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I Am Number Four – A Little Romance, A Lot Of Action!


There are some producers whose stamp can be seen on a film regardless of who directed it [think Transformers – Steven Spielberg’s influence could be felt throughout, even above Michael Bay’s action sequences]. With I Am Number Four, it is Michael Bay’s influence that overrides D.J. Caruso’s direction in the final act – resulting in a film that may hew close to the novel [I haven’t read it, hence ‘may’] but falls apart, character-wise at the end.

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Area 51 Out-Cormans Corman!


One of Roger Corman’s important rules is that you don’t show the monster right away [a rule that a number of his productions for Syfy has ignored] – partly because what you imagine is scarier than anything you can put on screen, and partly because his usual budget didn’t allow for monsters that would hold up until intense scrutiny. Area 51 [Syfy, 9/8C] schools the master in that regard – also in smarts, suspense, effects and sheer fun.

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Jimmy Olsen Joins Warehouse 13!

Aaron Ashmore

Aaron Ashmore, Smallville’s version of the iconic Jimmy Olsen, will be replacing Joanne Kelly as Eddie McClintock’s partner on Warehouse 13 – at least temporarily.

Ashmore joins the series as Steve Jinks, a young ATF agent who has the innate ability to tell when someone is lying. Mrs. Frederic [CCH Pounder] brings him onto the Warehouse 13 team following Myka Bering’s [Kelly] resignation at the end of season two to be Pete Lattimer’s [McClintock] new partner. Though Bering remains a regualr character, her character arc remains unrevealed at this time.

Details from the official press release follow the jump.

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NBC Casts Maria Bello In North American Version Of Prime Suspect!

Maria Bello

Maria Bello is in final negotiations to fill Dame Helen Mirren’s metaphorically sizable shoes as Jane Tennison in the pilot for NBC’s take on the English crime classic, Prime Suspect according to The Hollywood Reporter.

The British series, which found Tennison rising in the ranks of Britain’s Metropolitan Police – despite office sexism and her own personal demons, is a dark, gritty and frequently horrific work that is far more suited for FX, Showtime or HBO, so it will be interesting to see how NBC handles it.

The Traveler Is For Val Kilmer Fans Only!

The Traveler

Like Nicolas Cage, Val Kilmer has made a number of really good, even great, movies – and twice as many dogs. Also like Cage, even a majority of Kilmer’s duds are worth watching just because he has that same kind of crazy lurking beneath the surface and you just don’t know what he’s going to do next. Sadly, Kilmer is the only reason to watch The Traveler – a supernatural potboiler that attempts to set up a dream logic then fails to produce.

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Criminal Minds: Suspect Behavior Is Already An Improvement On The Original Recipe!


When I first heard that Criminal Minds was getting a spin-off, I was appalled. I remain baffled that a series that is so misogynistic could be so popular. If the screener for Criminal Minds: Suspect Behavior [CBS, Wednesdays, 10/9C] is any indication, it is a better show – at least in terms of misogyny, or the lack of same.

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Mortal Kombat To Be Rebooted As Web Series!

Mortal Kombat was one of the very few movie adaptations of a videogame to actually work. No surprise then, that the franchise is making a comeback – the surprise is that it will be a web series starring Michael Jai White [Spawn, Black Dynamite] and Jeri Ryan [Star Trek Voyager, Dark Skies], according to a report by’s Darren Franich.

An even bigger surprise is that White and Ryan will be reprising the roles they played in the above video – a kind of unofficial test reel written and directed by Kevin Tancharoen, who will be working on the series.

Shooting for Mortal Kombat is underway for a premiere somewhere around the time of the new Mortal Kombat game.

Comedy Central’s First Annual Comedy Awards Nominations Revealed!


Multiple nominees abound in Comedy Central’s First Annual Comedy Awards nominations. NBC’s 30 Rock leads the way with seven, but The Office and Modern Family are close behind with four apiece. On the movie side, Easy A and Kick-Ass also garnered four noms.

Comedy Central’s Comedy Awards were created to award the best achievements in comedy in film and television – a category that is so often ignored by The Oscars® and The Emmys®. The First Annual comedy awards will be broadcast across several networks – Comedy Central, Spike TV, TV Land, VH1 and Nick At Nite – on Sunday, April 10, 2011.

The complete list of nominations follows the jump.

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