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Fox’s Sunshine will be one of the first Blu-Ray 1.1 DVDs

Sunshine Blu Ray DVD Announced

Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment (TCFHE) today confirmed the imminent arrival of its first Profile 1.1 Blu-ray Disc, SUNSHINE, available January 8, 2008, day-and-date with DVD.  The most technologically advanced Blu-ray Disc release to debut from Fox to date, SUNSHINE features dual-stream picture-in-picture commentary, enhanced viewing mode, and the first-ever “surround sound mixing” feature, as well as deleted scenes, web production diaries and two short films. Helmed by visionary director Danny Boyle (28 Days Later, The Beach), SUNSHINE follows a daring crew of eight astronauts as they boldly fight for their lives and the future of the planet on a mission to deliver a device that will reignite the dying sun.  The film features an all-star cast including Cillian Murphy (Batman Begins, Red Eye), Chris Evans (Fantastic Four), Michelle Yeoh (Babylon A.D., Memoirs Of A Geisha) and Rose Byrne (28 Weeks Later, Troy).  Presented in widescreen format with English 5.1 DTS HD Lossless Master Audio, French and Spanish 5.1 Dolby Digital Sound and English, Spanish and French subtitles, SUNSHINE will be available to own on Blu-ray Disc for $39.98. U.S./$49.98 CAN. 

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High Definition – PS3 Gets Blu-Ray 1.1, Sunshine First 1.1 Blu-Ray Spec, Blu-Ray Gets Awards


It’s another action packed week in the High Definition DVD Race and this week’s report is all about moves that Blu-Ray has been making. Every since HD-DVD Players were a big hit thanks to Toshiba’s $99 black Friday special it’s been pretty quiet on the HD-DVD front. I fully expect to get some news at CES from both camps next month. There’s a rumor going around that Warner Brothers is planning on going Blu-Ray exclusive next year. This would be a big blow to the HD-DVD side, as Warner has been putting out was a big supporter of the format. Personally, I think this rumor sounds ridiculous. Warner has been producing cross platform product for awhile now – 300 and Harry Potter are available on both platforms, but the WB heavily promotes the HD-DVD version and with good reason the features on HD-DVD are much better. WB makes extensive use of the PIP capabilities on HD-DVDs which Blu-Ray vs. 1.0 isn’t capable of. But…

The PS3 has become the first Blu-Ray player to fully support the new 1.1 spec. Thanks in large part to this week’s PS3 2.10 update. This update includes the new Bonus View capability. This allows the playback of supporting content such as storyboards, video commentary and behind-the-scenes clips at the same time as the main movie. As I said a feature Warner uses extensively in their HD titles. Check out Batman, 300, The Matrix, or their latest Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. It’s a gimmick, but it’s so much better than listening to the standard commentary track. But before you Blu-Ray fanatics rejoice, know that it’s going to be awhile before 1.1 discs become available. Not only that but folks who own the 1.0 hardware will be screwed as most players aren’t software upgrade-able. Fox Home Video just announced one of the first 1.1 version disks will be the Blu-Ray version of the amazing sci-fi film from Danny Boyle – Sunshine. This week we have a bunch of new Blu-Ray titles including Castaway, Mr. and Mrs. Smith and The Simpson’s Movie.

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Two Threequels & a Fourquel: The Bourne Ultimatum, Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End, and Live Free or Die Hard

Bourne Ultimatum DVD Reviews

Action movies have become increasingly sophisticated but the advent of CGI hasn’t completely taken over. The summer’s best threequels took radically different approaches: The Bourne Ultimatum was almost completely shot in camera; Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End was a bravura usage of CGI. Then there was the summer’s one fourquel, Live Free or Die Hard, which relied heavily on practical effects to underscore that its hero was an analog guy in a digital world.

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Blade Runner – The Final Cut DVD Review from a Plant!

Blade Runner The Final Cut DVD Review

Hey Everyone, one of my studio friends sent over a review for Blade Runner. He’s a studio plant, but the review is good, and I’m interested in this DVD. I’ll admit, I never got the Blade Runner thing. I’ve tried to watch a couple of times in the past and can’t make it past the first 1/2 hour. I’m going to give it one more try when the new DVD set hits next week.  My plant wanted to let you know that he does freelance stuff for Universal and has nothing to do with Warner Brothers.  If he keeps up with the good review, I may give him his own byline. Continue reading Blade Runner – The Final Cut DVD Review from a Plant!

High Definition – Harry Potter, Spiderman Set, Blade Runner, and more!

Harry Potter

Hey Everyone, I’m finally getting around to starting that new HD column. Let’s start by saying at the moment I’m platform agnostic, I don’t particularly see much difference between Blu-Ray or HD-DVD. I actually have both, I use my PS3 to play Blu-Ray and a Toshiba A3 and X-Box HD-DVD Drive for my HD-DVD Player. When I have to choose formats, I generally select the HD-DVD version because I think the PS3 isn’t that great of a player and I do like the navigation features on HD-DVDs. The drawback to the 360 HD is the lack of HDMI support, no DVD upscaling and the fact that the 360 is loud as heck. A way to minimize the noise on the 360 is to make sure there’s no disk in the 360 itself. You still notice the sound, but it’s tolerable.  But I love the 360 remote, it glows in the dark, nice big buttons and it has, gasp, a power off button. I’m mixed on the Toshiba, it’s certainly thinner and lighter than that monstrosity that was the A2, it takes about 30 seconds to load a disk and requires a firmware upgrade right out of the box – but I can’t get the damn thing to connect to the internet for the update. It came packed with 300 and Bourne Identity, two great films that truly show off the format. I am pissed at the miss-advertising, supposedly you get 5 free DVDs in the mail with a purchase. I bought my 360 HD-DVD in August and haven’t received squat, now I’m getting ready to fill out the forms for my 5 free HD-DVDs for my Toshiba purchase and am not holding my breath. To start this column off right, we have some great titles starting with. This amazing Harry Potter HD-DVD set from Warner Brothers.

Harry Potter Years 1 – 5 HD-DVD Movie Collection

Harry Potter

Warner Brothers is releasing the ultimate Harry Potter movie collection. This set includes all five films in glorious HD and features a ton of extras including Special Trunk Packaging,Two-Disc Editions of Harry Potter 1-5,Harry Potter Interactive DVD Game,5 Collectible Bookmarks and16 Collectible Trading Cards. When are they going to finally include commentary tracks? This is a great set, but I wish they included the extended versions that were shown on TV. The movies already look amazing in standard def, so I fully expect to be blown away by the HD version and both the Blu-Ray and HD copies include true High-Def sound quality.

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Live Free or Die Hard Unrated DVD Giveaway. Yippie Kayay MF!!!


Wow, Fox has been taking it on the chin from Film Critics lately because this summer they started playing games with screening access and while they have been ticking me off with their new policy – it’s why I refused to see or review The Simpson’s Movie, I can’t fault the Home Video division, so with that said, we have five copies of the recently released Live Free or Die Hard Unrated, 2 Disc Special Edition DVD (what a mouthful) to giveaway! Check out our reviews of the movie here. To win, let us know what your favorite Bruce Willis film is, or your fondest memory of the Die Hard Trilogy. We’ll run this contest until December 12, 2007. On that date shoot us an email with your Full Name, Address, and User ID. Be sure to check out the amazing Blu-Ray version of LFDH, it includes an unlocked digital copy of the movie that you can play on your portable devices. And yes, I’m aware that I probably misspelled Kayay!

Battlestar Galactica: Razor DVD Giveaway and Exclusive SFX Shots!!


Hey, hey, we have another fantastic contest for you. Because we’ve been such good whores for all things BSG, the folks at Universal Home Video have given us five copies to give away. The DVD hits the street on Dec. 4 and will be a two disk extravaganza. This contest will run for the next two weeks. On Wednesday, Dec 12 shoot me an email with your full mailing address and User ID. That’s it. Post a comment about BSG, or the SCI-Fi Network for a chance to win, it’s that simple.

In the meantime check out some of these exclusive SFX shots! These shots are not your typical approved artwork, this comes directly from the pipeline of production at Universal Studios. Our source had a chance to meet with the BATTLESTAR GALACTICA editors, and they pulled this actual step-by-step visual effects sequence from the show. Warning, these are nice huge pictures. Continue reading Battlestar Galactica: Razor DVD Giveaway and Exclusive SFX Shots!!

Rescue Dawn DVD Contest!




Rescue Dawn is one of the year’s best films, don’t be surprised if Christian Bale doesn’t get some award nominations for his steller performance as Dieter Dengler, one of the first American pilots shot down during the early stages of the Vietnam War. Not only did he survive an horable ordeal but he managed to escape as well. Bale is absolutely amazing in this film, it’s a shame that it got lost in the summer blockbuster season. But courtesy of MGM Home video you have a chance revisit this excellent film and get a free copy of the DVD. I really hope MGM is smart enough to launch an award campaign around this film, it is one of the year’s best. Also you can check out my interview with Christian Bale, Director Werner Herzog, Steve Zahn and others. To win this DVD, read the Press release and leave a comment about your favorite Christian Bale movie and why. Personally I know many of you will say Batman Begins, but my favorite CB film is the little know Equilibrium he was really bad ass in that part. Then of course there’s American Psycho and his love of Huey Lewis and Phil Collins. We have five copies of this DVD the contest will run November 12 to 27, 2007. Continue reading Rescue Dawn DVD Contest!

Win The Princess Bride 20th Anniversary DVD!

The Princess Bride DVD Giveaway

Talk about triple dipping, one of my all time favorite movies – The Princess Bride has a yet another DVD Edition coming out in honor of its 20th anniversary. I think this DVD, this is a 2 disk feature packed set. I’m not sure what those features are, but it’ll probably contain everything that was on the last set, which was an AMAZING package! It’s one of the most flawless movies you’ll ever see – it has action, romance, drama, and is hysterically funny. I LOVE this film and if you don’t already own one of the many versions of this film.

The Princess Bride DVD Giveaway

Courtesy of our friends at MGM Home Video and the Geek Acres Podcast – run by long time EM Reader Doug Rapson you can win this DVD. I want to give this to someone who loves this film as much as me, so to win, post a comment about the film – extra points goes to comments about your first time seeing it and your fondest memory. This contest will run for 2 weeks from November 7, 2007 to Tuesday November 20th, 2007. I will select five winners at random, but to qualify you must post at least one comment here about The Princess Bride. This DVD hits the stores November 13, 2007!!

Transformers: Bay-Spielberg Collaboration Yields Action Flick With Heart!

Transformers DVD Review

If you didn’t see Transformers in a theatre, you missed one of the biggest treats of this last summer’s crop of blockbusters. Simply put, Transformers is the best live action film to have been based on a line of toys, or an animated TV series.

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Death Proof: Extended and Unrated; Resident Evil/Resident Evil: Apocalypse Resurrection Edition; 3:10 To Yuma; The Dark Crystal: 25th Anniversary Edition DVD Reviews - Death Proof

Okay, kiddies… We’ve got all manner of strangeness for you, today. First up is Quentin Tarantino’s fusion of cars & babes flicks with slasher movies, Death Proof – in it’s extended [by which we mean full] version. Then there’s the new repackaging of the first two Resident Evil movies in what they’re calling the Resurrection Edition. Hey! Zombie dogs! Next we’ve got the original 3:10 To Yuma – a much different version than the recent, excellent film – but just as twisted. Finally, Jim Henson’s first full length feature with only puppets, the amazing The Dark Crystal – in this spiffy 25th Anniversary Edition!

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