Brutal/Tender Trailer: Six Rounds!

Six Rounds – Stally (Adam J. Bernard) – Photo courtesy of HKZ Productions

Amongst the 2011 London riots, a former boxer, Stally (Adam J Bernard), must choose between his lower class past plagued by crime or a new future in a middle class society that he doesn’t fit into. Will he choose to go back into his life of crime and save the life of his best friend? Or will he choose to step forwards to be with the love of this life, Mermaid (Phoebe Torrance )and his more comfortable and alien life?

Six Rounds will premiere on April 21st.

SIX ROUNDS, a film about the London riots in 2011, was released last night in the UK. With it’s US release pending on the 21st of April.

In a night of adulation from critics and viewers alike about the film, it’s lead actor Adam J Bernard (Star Wars: Force Awakens) won an Olivier Awards at London’s prestigious Royal Albert Hall.
The film has been gathering in pace since the announcement of it’s acquisition and release back in February. This is another on the long list of positive news from the film. Most recently the director, Marcus Flemmings, was given centerstage by the Evening Standard where he discussed the film, diversity in the British Film industry and the riots themselves.
Bernard, won his award in the Best Actor in a Supporting in a Musical category, for his revered performance as Jimmy Early in the West End musical Dreamgirls.
And is now out on general release here.