Avatar Blu-ray finally reviewed by Michelle! It’s Beautiful!

Avatar Blu-ray Reviwe

This is a very easy Blu-ray review to write. It’s taken me a few weeks to review the biggest selling Blu-ray release of all time because the people at Fox Home Video are slick hucksters. The did not send out review copies of this until after the Blu-ray hit the retail stores, making us sort of irrelevant to the process. I’ve made my feelings on Avatar perfectly clear in my original review, but to sum it up I thought it was just Ok and the Imax 3D sucked. I really didn’t get what all the hoopla was about.

After viewing this on Blu-ray, I have to saw WOW! I still think the story sucks but the visuals on this disc are so rich, detailed and beautiful that I felt like I was watching “3D” without the glasses. The depth of field, combined with the amazing audio (the best audio I’ve ever heard on my system) provides a truly unique home viewing experience. This is reference quality work, folks. I just wish the story was better and it had anyone other than boring, bland Sam Worthington in the lead.

They at least give us some subtitles in English, French, Spanish and Portuguese. Audio options are 5.1 DTS HD, English Surround Sound, English 5.1 Descriptive Sound, Spanish 5.1 Dolby Digital, French 5.1 Digital, Portuguese 5.1 Digital.

Avatar Blu-ray Review

I love the boys and girls at Fox Home Video, they have always been big supporters of Eclipse, ten years ago they were the first studio to send me my first round of DVDs, but they really should have given Avatar Fans what they wanted which is a full featured release, not this halfhearted effort. The marketing ploy worked though, this has become the highest selling Blu-ray of all time and in November they are going to the well once again.

After viewing this disc, I accept their excuse that this disc is so rich in detail that they could only fit the 2:40 minute movie on the disc. But that’s why you have collections, they could have thrown all the extras on a 2nd disc and made everyone happy. I wish I could recommend this version, but there’s a better one coming in November. I would rent it now; buy the special edition in the fall.


  • Movie – C
  • Picture Quality – A+
  • Audio – A
  • Features – F

Final Overall Grade – B

EM Review
by Michelle Alexandria
Originally posted 5.16.2010