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• Behind the Story o Commentary with star/writer Mike Myers and director Jay Roach • Additional Footage Five deleted scenes and two alternate endings o Original ending #1 o Original ending #2 o The Henchman’s Wife o The Bachelor Party o We’re Called Flight Attendants o Cheeses of the World Series o Fendi Briefcase • Music o “Music to Shag To” – Animated sequence with a retro 60s background that has spliced together stills of Austin Powers and Vanessa “dancing” to a piece of the musical score • Trailers o Theatrical trailer

Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me He’s back – back in the 1960s. Secret agent Austin Powers (Mike Myers) hops in a top-secret time machine and zips 30 years back to 1969 to confront Dr. Evil (Myers) and his latest, vilest scheme. Evil is eviler – he has a diminutive clone Mini-Me (Verne J. Troyer) and massive Fat Bastard (Myers) as a henchmen. Austin, who “put the grrr in swinger, baby,” is swingier…if he and fab spy chick Felicity Shagwell (Heather Graham) can recover the mojo Evil stole from Austin.

• Behind the Story o Commentary with star/writer Mike Myers, director Jay Roach and co-writer Michael McCullers o Comedy Central’s “The Dr. Evil Story” – Faux biography-like documentary detailing the history of Dr. Evil o Behind the Scenes of Austin Powers The Spy Who Shagged Me – Featurette detailing various aspects of the film’s characters, costumes and plot • Additional Footage Deleted Scenes o Secrets o Trading Compliment o Extra Foam o Nanook o Who Wants to Eat Him o Be Strong o Mini-Me and Number 2 o How do you do? o A Chair Problem o Ambush o A Table Problem o Drink? o Number 2 and Fat Bastard o Being Cautious o Mini-Me Bites o Odor Problem o You Are So Beautiful o Sexy Detector o Arbitrary Orders o 2 Plus 2 o Montage • Music o Music Videos • Madonna – “Beautiful Stranger” • Lenny Kravitz – “American Woman” • Melanie B (aka Scary Spice) – “Word Up” • Dr. Evil and Mini-Me – “Just the Two of Us” • Trailers o Teaser A o Teaser B o Theatrical trailer

Austin Powers in Goldmember The mission for Austin (Mike Myers): Shake booty into the glittery roller-disco days of 1975 and rescue his suave spy dad (Michael Caine) from the scheme of – Shh! – Dr. Evil (Myers). The minions: freaky-flakey Goldmember, Fat Bastard (both played by Myers) and Mini Me (Verne Troyer). The minx: Austin’s sassy ex-squeeze Foxxy Cleopatra (Beyoncé Knowles). The result: a three-for-all of grooviness that whisks from the 2000s to the 1970s and back to the 2000s – the screamingly funny third Austin Powers!

• Behind the Story o Commentary with star/writer Mike Myers and director Jay Roach o Fact Track – Subtitle track with trivia and fun facts o MI-6: International Men of Mystery – Featurette on the real British MI-6 o English, English – Origins of the “English English” slang used between Austin Powers and his dad o Disco Fever – Featurette on revisiting 70s culture and music in Goldmember o Fashion vs. Fiction – Featurette on creating elaborate retro costumes in Goldmember o Jay Roach & Mike Myers: Creative Convergence – Process of Mike Myers immersing himself in multiple film characters o Confluence of Characters – Behind the scenes with the actors and their interpretations of their respective character.