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The StoryThis summer, fantasy becomes reality in Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within.Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within emerges from its successful interactive game roots to deliver an exciting new breed of motion picture adventure. A fresh, provocative take on the sci-fi genre, the film blends spiritual underpinnings and the universal concerns of man vs. nature with the energy of the digital gaming medium and the scope of the motion picture environment.Final Fantasy game creator Hironobu Sakaguchi’s vision to take the latest in computer graphic technology and the best artists in the world to create a brand new form of entertainment now comes to the big screen-a visual feast of concept, motion, design and imagination with all-new, hyperReal characters embarking on an all-new adventure.””I have always wanted to create a new form of entertainment that fuses the technical wizardry of interactive games with the sensational visual effects of motion pictures,”” says Sakaguchi. “”Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within takes us one step closer to that dream.””With the flexibility of these hyperReal characters,”” Sakaguchi continues, “”it really opens up new doors and a whole new level of ideas and possibilities for feature films and entertainment.””Adds Chris Lee, one of the film’s producers, “”We have created technology to expand the envelope of what is possible for computer-generated human characters.”” Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within represents the continuing evolution of the synergy between video gaming and cinema. It is the next creative step from the trendsetting Final Fantasy game series, which has sold more than 33 million units worldwide and ranks as one of the most popular interactive game franchises of all time. Each game and the film are originated from Final Fantasy’s rich storytelling tradition and underlying themes of love, friendship, dreams, epic adventure, life and death with a spiritual backdrop. The game series is renowned for creating genuinely touching characters and relationships and for always leaving players wanting more. Each installment has started anew with fresh characters and storylines in order to present a self-contained story. “”That’s the philosophy that Sakaguchi brought to the movie as well,”” says Chris Lee.””This is the first time that a film inspired by a video game has been directed by the creator of the game, in the medium of the game,”” he continues. “”What gamers have come to love about Final Fantasy is that Sakaguchi always raises the bar in terms of the images he produces and the storylines he creates. Those are the same standards that were applied to making this movie.””This is a chance to tell a great human story with a completely different medium. Only Sakaguchi would have the vision to take what he had learned in gaming and apply it to the motion picture process,”” says Lee. Yet while capturing the kind of excitement, energy and integrity presented in the phenomenally successful game series, “”the film’s subject matter and plot appeals not just to gamers but to a wide audience of moviegoers.””Columbia Pictures and Square Pictures present Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within. Hironobu Sakaguchi directs from an original screenplay written by Al Reinert and Jeff Vintar. Story by Sakaguchi. Motonori Sakakibara co-directs. The film features the voices of actors Alec Baldwin, Steve Buscemi, Peri Gilpin, Ming-Na, Ving Rhames, Donald Sutherland and James Woods, among others. Sakaguchi, Jun Aida and Chris Lee are producers.The film’s creative team includes director of photography Motonori Sakakibara, animation director Andy Jones, conceptual director Tani Kunitake, character technical director Kevin Ochs, senior animator Roy Sato, VFX supervisor Remo Balcells and composer Elliot Goldenthal. Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within has been rated PG-13 by the MPAA for sci-fi action violence. If you are already a registered member, please drop me an email at and let us know you want to be entered. All non-registered users, please click below to enter the contest. When you click on the link, it will take you to our member profile page, just create a profile, you will automatically be entered into the FF drawing, and placed on our newsletter list. The weekly newsletter will contain site updates, and info on other future contests.