TELEVISION NEWS: American Idol Top 3 Recap

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I can’t help myself. I wasn’t going to do an Idol Recap until Adam butchered U2s “One,” one of my favorite U2 songs.  His version of One was an utter mess, it was slow, screechy, cabaret and what was with the tongue? It was AWFUL. I mean really who would actually buy this crap?  Gokey was awful as always with his Terrance Trent Darby, Dance Little Sister, but I blame Paula for picking such an awful song for Gokey. I thought Kris’ version of Apologize was really good – of course the judges didn’t like it because they want Gokey and Lambert in the finals.  And enough with the Mac Ads! Sheesh.  I have to say Glee looks pretty awesome this is the kind of promo the producers of the Fame 2009 movie should have released.

Gokey’s 2nd choice of the night is You Are So Beautiful – he’s going for the shameless heart strings and god it’s boring and terrible – as usual Gokey hits a decent middle portion where he can scream but it’s a mess. I LOVE Joe Cocker and this is one of his all time greats he brings oomph and passion to this song not this tepid crap. Of course the judges loved it.  I just hate the judges so much and their shameless pimping of Gokey. I bet no matter what Kris does for his 2nd song the judges will find something wrong.

Wow, Kris picked a weird song, Heartless by Kanye West? Really Kris? Really? Kanye “Voicebox” West on a song that’s only a few months old? Really?  His stripped down acoustic vocals are fantastic – much better than Gokey’s but this was just an incredibly stupid choice. He just threw away the contest. I don’t know what to think, the vocals were on point and strong, but the Song just terrible.  Now the judges should love this because Kris is certainly making this Voicebox song his “Own,” by actually singing it.  The judges went bonkers – even Simon finally gave Kris props.

Adam is cocky again he’s doing Aerosmith’s Cryin. I’m sorry I just don’t like his voice. It sounds like dying cats screaming for mercy.  And this is a terrible performance. I watched a bit of Oprah’s the World got talent yesterday and this is the best America can come up with? These three?

3 thoughts on “TELEVISION NEWS: American Idol Top 3 Recap”

  1. Adam is AMAZING@! He is so talented and has entertained us all season. He has earned the Idol crown. Vote Adam@!

    I am also proud of Adam because I work for the VA and while Adam was home he went to Miramar to sing for the troops and their families. He also visited the kids at his high school drama and signing departments and went back to the performing arts center where he started performing. He is truly the most talented and should win American Idol Vote Adam!

  2. I couldn't believe the judges liked either of Adams songs tonight.I thought they were horrible.Screaming and sticking out his tongue.Would anyone buy that and listen?

    1. Shows what you know about singing. Bringing the tongue to the front of the mouth is a legit vocal technique to smoothly get to those top notes. And yes, they are notes and on pitch. The word "Scream" in the context of AI8 belongs to Danny, not Adam. And before you start thinking I'm bashing any contestant, I think they're all good singers. I would listen to them all on the radio. It's just Adam's in a complete class of his own. How? Because the buzz about him is worldwide, whereas the other two aren't getting the same feedback.

      The UK love him. We'll happily crown him the Idol here. It would be a travesty if the USA couldn't recognise what the rest of the world does.

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