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Ugly Americans Volume One – One Man Is The System!


In the New York city of an alternate universe, Mark Lilly [voiced by Matt Oberg] is literally fighting the system from within since the Department of Integration has been downsized to one working employee [him] – as opposed to his wizard colleague [who goes out of his way to avoid working] – to give Law enforcement the money they [say they] need. This makes Mark’s position literally unique – he is now the only official [functioning] functionary who can help werewolves, vampires, blobs and other arcane creatures integrate into New York society.

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Nick Frost and Simon Pegg Strike Again with Sci-Fi Comedy Paul!

Here’s your first look at the upcoming sci-fi comedy, Paul, written by Nick Frost and Simon Pegg.. Directed by Greg Mottola and starring Frost, Pegg and Seth Rogen [voicing Paul], it is the story of two British comic book geeks who pick up an unusual hitchhiker while on a road trip across the United States.

Paul will be released in North America on March 18,2001, by Universal Pictures.

Tower Prep – The Prisoner For Teens!


Over the last few months, I’ve been reading about The Cartoon Channel’s new live-action one-hour drama, Tower Prep [Tuesdays, 8/7C]. If people aren’t comparing it to Lost, they’re comparing it to Lost. Seriously. The series is about a student whose worst crime was to stand to a bully to make him leave his friend alone, and who wakes up the next morning in a dorm room with three other guys – all decked out in school uniforms. All he remembers – after being chewed out by a teacher; suspended for a week, and lectured by his parents – is playing an online game and connecting with a character that goes by Whisper 119. Then he turns on some tunes – which mutate into a buzzing noise, putting him to sleep.

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Win The Complete Series Set of ReBoot!


Win the Complete Series Set of ReBoot!

Shout!Factory and Rainmaker Entertainment have announced a unique contest that is sure to spark fans of ReBoot to new heights of creativity.

They’ve launched a contest in which the five fans who create the most distinctive takes on their favorite characters will have their art showcased in the line of ReBoot-related product that debuts next year. And, oh yeah, the five winners will also receive a copy of the complete series set!

Fans can enter at Details from the press release follow the jump.

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RED – Ridiculously Entertaining Diversion!


Remember Knight & Day? Probably not – it was a less than memorable film that mixed action, espionage and romance in ways that were awkward and unsatisfying – it was a bit of a box office disaster.

RED, on the other hand, takes all of those elements and throws in an element of “over the hill gang” whimsy in a manner that is both extraordinarily clever and, ultimately, gratifyingly silly.

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Monsterwolf Chews ‘Em Up!


Syfy’s Monsterwolf [tonight, 9/8C] is a vast improvement over most of the movies that the network originals that run on the “most dangerous night of the week.” The story is pretty simple – workers for Holter Oil blast away instead of respecting a Native American artifact and loose a dark guardian spirit, called the Kachinawaya,that begins targeting the company’s employees – but it’s done with a certain style and wit that go a long way towards compensating for the cheesy effects.

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Secretariat Is A Winner – But Not By 31 Lengths!


After giving us unmitigated pap like You Again, it’s nice to see a genuinely good live action movie from Disney. Secretariat is smart, has heart and manages to make historic events suspenseful – not the easiest trick to pull off.

Sure, when the film is away from the track it gets a little overwrought. Sure the score is a hair too insistent at times. Underneath that, however, is solid spine – the story of a housewife who parlays a lost coin toss into the last Triple Crown winner in racing history. And not just a Triple Crown winner, but a completely dominant one – winning the Belmont Stakes, the last leg of racing’s Triple Crown, by thirty-one lengths!

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ReBoot! Coming to DVD and Digital Platforms in 2011!


ReBoot, the innovative Canadian CG animated series about a civilization that exists inside a computer, is coming to DVD. The series’ production company, Rainmaker Entertainment, Inc. and Shout!Factory have agreed on a deal that will see the critically acclaimed series available in 2011.

Details follow the jump.

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