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Legends Gather in DC’s First Wave!

First Wave

Lester Dent’s Doc Savage. Bob Kane’s Batman. Will Eisner’s The Spirit. Legends all – and now they come together, along with Richard ‘The Avenger’ Benson, another pulp hero, and will Eisner’s other great creation, The Blackhawks, to take on a megalomaniacal villain [is there any other kind?] who plans to bring the world peace. By force!

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The Ballad of Halo Jones: Play It Again, Yortlebluzzgubbly!


There are a lot of tough ladies in science fiction – Robert A. Heinlein’s Friday, Tanya Huff’s Gunnery Sergeant Torin Kerr, David Weber’s Honor Harrington – and I love them all, but when push comes to inevitable shove, I have to say that my favorite is Alan Moore’s Halo Jones – whose adventures in England’s legendary 2000 A.D. have been collected into graphic novel format by 2000 A.D./Rebellion A/S.

Who is Halo Jones [I hear you ask]?

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Captain Steve No More, Long Live Captain America!

Captain America #1

Captain America #1, the first issue of an all new ongoing series premiering in July from two of the comic industry’s most acclaimed creators—writer Ed Brubaker (Death of Captain America) and artist Steve McNiven (Civil War)!

Steve Rogers is back as Captain America but when a mysterious figure from his past returns with the Sentinel of Liberty in his crosshairs, deadly secrets will surface—and send shockwaves through the lives of everyone Steve holds dear. An all-new, high octane Captain America series begins here, just in time for the First Avenger’s highly anticipated feature film from Marvel Studios.

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Dorothy of Oz Comic Unveiled at WonderCon; Plus Win the Comic Contest

Fans of the beloved “Oz” franchise will get a glimpse of the Emerald City with the official unveiling of the Dorothy of Oz limited edition comic book Saturday, April 2 at San Francisco’s 2011 WonderCon.  Ten lucky Ozians who can’t make the voyage to San Francisco will also win the comic in an exclusive Facebook Fan contest. Entrants must submit a personal video explaining in 60 seconds or less why they are excited about DOROTHY OF OZ and why they are the biggest OZ-fans on Facebook. It will run worldwide from Wednesday, March 30 through Wednesday, April 6.

There is also a forthcoming animated feature film starring Lea Michele (“Dorothy”), Martin Short (“The Jester”), Jim Belushi (“The no-longer Cowardly Lion”), Dan Aykroyd (“Scarecrow”), Kelsey Grammer (“The Tin Man”), Oliver Platt (“Wiser the Owl”), Hugh Dancy (“Marshall Mallow”), Megan Hilty (“China Princess”) and Patrick Stewart (“Tugg”).

Now, it has been a while since I’ve collected comics, so I’m not sure if this will be as big a buzz as the Godzilla one (which completely sold out in  one  day!), but it is an interesting concept based on the old classic.  The complete press release follows the jump.

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EXCLUSIVE – Marvel’s Fear Itself, First Look!!

The Folks at Marvel are giving EM Readers an Exclusive first look at their summer event – Fear Itself. Check out the video!

Iron Breaks. Soldiers Fall. Gods Die.

Get your first look at the official trailer to FEAR ITSELF #1 right here! Comic luminaries Matt Fraction and Stuart Immonen deliver the most anticipated event of 2011, as Spider-Man, Captain America, Wolverine, Iron Man and the rest of Earth’s mightiest heroes find themselves embroiled in a war against the God of Fear…and at the center of a secret that will tock the Marvel Universe.

NBC Provides First Look at New Wonder Woman


Of all the superheroes, Wonder Woman has yet to make it to either the big screen or the small screen.  A big screen project was in the works for years, never coming to fruition. And now, amid much controversy, NBC has taken the reins to bring Wonder Woman to viewers as a weekly series.  Fans have expressed many doubts along the way including concerns over the possibly-campy, unflattering script, casting of an appropriate actress, and even concerns about the choice of costume.  DC made a decision to change the heroine’s costume in the comics world, from the patriotic swimsuit to a more contemporary and less revealing outfit, as was shown in this Eclipse posting a while back.  The new outfit seems to be a combination of the iconic skimpy one and the newer urban one.   More analysis follows.  Continue reading NBC Provides First Look at New Wonder Woman

Mongrol Smush! Classic character from 2000 AD brought to SMUSHING life by threeAToys


One of the all-time classic characters from the pages of 2000 AD is being brought to life by threeAToys.
Mongrol is the first in a series of 1/6th figures of the ABC Warriors – a band of renegade robots designed to fight a future war and able to withstand ‘Atomic’, ‘Bacterial’ and ‘Chemical’ warfare – by renowned toys creators threeAToys.
Known for his brutal catchphrase „Mongrol smush!?, the immensely strong battle-droid is always itching for a fight. Standing at 30cm high, and with a shoulder width of 35cm, this fully articulated figure will make a thrilling addition to any fans? collection.

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Marvel Weekly #1 – February 7th

Marvel Fear Itself Spider-Man

Every week the fine folks at Marvel send over a bunch of images of their hot upcoming books. Starting this week, I’m going to group all the images into this one handy feature called Marvel Weekly. In this first installment we have the cover of Spider-man’s Fear Itself Poster, the first five pages of Captain America 615.1 and a couple of Secret Avengers Covers. Enjoy!

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