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GRAPHIC NOVELS: [Forty-Five] Creates a Unique New World!


Anyone who’s read previous Com.X releases [Cla$$War, Razorjack, etc.] will likely be delighted with the publisher’s newest release, [Forty-Five]. It’s a unique idea that may have been inspired – at least in part – Who’s Who collections of the sort that Marvel and DC have published in the past, but with one unique twist. Rather than just being a collection of the various heroes and villains from a singular universe, creator/writer Andi Ewington presents the forty-five characters [super, normal and/or mech-based] as part of a search by its author, journalist James Stanley as he ponders the possible directions that his about-to-be-born first child might take – especially if he’s born with superpowers!

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MOVIES: All-New Spider-Man in 2012 – New Writer, New Director, New Cast!

Sony’s billion-dollar Spider-Man franchise is undergoing a complete overhaul. According to, creative differences have led to Sam Raimi pulling out of Spider-Man 4.


Now the next Spider-Man film will be written by Jamie Vanderbilt [Zodiac] and will reboot the series – taking Peter Parker back to high school, where he will be a teenager dealing with contemporary teen problems while simultaneously dealing with the problems of a neophyte superhero.

The film will have a new cast and director. A start fate for film is yet to be determined with a targeted release date of “summer 2012.”

Comic Books: Marvel Proclaims 2010 The Year of Spiderman!

I usually don’t post dumb teasers like this, but hey it’s a slow news week and I’m genuinely curious about what Marvel has planned for Spiderman in 2010. Every since that dumb retcon a couple of years ago, I have to admit Spiderman has been on a roll lately, I still think he should get back together with M.J. Marvel sent along this little teaser but what does it all mean? I found it odd that Spiderman (except for a couple of one shots and the 5 part American Son arc) didn’t have much to do with all the Dark Reign sillyness (which is why the book has remained good), when you consider if anyone should take down Norman Osborn and end his Dark Reign it should be Spiderman and if he does, how would that affect his standing in the Marvel U?

COMICS: Deadlocke – Let’s Talk Anger Issues!

Sometimes the story of how a comic comes to be is almost as interesting as the comic itself [think the metamorphosis of The Middleman from spec script to comic; from comic to TV series, and from TV series back to comic…]. Deadlocke, written by Arvid Nelson and drawn by Nick Stakal, has followed almost as interesting path.


This fresh take on the Jekyll/Hyde story first saw the light of day as a young adult novel called Venomous, by Chris Krovatin. Krovatin then adapted the novel into a movie script which, in turn, has become the comic Deadlocke.

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GRAPHIC NOVEL: The Surrogates: How Can There Be Human Contact In a World of Surrogates?

The Surrogates is a graphic novel that postulates a world in which we live vicariously through simulacra of ourselves to which we are connected cybernetically. Safe at home, we can work dangerous jobs without fear. A fireman’s surrogate can dash into a flaming building to rescue its inhabitants without any fear of his actual body suffering damage. Someone walking down the sidewalk need not fear falling objects, or an out of control car lurching onto that sidewalk. If an accident occurs, only the surrogate will be damaged. Its human operator will remain, safe and sound, at home.


In this world, surrogates have become big business – an overwhelming majority of United States citizens either own a surrogate outright, or are buying one on credit terms. This is the world that writer Robert Venditti and artist Brett Weldele have created. On the surface, it seems like an ideal world – once dangerous jobs are now no riskier than doing a crossword puzzle; sexually transmitted diseases no longer bar us from experimenting as we please. Even vanity is swerved – one’s surrogate can be specifically ordered to represent an idealized image of oneself.

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COMIC BOOKS: J. Michael Straczynski Tackles DC Team Book The Brave and The Bold!

For many comics buffs, the news that the creator of Babylon 5 has taken on a new challenge might be old news. But for readers and filmgoers who connect his name to The Changeling, or the upcoming Ninja Assassin, knowing that Straczynski, who prefers to go by Joe, is writing team-ups in The Brave & The Bold might just persuade the, to check the book out.

B&B #27

Joe’s writing debuts in The Brave and the Bold #27, on stands now, on a tale entitled Death of a H.E.R.O. Besides the Caped Crusader, the main characters are Robby Reed, a teen-ager who found a mysterious dial that allows him to be a unique superhero by simply dialling the letters H-E-R-O and to return to normal by reversing the process, and an unemployed, down on his luck street thug named Travis Milton.

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GRAPHIC NOVEL: Richard Stark’s The Hunter is Vicious, Violent and Hard!


When Donald E. Westlake created the criminal force of nature he called Parker, he chose to publish it under a pseudonym that was singularly appropriate, Richard Stark. If there’s a single work that could describe Parker, it would be Stark. Richard Stark’s The Hunter is the first book in the series that Westlake wrote, and, until now, he had never allowed an adaptation to use the Parker name. That tells you how highly he regarded the work of Darwyn Cooke on this first adaptation [Cooke hopes to adapt all of the Parker novels to the graphic novel form].

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Graphic Novels: Angel: Smile Time – Of Puppets and Vampires!

One of the best episodes of television’s Angel was an episode called Smile time – in which Angel became a muppet-like puppet while investigating a children’s show that appeared to be putting children into comas, while sporting Joker-like rictus-grins. Like the best eps of the series, Smile Time combined off-the-wall horror with equally off-the-wall humor.


IDW adapted the episode into a three-issue mini-series and followed it up with a puppet/werewolf date and a mini-series that followed Spike and green demon Lorne to Japan, where a Japanese version of the deadly kiddie show was doing the same thing to Japanese kids.

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COMIC BOOKS: Astro Boy: The Movie – Osamu Tezuka’s Legendary Creation Soars Again!

Astro Boy is back with a bang in IDW’s adaptation of the forthcoming [October] movie. Distilling the essence of a character that has been a long-running manga; two television series and now “a major motion picture” can’t be easy. After all, there are several decades of Astro Boy material in one form or another.


The first issue of the IDW mini-series, adapted by Scott Tipton and Dave Tipton, with art by E.J. Su, begins at the very beginning [a very good place to start] and introduces us to most of the main characters: Dr. Tenma and his son, Toby; Orrin, Tenma’s butler/chauffeur, Professor Elefun, and President Stone among them.

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Walt Disney Co. is about to lay out $4 billion to add Marvel Comics to its family – uniting Spider-Man and Mickey Mouse under the same banner. The purpose of the acquisition is to enable Disney to reconnect with the young, male audience it has been losing over the last several years.


While the timing of the deal may seem odd, taking place as it does in a time when the media business is coping with shrinking audiences and declining advertisers, Disney will be acquiring a stable of very popular characters to use in virtually arm of its business interests. Movies, television, comic books, theme parks; live action, animation – for Disney – and Marvel, too – this could be a match made in financial heaven.

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GRAPHIC NOVELS: The Spirit of Chuck Jones Lives On In PATH!

Doppler is a bipedal rabbit with the worst luck – and he has two rabbit’s feet! So, there he is, stuck in a pit and about to become a crocidog’s breakfast when out of the sky comes hurtling… an elephant! Sucker lands right on the crocidog! Unfortunately, Doppler’s luck, being what it is, things don’t quite work out – even as he and his new bestest pal scramble out of the pit. Right into more trouble…


PATH is an energetic, sepia-toned ride. For most of its eighty pages [not including covers], Gregory S. Baldwin’s odd couple race or one problem to another, generating shocks, surprises and most of all, laughs. Then, just when you finally twig to the whole Road Runner/Wiley Coyote vibe, he pulls a fast one and lays on an effective bit of poignancy.

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