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Marvel Weekly #1 – February 7th

Marvel Fear Itself Spider-Man

Every week the fine folks at Marvel send over a bunch of images of their hot upcoming books. Starting this week, I’m going to group all the images into this one handy feature called Marvel Weekly. In this first installment we have the cover of Spider-man’s Fear Itself Poster, the first five pages of Captain America 615.1 and a couple of Secret Avengers Covers. Enjoy!

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GANTZ Gets Hollywood Premiere As Live-Action Adaptation Of Hit Manga Gets Special One Night Event Across America!

Gantz 1 - Hiroya Oku-Shueisha - GANTZ Film Partners

GANTZ, a live action film based on the hit manga of the same name, will play in 334 theaters across America – including five in Maryland – with a special screening at the Mann’s Chinese 6 in Hollywood. The special Hollywood screening will be followed by a discussion and interviews with cast members with Otaku USA Editor-in-Chief, Patrick Macias. The event is being presented by San Francisco’s New People, an entertainment company that specializes in bringing ‘the latest examples of Japanese pop culture’ to America. 

The press release and summary – and link to the list of locations involved – follow the jump.

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Com.X Takes An Unexpected Step Into Real Life With Autobiographical Graphic Novel Of A Life Changed By Cancer!


Com.X – the British comics/graphic novel publisher that has received critical acclaim for books ranging from Watchmen-like dystopias, anthropomorphized animals, and tales of horrific alternate dimensions – is releasing a graphic novel , called Seeds, that tells the story of writer/artist Ross Mackintosh’s experiences as his father fought against a spreading cancer.

It’s a moving tale, told in a straightforward manner that evokes the kind of power of a Persepolis. The art page that serves as the marketing tease for the book follows the jump. Seeds will be available for order in the February Diamond Catalogue.

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Marvel’s Black Panther Comes To DVD!

Black Panther

The six-episode Marvel Knights Animation Presents Black Panther is coming to DVD! Based on the graphic novel by Reginald Hudlin and John Romita Jr., Black Panther features an all-star voice cast that includes Oscar® Nominee Djimon Hounsou [Blood Diamond], Grammy® Winner Jill Scott [#1 Ladies’ Detective Agency] and Golden Globe® Winner Alfre Woodard [Memphis Beat, True Blood].

Marvel Knights Animation Presents Black Panther will be released on January 18, 2011.

For details, check out the official press release following the jump.

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Spider-Man is going to DIE!!!!

The Death of Spider-Man

I absolutely loathe stunts and events in comics, it’s why I stopped collecting them over 20 years ago. Listening to Comic Book podcasts over the last few years and stumbling upon Ultimate Spider-Man has restarted my love of comic books. A few years ago Marvel shocked the world by killing Captain America, this year DC killed off Bruce Wayne and brought him back almost the exact same way Marvel brought Captain America back.  Now the folks at Marvel are going to kill off the only decent character they really have and that’s Ultimate Spider-Man!  I do not acknowledge the travesty that is Brand New Day Spider-Man (shudders). If they killed him off, I’d scream with joy. But no, they are going to kill off the Spider-Man that I love! Of course they’ll bring him back a year later (in time for the movie reboot) – he’ll probably be lost in time as well.  The prelude starts in 153 – what is with this retarded numbering system!? Ultimate Spider-Man went to issue 133 (I believe) then the numbering restarted to issue #1, I’m on issue 15 and now they are going back to 153? WTH????   Anyway, I despise this stupid idea!  The story is being written by Brian Michael Bendis and Mark Millar (whose writing I generally loathe). This arc starts in February. Is there any point in me continuing my Ultimate Spider-Man Subscription? If I was a conspiracy buff I’d say Marvel is doing this because the quality of Ultimate Spider-Man consistently blows away BND Spidey! Full Press Release after the break.

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March Story – Watch Out or the Ills Will Get You!


‘You must never touch things if you don’t know what they are,’ says March at the beginning of Volume 1 of March Story, a darkly entertaining manga from VIZ Media. Ills are dark spirits that hide within the form of beautiful works of art and possess the unwary who come in contact with them – forcing them to acts of unspeakable violence. March is one of the Ciste Vihad, hunters who track down the Ills – and/or the unfortunates who have become possessed by them. Some they can save. Others…

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New York Comic Con 2010 In Photos

NYCC 2010 2010-10-09 026

Corey Feldman at New York Comic Con . Talked a lot about everything from Goonies II, Lost Boys, Corey Haim, and more.

This year’s New York Comic Con was an odd duck. There wasn’t a big Hollywood presence this year, but for the first time they had the entire Jacob Center and sold out. I went on Saturday and spent some time on the show floor. I got a chance to sit down with 80’s icon Corey Feldman (who was very gracious and forthcoming with every question asked), got a hug from Eric Bana, sat in a really cool Alien Pod, chatted up the creator of the Buffy Motion Comic and told Carey Elwes that I was proud of myself because I didn’t ask him any questions about Princess Bride and had a chat with the VP of Marketing at Anchor Bay, told Jim Shooter that I wasn’t in his booth  to see him because I was looking for the Buffy guy (Jeff Shuter) – I  think I was rude to him – but I was on a mission and I passed by Neil Adams.  So yes, a very weird day.  I walked upstairs to the Autograph area and that was a madhouse.  I’m not as young as I used to be and can no longer hang with you young’ns…  I bailed on the show at around 4ish. I will have some video, audio and other interviews later this week. Check out some of these cool photos.

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Baltimore Comic-Con This Weekend!

Baltimore Comic Con 2010

Forget the racist, hate rally on the Mall tomorrow, come to where all the lovin’ is happening – Baltimore’s 11th Annual Comic-Con is happening this weekend at the Baltimore Convention Center. Highlights from this year’s show include the Annual Harvey Awards tomorrow night, there’s going to be a Walk of the Dead (and Beer Crawl) from 4pm – 2am it starts at Federal Hill and goes to Canton Hall, and since this is a smaller show the focus is squarely on Comic Books, most of the top names in the business will be there including Terry Moore, Mark Waid, Todd McFarlane and others. Great Panels including DC Nation and Mondo Marvel.  I don’t have much access at this year’s show – how is that possible? I’m A list in San Diego and NY but in my home town I’m a nobody? Whine….. So It should actually be fun, I can just soak it in and take a bunch of pictures and enjoy it.

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