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The Sixth Sense – Vista Series

Bruce Willis has a unique power. For reasons unbeknownst to the common man, this fine actor – who truly has matured with age – manages to star in what’s slowly becoming known as “”reference point”” films. And whether intentional or not, these selections are cementing Willis’ place in the annals of cinematic history.

In 1988, Willis starred as resourceful NYC cop John McClane in “”Die Hard,”” and for a decade after, no action film could even be pitched in Hollywood without using the descriptive phrase, “”Die Hard on a …”” If you said “”bus,”” you had “”Speed.”” If you said “”train,”” you had “”Under Seige 2.”” And if you dared to say

Kissing Jessica Stein Contest!!!!

CONTEST CLOSED Come and hang with the EM gang, and meet the hosts of the new EMTV show. You can also be the first to see Fox Searchlight Pictures, “”Kissing Jessica Stein””. The screening will be held in Washington, DC Thursday, February 7, 2002, at our super secret location. The movie opens in mid March, so you will be among the first in the country to see it.To qualify to win simply read the synopsis below and follow the instructions.

KISSING JESSICA STEIN is a laugh-out-loud comedy with a fresh take on sex and the single girl. When we first meet Jessica – a sensitive but neurotic New York journalist – she is at the end of her emotional rope. Her brother’s engaged, her best friend’s pregnant, her mother’s on her case, she hasn’t had a decent date in a year, and if that weren’t enough…she’s got insomnia. After a dating spree from hell, she happens upon an intriguing personal ad, with one drawback – it’s in the ‘women seeking women’ section. On a whim, she answers it and meets funky downtown hipster Helen Cooper. To Jessica’s surprise, they click instantly. Their evening of banter and heated debate culminates in a kiss that confounds and intrigues even the reluctant Jessica. With conventional gender roles absent, the two women proceed to muddle through an earnest, but hilarious courtship, making up the rules as they go along. KISSING JESSICA STEIN is a modern romantic comedy that breaks all the rules — it blurs the lines between friendship and romantic love, and finds the funny, surprising and ultimately poignant overlap between the two. Based on their off-off-Broadway play “”Lipschtick,”” KISSING JESSICA STEIN was written by co-stars Heather Juergensen and Jennifer Westfeldt, who play Helen and Jessica respectively. It was directed by veteran theater helmer Charles Herman-Wurmfeld. Starring: Jennifer Westfeldt, Heather Juergensen, Scott Cohen, Jackie Hoffman, Tovah Feldshuh Directed by: Charles Herman-Wurmfeld Produced by: Eden Wurmfeld, Brad Zions Written by: Heather Juergensen, Jennifer Westfeldt Distributor: Fox Searchlight CONTEST RULESFor this special contest all you need to do to win is Click Here To watch the trailer Click Here To register and receive our weekly newsletter, CLICK HERE

News! Composer Bill Brown’s ‘Scorcher’ Soundtrack Music Samples Posted!

Composer Bill Brown has just posted music tracks from his score for the upcoming CineTel Films action-adventure film “”Scorcher””, directed by James Seale, starring Mark Dacascos, ‘Lord Of The Rings’ John Rhys-Davies and Rutger Hauer.

Bill is currently working on music for a new film project and also the soundtrack for the upcoming release of Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon expansion “”Desert Siege””. Ghost Recon has been awarded the prestigious ‘2001 Game of the Year’ Award from IGN and many of Bill’s other titles have received awards. Get the scoop here: would appreciate a link to on your links pageBanners for linking are located here if you need one for the link: including a “”Scorcher”” theme button.Some of Bill’s other composing credits include films such as “”ALI””, directed by Michael Mann, Oliver Stone’s “”Any Given Sunday””, and interactive media including the full Tom Clancy Rainbow Six series, Michael Crichton’s “”Timeline””, Clive Barker’s Undying and more: If you plan to post a review of the film or soundtrack, or have other reviews posted that mention Bill’s music on your site, I would appreciate it if you would let me know the URL/address so that we might include a link to the review on Bill’s site. For an example, see,Susan – admin/webmasteradmin@billbrownmusic.comhttp://billbrownmusic.comCompleted your form on web: If you wish to be included to receive Bill Brown’s future News emails, please send an email to with Add_my_email_to_the_Bill_Brown_News_List in the subject line and your email address (if other than your sending email) in the body. If you no longer wish to receive Bill’s occasional news items, please reply to or click and type REMOVE in the subject line and copy the web page address of your form to be removed at the top in the body of the email. Composer Bill Brown – Director of Music for Soundelux DMG.

Fantastic Four Movie News

Buffy writer/director Doug Petrie exclusively revealed to Zentertainment that he is working on the screenplay for the upcoming superhero film Fantastic Four.

Following previous aborted screenplays from Sam Hamm (Monkeybone/Batman) and Michael France (Goldeneye/Cliffhanger), Petrie landed the job after meeting director Peyton Reed (Bring It On) through mutual friend Christophe Beck – composer of Buffy’s incidental scores for several years. Fantastic Four is due to reach cinemas some time in 2003

Ewan McGregor Talks Episode II

Here’s a piece of Ewan Mcgregor’s recent inverview with Empire Online.And what about the other, oft-mentioned project, Attack of the Clones? ‘Star Wars 2 is looking really, really good,’ he enthused. ‘I saw a lot of my stuff while we were doing the looping and it looks really full-on. The title’s not a good title but there we are. He keeps that completely to himself George. No one ever knows what it’s going to be called and then one day it’s just announced and he doesn’t let anybody know.

When I initially heard about it I was doing a press line up in America and somebody went, ‘What do you think of Attack of The Clones’ and I said ‘I didn’t see it.’ So they said ‘No, what do you think of that?’ And they hadn’t even fucking told me, you know? So I said ‘I think it sounds terrible, because it does sound like a sort of 40s