Avengers: Endgame 4K UHD Digital Review and Clips

What up home sickles. I hate myself, even though I per-ordered the 4K UHD version of Avengers: Endgame, I couldn’t help myself. I still purchased the 4K UHD version on Vudu.  I checked out all the extra features and spot checked the Video and Audio Quality. The full video review is below along with some clips. I will have a full 4K UHD Review for you in a few weeks. Problem with doing reviews of streaming quality is, it’s very much dependent on the quality of your internet connection. So my experience streaming this may be different than yours.

Video Review

Equipment Used

  • TV – LG Oled B7 55 Inch
  • Audio – Sony Z9F Dolby Atmos Soundbar
  • UHD Player – Panasonic UB-820
  • Streamed on Built In Vudu App

Video Quality

There were a couple of moments of nice HDR usage.  The final battle sequence was full of color and pop, and most of the off earth stuff like Thano’s farm, and the planet with the soul stone all gave me the 4K HDR that I was looking . There were some nice deep blacks on display when they were in space and Rocket’s ship had some nice shine and detail against the black backgrounds.

The earth based scenes just looked flat and didn’t have much separation between the foreground and background so it didn’t have the 3D pop that I would have liked and the natural color tones were just blah and surprisingly soft. Especially on the faces.

I was especially salty that the picture was letterboxed instead of wide-screen and there were no iMax sequences.  You’d think the final battle would have had the large screen iMax presentation. With that said, aspect ratio switching triggers my imaginary OCD and annoys the crap out of me. Not only that but is just reaffirms my dislike of letterboxing as it goes from these beautiful wide shots that showcase everything on my big screen TV to showing “half the picture” a few minutes later.  In this day and age when most 4K TVs are 55 inches or larger, I don’t understand why we still have to put up with letterboxing. It’s annoying. Are we still going to have letterboxing when things go 8K?

Video Quality an C


Since I’m currently using an Soundbar it wouldn’t be fair to judge the quality of the Atmos mix. But I will say this mix sounded great. It was punchy and nicely mixed and the Avengers theme gets me every time.


A little disappointed in the extras, there are no commentary tracks and there are only about 28 minutes of featurettes that include a blooper real, a look at some of the Avengers and 6 minutes of deleted scenes. Usually, I hate deleted scenes and think they are a waste of time, but I loved every one of the deleted scenes here.

There’s a fabulous 1 minute clip that shows the avengers kneeling and paying respect to Tony after his sacrifice, an hysterical scene with Rocket mocking the Avengers for taking so long in the Battle of New York and a fun moment between Rhodie and Captain America when he asks Cap why he didn’t just jump out of the plane.


Extras Get a B

Final Comment

At a ridiculous $24.99 I would not recommend this digital stream, wait for a sale. Although you’ll be waiting for a while as Marvel Digital movies very rarely go on sale. Wait two weeks and get the 4K UHD Package for $29.99 and you’ll get the Digital Copy anyway.