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to everyone reading on the first day we met

i may be delayed with the next chapters to the story…life has gotten in the way and i apologize…

hopefully, i can get the next two chapters done by tonight and have them up..if not it will be tomorrow

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well, i have one chapter which is going up right now…

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Detective and the Thief, Original Story..Prologue

The Detective and the Thief

An Original Story by Susan


“This is the place,” the professor said, looking at the ruins of something that resembled a dome. “This, my students, is what we’ve been studying, what I dreamed about finding all these years.”

“Haven?” one of the students, a young woman of about eighteen years of age, asked.

Professor Nelson Filbert nodded. “The Inner City to be exact.” He looked around smiling. “Sara, we have found the Inner Land.” He looked out into the distance, then pointed. “Somewhere out there, in that direction, is the Outer Land.”

“I have always wanted to stand at the Vantage Point,” another student said. “You could see so many beautiful things from there.”

“Yes, Owen, I know. We will get there and you will have your chance.”

“Come, over here,” Professor Filbert continued. “Bridget, let’s have a look at the map, shall we?”

The four of them spread it open to reveal two islands that resembled fingers. One was longer than the other.

“This,” Nelson Filbert continued, spreading his hands over the two islands, “was Haven, the most powerful kingdom in the entire Northern Province. This is where we are standing now, the beautiful Dome of the Inner City, which was located in the Inner Land. Over on the left was the Outer Land where the Vantage Point was situated.”

“Originally,” Owen said, “there was no Dome of the Inner City.”

“Yes, Owen,” Professor Filbert said, “in the beginning it was all one world. It was known as Haven and it’s capital was Safe Haven. On the other side, what before it became the Outer Land, was the Vantage Point and Safe Harbor, two of the biggest and most beautiful attractions.”

“I suppose,” Sara asked. “It would have been lovely to see that.”

“Yes, Sara,” Nelson said, “I would have loved to have seen that also, but remember, this happened long ago, to be more exact, the end of the 22nd century.”

“Pollution was not yet under control as it is today. Harmful algae or red tide blooms occur at any time without warning. Certain factors are present, such as temperature, the amount of saline and nutrients. No one knew the exact combination, not until the genius of two scientists from Haven, Sandor Gristman and Alwin Underhill. They developed the technology to stop red tide and keep it under control.”
“So the Dome was built because of the red tide?” Owen asked.

“Yes, Owen, it was, that was the main reason. They became heroes and as a reward for a job well done, they married the twin daughters of the King Zacaria and Queen Matilda. But the two got carried away. Within a year, Sandor and Alwin were arguing with each other. Alwin wanted to leave the Inner City and the Inner Land altogether and venture over to the Outer Land. He was convinced that the red tide had disappeared and everything was fine on the outside. And so, he and number of men fled from the Inner Land and retreated to the Outer Land. Six months later, almost everyone became sick, including the King Alwin. “

“And that’s when Lord Fallon shows up?” Sara said, smiling. “I love this part.”

Yes, Sara, I am glad you enjoy this part of story, this is my favorite part as well. So, sit back and listen to the story one more time. Now that we have arrived, you might appreciate it much more.”

And so Professor Nelson Filbert began to tell his tale.

the Detective and the Thief – Chapters 2 – 21


Chapter 2

“Were they really royalty, Professor?” Owen asked. “It seems funny that the people of that time would even have known about royalty?”

Nelson Filbert laughed. “Well, why not? There are kings and queens in the 26th century, aren’t there?”

“Only as history,” Sara pointed out. “I don’t believe that there was any real kings and queens, were there, Professor?

“No Sara,” a new voice called, “you are correct. The Princesses, the King and the Queen were named that as a matter of courtesy. The family, however, was descended from a long line of royalty and nobility, dating back to the middle ages.”

Nelson looked up and saw Judith Michaels standing there. She was his assistant on this trip. Judy had not been assigned to this trip, she had the nerve to walk in on him one day after class. She had mentioned that she had always been interested in finding the site and would love to go with him.

Judy had spent an entire afternoon explaining why she was needed. Nelson was impressed with her, but that wasn’t hard. He fell in love with her the minute she walked into his classroom. She was not only beautiful, but brilliant as well.

“Professor Michaels,” he said, standing up.

“Hello, Professor Filbert,” she said, “Sorry I am so late. The shuttle flight before this one was booked.”

“Well, you are only a few minutes behind. It doesn’t take as long to get from one coast to another anymore.”

Judith nodded. “Today’s skytrans make it seem as if you’ve never left. The flight from Boston to the Pacific Islands took only seconds.”

Nelson smiled. He turned to his class and opened the map. “One of the uncharted Pacific islands, not too far from Hawaii, although,“ he pointed to the spot, “it was closer to California.”

“The Dome,” Judith said, looking around, “this is what is left of the Inner City.”

Nelson nodded. “Well, now that you are here, maybe we should let the expert continue the story.”

“Perhaps I can help,” Judith said, starting to fiddle with her necklace. That was the one thing Nelson didn’t like, she always played with that necklace.

“I suppose we can both go over it together.”

And so the story continued.

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another ea alternative

i have two stories in movie fanfiction…hopefully will be able to add to soon..will be an original only it will be a different kind of cinderella story…

meanwhile you can read On the Day We First Met and Detective and the Thief in movie fanfiction…

thanks for all the support and encourgement you have given in the past…enjoy.. 😀

memorable movie scenes

my most memorable movie scene comes from my all time favorite movie, inherit the wind when spencer tracy (drummond) prosecutes frederic march (brady) in the courtroom after he is sworn in as a expert on the bible…will never forget that…acting at its very best…

The Detective and the Thief, Chapter 1

Chapter 1

Two children were delivered of the twin sisters, Princesses Aura and Justine on New Year’s Eve, in the year 2201. It was the 23rd century and it was an exciting time of anticipation for everyone.

To Sandor and Aura of the Inner Land was born a beautiful baby girl, Cordelia Michaela. In the Outer Land, where Alwin and Justine dwelt, the kingdom celebrated the birth of a baby boy, Jerod Owen. As the sisters had promised each other during their pregnancies, the children would be betrothed until they became of age when they would marry. It was done against the wishes of their husbands.

Each infant was given a small family crest, which was to be worn around their necks as was the royal custom. So that the two might recognize each other, as they grew older, half a ring was placed next to each crest. They were of the opinion that the union would ensure peace and prosperity between the Inner and Outer Land.

The red tide had not completely disappeared, but through the years, the Outer Land learned to cope with its appearance. It wouldn’t last that long and they learned to conserve certain domestic land animals as they waited for the algae to subside. For eighteen years, the people of the Outer Land had forgotten their arguments with the Inner Land and became independent never fearing the worst. When the red tide reared its ugly head yet again, it took people by surprise. This time it was far more serious. It lasted longer than everyone thought and was spreading to the land animals. Alwen pleaded for Sandor to share the technology, but it was to no avail. Even if Sandor was willing to share, he wanted a high price for the delivering and setting up the computer programs.

Alwen did the only thing available to him and that was to set up his end of the hardware and software on an old computer. His sons, Jerod and Devon helped develop part of the technology, known simply as POL1, according to their father’s specifications. It cleaned up the water and air for a time, but the computer was old and not fully developed. They still needed Sandor’s input, for if the computer went down or the chip failed, it would have to be replaced.

So the people of the Outer Land set up spies to find out when newer technology was being developed. A gang was soon formed with the notorious Lord Fallon as its leader. The stealing of technology had begun and the mysterious Fallon, who only struck at night, had become so famous that he had a price on his head and a certain detective searching everywhere for him.