Adrianne Palicki Nabs Wonder Woman Lead!


Adrianne Palicki, best known for her role on the critically acclaimed Friday Night Lights, has been cast Diana Prince/Wonder woman in David E. Kelly’s pilot for NBC. The news was first reported by and The Hollywood Reporter.

Kelley’s version has the title character balancing three aspects of her life – superhero, modern woman and corporate executive – each with its own unique identity [yes, according to, as per the leaked pilot script she will have two alternate identities!].

While I’m sure that Palicki will be up to the challenge, the more I hear about Kelley’s take on the character, the more I hope it doesn’t succeed [pajama parties? identifying with E.T.? singing along to the radio using a hairbrush for a mic? Is this Ally McBeal in tights, or what?]. Color me unimpressed.