New:  Exclusive First Look At The New Movie The Day The Earth Stood Still Starring
Keanu Reeves And Jennifer Connelly
•    New & Exclusive To BD:  Interactive Theremin:  Create Your Own Score
•    New & Exclusive To BD:  Gort Command!:  Interactive Game
•    Commentary by Robert Wise and Nicholas Meyer
•    New:  Commentary by Film & Music Historians John Morgan, Steven Smith, William Stromberg and Nick                         Redman
•    New:  Isolated Score Track
•    New:  The Mysterious, Melodious Theremin
•    New: The Day The Earth Stood Still Main Title Live Performance By Peter Pringle
•    New:  The Making of The Day the Earth Stood Still
•    New:  Decoding “Klaatu Barada Nikto”: Science Fiction as Metaphor Featurette
•    New:  A Brief History of Flying Saucers Featurette
•    New: The Astounding Harry Bates Featurette
•    New: Edmund North: The Man Who Made the Earth Stand Still Featurette
•    New To Disc:  Race To Oblivion:  A Documentary Short Written And Produced By Edmund North
•    New To Disc: Farewell To The Master:  A Reading By Jamieson K. Price Of The Original
Harry Bates Short Story; Audio Only
•    New:  Interactive Pressbook
•    Fox Movietonews from 1951
•    Original Theatrical Trailer & Teaser Trailer
•    Advertising Gallery
•    Behind-The Scenes Gallery
•    Portrait Gallery
•    Production Gallery
•    Spaceship Construction Blueprints
•    Shooting Script

Blu-Ray News: New Blu-Ray Announcements


The Chronicle’s of Narnia: Prince Caspian was one of my top five favorite films of this year, I saw it twice in the theater and watched it again when I flew to London. It holds up well to repeat viewing. And as a general rule I hate talking animal movies. The Blu-ray version in will include enhanced BD-Live functionality (have I said recently how much I think BD-Live is a waste of time?), a DisneyFile (A digital copy of the movie so you can copy the movie to your iPod), something called Circle Vision which will give you a 360-degree look behind the scenes of the castle raid sequence and get unique access to the secrets of how this latest adventure to Narnia was pulled off.  It’s all a part of CIRCLE-VISION INTERACTIVE: CREATING THE CASTLE RAID.  First, start off in the CIRCLE-VISION preview lobby, and choose to get a private tour of the castle raid from Director Andrew Adamson, Producer Mark Johnson, or a number of other key filmmakers and artists who brought the latest adventure to NARNIA to life.  Then, select one of the exclusive CIRCLE-VISION experiences to be virtually transported to the set in the Czech Republic.  The moment you enter these panoramic worlds, you will be able to turn in any direction, and fully-explore how this compelling sequence was painstakingly created.  Discover a myriad of progression reels, developmental animatics, 13 audio commentaries, pop-up facts, slide shows, and a treasure trove of behind-the-scenes footage with cast and crew that is revealing, interesting, compelling, funny and exclusively accessed through this new-reimagining of a classic idea. The Blu-ray will come in a 2 Disc or 3 Disc version and hit the streets December 2, 2008  $35- 40.  The complete Press Release is after the break. 

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BLU-RAY NEWS: Dark Knight Blu-Ray details


I talked about the Dark Knight Blu-ray release a few months ago, the folks at Warner’s sent over another Press Release regarding the Dec 9th launch. In a shameless move to make sure I get my free copy. Here’s the official press release. All kidding and kissing up aside, this release does look pretty amazing. The 2 Disk Blu-ray includes a Digital Copy of the film, BD-Live (which is usually a complete waste of time), and several featurettes. But there are no deleted scenes or any commentary tracks (if there are, they aren’t listed in the Press Release.)  The Blu-ray streets Dec 9 for 35.99. 

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BLU-ray REVIEW: The Godfather Trilogy

Godfather Blu-ray

I’ll be the first to admit that I’ve never been much of a fan of the Godfather Trilogy. I don’t know why, it is an amazing film on almost every level, but it never connected with me. Probably because by the time I finally saw it, I had heard all the signature lines over and over and over again, that it’s become a joke me. Also by the time I finally watched it, I had already seen Casino, Goodfellas, et all, so the movie felt like a cliche. And yes, I don’t want to get into the circular argument that Godfather came first and set the bar. Then there was the fact that Italian Gangsters are always glorified in films, while black criminals are, rightly, vilified. Always thought there was a double standard and didn’t like it. When Paramount finally put Godfather on DVD a few years ago, many people complained about the quality of the transfer. It always looked ok to me.  Now we have the long awaited Coppola Restoration on Blu-ray.

The beginning of The Godfather looks pristine. The colors are once again vibrant and beautiful. The Dolby TrueHD audio is crisp – even on my Sony Soundbar. It gives the movie a whole new feel to it. The problem is, this quality isn’t consistent, when it works it’s brilliant, but the night scenes are where the problem lies. The scenes that are grainy, washed out and fuzzy. Especially around the faces. It looks like everyone has a 3’oclock fuzzy shadow. One of the most famous scenes from the first Godfather Film – the restaurant shootout, there are a lot of dark, grainy shadows around the face. It makes it really hard to watch.  The other issue I found, especially when watching Godfather III is that the blacks are now so richly detailed and, um, black that it’s a really dark film and the dark burgundy rooms don’t help. I can barely see anything.

I switched between the Dolby to the Coppola commentary track.  It’s interesting hearing his comments about the film, but his delivery is really dry. He’s intensely proud of his family and his ability to force them on us. He points them out almost every time they appear in a scene. It’s also why Godfather III is such a horrible and barely watchable film. Sophia Coppola is awful. She has the anti- "It" factor.  Story wise, Godfather III is a beautiful coda – except for the Vatican stuff, to the Saga. But the casting, cinematography and acting was so over the top bad. Then there is the whole cousins in Love thing that is just sick. Coppola said this relationship makes him want to cry, it makes me want to barf. When I was younger, I liked Godfather III, but I think this HD Restoration enhances the negatives of this film.

All of the extra features are on a stand alone disk and include over 3 hours of stuff.  All of the features from the previous release plus several
additional ones.  The menu is designed really nice. All of the old DVD features are grouped under the 2001 menu. In here there are 9 Behind the Scenes featurettes, Galleries, Cast and Crew Bios and a boatload of deleted scenes. The new stuff is all in HD and look amazing. There’s a 30 minute documentary on how the Godfather almost didn’t get made called "The Masterpiece that almost wasn’t."

  • The Godfather World 
    11 Minute feature with celebrities discussing the impact of the films
  • Emulsional Rescue – Revealing the Godfather
    19 Minutes about the Cinematographer, Gordon Lewis and the process of Restoring the film
  • When the shooting stops – 14 minutes on the post production process
  • The Godfather on the Red Carpet – 4 minutes of pointlessness
  • Four short films on the Godfather – Not sure the point of these 4, 2 minute shorts, it’s more interview footage. People really can talk incessantly about this movie.
  • There’s a Family Tree but it’s weirdly laid out and hard to figure out the connections.  Instead of going from top to bottom, this one goes from bottom to the top. It’s very strange looking.

Overall, this Blu-ray release is a mixed bag. You are getting two classic/masterpiece films, and one so-so one  in perhaps the best format possible. But the blacks in this are almost too black. The extra features are plentiful and the new ones for the Blu-ray release are excellent and packed with lots of information all in HD.  I’m on the fence here. If you don’t already own The Godfather Trilogy, this is probably the definitive edition to get. If you already own the previous DVDs, I don’t think it’s worth the upgrade.

Genre – Drama

Movie Grade – B+ (this factors in pt. III)

Audio – A

Picture – C

Features – A

Final Overall Grade – B

EM Review by
Michelle Alexandria
Originally Posted 10.27.08

BLU-ray News: Pineapple Express goes Blu, Jan 6th

Pinapple Express is coming to Blu-ray, January 6, 2009. It’s going to be full featured disk with an unrated version, deleted scenes, fifteen behind-the-scenes featurettes and a bonus Digital Copy of the movie for playback on PC, PSP™ and iTunes. Also coming with BD Live functionality. Which at this point I could care less about, has there ever been an implimentation of BD Live that wasn’t craptastic? What I want to know is why doesn’t any of the studios support the picture in picture stuff? This why I always thought HD-DVD was a better format, there were actually standards, you always knew what you were getting.  Anyhoo, on paper this seems like it’ll be a pretty nice package. The full press release is after the jumpity jump. 

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BLU-ray Review: James Bond Collection

James Bond Blu-ray DVD Collection

I’m not a fan of triple dips, but MGM and Fox Home Video have done an amazing job on the newly released James Bond Blu-ray set. I was generally skeptical about this dip because I already own three different versions of all the Bond films. But these Blu-ray versions are the definitive set. The picture transfer/upgrade is beautiful. I put on Dr. No and it was an eye-opening experience. The colors were deep, reach and sharp. There is so much more depth now it’s hard to believe this film is over 30 years old. It looks like it was shot on HD last week. The blacks are black which make the colors pop on my Vizio HDTV set. The hours and hours of extra features (in Standard Def) are the same ones from the Ultimate Collection from a few years ago with some neat little Blu-ray additions like a 42 Minute HD Feature called Inside Dr. No and a 18 minute feature on Terrance Young, the director of Dr. No.

The one area where they dropped the ball is on the Menu navigation system. It reminds me of the early days of DVD where the one thing you could always count on was Fox Home Video totally screwing up the menu. This is one of the ugliest and most unfriendly systems I’ve seen in awhile. It took me a few minutes to figure out how to play the movie and access the special features.  The Pop Up/Menu button doesn’t work once you select a feature. If you select a feature to watch, while viewing the film, it kicks you out and doesn’t return to the point you left off.  Each film are on a 50 GB Dual Layer disk, is in Widescreen 1.66:1 (No letter boxing!) and Lossless Audio. The movie sounds amazing on my Sony Crossbar.  I sampled a few of the other titles in this collection and it’s safe to say all six of these releases and must own.  The Six disk set includes Dr. No, From Russia With Love, Thunderball, For Your Eyes Only, Die Another Day and Live and Let Die. I’m not going to bother reviewing the movies or giving you the TPS, come on it’s Bond! You’ve all see these a million times. My only, minor complaint with this set, beyond the menu system is the lack of Profile 1.1 or BD-Live support. Yeah BD-Live sucks, but I would still like to see them implemented as standard features in all Blu-ray releases.  After watching a slew of lackluster Blu-ray releases (I’m looking at you Iron-Man!) this release restores my faith.

Movie Grade (All 6 Films, except Thunderball) – A

Features – A

Picture – A

Audio – A

Final Overall – A

EM Review by
Michelle Alexandria
Originally Posted 10.21.08

BLU-ray Releases – The Incredible Hulk

The Incredible Hulk is out on DVD and Blu-ray this week in a super dooper 3 disk special edition and it includes digital copy. I actually kind of liked this version. I thought it was a solid, no brainer, popcorn flick with a horrible last act. I’m actually going to be speaking with the SFX honcho from this sometime in the next few days. Here are a couple of clips from the extras.

Making of the Opening Chase Scene.

Becoming the Abomination

HIGH DEFINITION: Bond goes Blu next Week

James Bond on Blu-ray

I’m such a freaking sucker for Bond that I’ve purchased almost all of MGM’s triple dip set of Bond films – I have three versions of all 21 movies. There was the regular non-restored collection, then the ultimate restored collection, then the super dooper ooper special edition collection and like a moron get suckered in, I refuse to buy into the hype on this new Blu-ray set, but this one looks so tasty…. But no, I’m going to turn away this time.  But wait, for a change MGM is going to send me a set for review, so I don’t have to shell out my own dollars. But still…. This set is packed to the gills with features – all of the ones from the S.D.O.S.E. set from two years ago and some Blu-ray exclusives.  The initial set includes Dr. No, From Russia With Love, Thunderball, Live and Let Die, For Your Eyes Only and Die Another Day. Not bad at all (except the unwatchable Thunderball).  I wish MGM would release these things in chronological order though. I understand their need to do a sampling of all the Bonds – but where’s poor Timothy Dalton? As an added bonus you get a free ticket to the new Bond flick. This set hits the street next week for $89.98. Which isn’t bad, that’s less than $20 a flick and considering the individual retail price is $35 dollars, it’s obvious you get the set.  But really, what Bond fan doesn’t already own one of the previous sets? You can read the full press release after the break.

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HIGH DEFINITION: Netflix Blu-ray Charge Official


Normally something like this bit of news really annoys me, but I can understand Netflix wanting to increase fees for people wanting Blu-ray disks. I called this way back in January when the HD-DVD group threw in the towel. I ranted about how consumers will louse, about how Sony wouldn’t lower the price on their players or discs. How the lack of competition would drive prices up, that paying $40 for freaking Super Bad on Blu-ray is disgusting. My rant was widely picked up on the interwebs and I was soundly lambasted in the AV Forums and other popular boards. But everything I said turned out to be true and now it’s infected my Netflix.  But I’m not outraged because they are only charging $1 extra month. If was more than $5 I would have vented my spleen. I got the official notice yesterday.

BLU-Ray NEWS: The Great Ray Harryhausen Gets His Blu-ray Due!


The legendary Ray Harryhausen is finally getting his due this week when Sony releases the Ray Harryhausen collection on Blu-ray. This collection includes the Sci-Fi classics – "It Came From Beneath the Sea," "Earth vs. The Flying Saucers," "20 Million Miles to Earth: 50th Anniversary Edition," and "The 7th Voyage of Sinbad".  This should give any self respecting some good geek gasms and it’s all in beautifully restored HD.  Each disk is chock full of features and includes audio commentaries from Ray himself.  Check out the full press release, features and some clippage after the break. 

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